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Use of the Internet will like this car

dashboard Cadillac ATS CUE (flickr/stevegarfield)

Detroit (Reuters)-the makers of the vehicle began to find new clues to create a satisfying car buyers.

They began to consider making a car that attracted the attention of the young.

"Our Grandchildren grew up in the world of smartphones," said Dan Akerson, the former boss of telecommunications as quoted Reuters.

Akerson pointed that out in a teleconference to discuss the achievement of the quarter for General Motors.

The technology-literate customers has pushed GM and other automakers to make changes and entertainment system and navigation in the vehicle.

So far, buyers and reviewers complained about the car Infotainment System vehicles are complicated, much different from the smartphone is a very easy to use.

GM says their product starting in 2014 begin Internet capabilities and equipped the passenger in the back seat can watch streaming video.

They also began to consider opportunities to market the advertising through internet screen in the vehicle.

Federal Data mentions the average U.S. man spent four hours a week to travel to work.

"People want his car is as easy as a smartphone," said Alexander Edwards, officers of the research firm Strategic Vision.

GM in the 90 ' initiated the use of connectivity with a navigation services company.

Now, all vehicle brands have had a car that could provide information about traffic congestion, road to purpose, and read or write SMS.

Owned brands such as GM's Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac starting 2014 will include 4 g LTE mobile broadband.

Connectivity technology is important to GM, Ford Motor Co., as well as other brands to attract young buyers.

A research shows at least 40 percent of vehicles will have connectivity at the end of this decade.

More than half the vehicle owner says their car the next one "should" or "may" include device connectivity and synchronisation with smartphone capabilities, said other studies from J.D. Power and Associates. Editor: Aditia Maruli


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