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Recession in Europe: Brussels expected upswing until next year

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Fu g longer before a job Center in Paris: France must relate to an increase in unemployment set. © Ian Langsdon/EPA

F r, Europe's economy is only slowly in sight. The European Commission lowered its Outlook in a new forecast published on Friday in Brussels ver BR for economic growth in the euro zone and only expected a jump of in economic activity in the coming year. R ckte again the economic Constitution of France into focus.

Many Eurol countries are or were temporarily in the recession, including France. konomen speak of a recession, when the economy in two quarters in a row. In some L change the Government deficits continue to rise, as in France or Spain.

"After the recession, which appeared gt has the year 2012, a stabilization of the economy in the EU is expected half 2013 in the first H", declared values the EU Commission. "Economic growth will be in the second Jahresh half erwartungsgem step by step positive before it gains some traction 2014."

This year, the Br sseler experts expect a shrinking of the economy in the euro area by 0.4 per cent, before there will be a growth rate of 1.2 per cent 2014 again. In February its forecast was still a smaller decline of 0.3 percent this year a growth of 1.4 percent in the coming year intended.

The EU Commission France will allow berschreitung not only this, but also upcoming year one the EU deficit ceiling. A deferral to reduce the "berm-deficit" to two years is "useful", said on Friday in BR Brussels EU-W hrungskommissar Olli Rehn.

The developments in the individual euro countries are very different: F r, Germany expects the Commission in this and next year growth of 0.4 and 1.8 percent, respectively. In the Cyprus crisis, economic performance, however, to break in two years to a total of 12.6 percent. In Greece the Commission expected a R after a minus in this and in the sixth year in a row (minus 4.2 percent) for next year ckkehr growth at 0.6 percent.

After discussions of the economic Constitution of France in recent weeks r ckte the zweitgr te economy of the euro zone again in the focus: This year the strength of the economy the prognosis according to 0.1 percent shrinks, before she again until 2014 is expected to grow by 1.1 percent. In February, the Commission had still expected that France's economy grows by 0.1 percent respectively to 1.2% w.

Against the EU's deficit target of 3.0 percent of economic growth strengthen expectations from BR keys according to much t France in this and the next year with deficits of 3.9 and 4.2 percent. W during unemployment in the euro-zone average of 12.2 percent to decline slightly this year the forecast according to 12.1 per cent in the coming year, must be France set an increase in the unemployment: the rate rises accordingly from 10.6 per cent in this to 10.9 per cent in 2014.

The unemployment rate of 11.8 percent to increase in Italy in this to 12.2 per cent in the coming year. In Greece and Spain, the EU Commission expects a R, f r 2014 first time in years ckgang.

"Given the ongoing recession m must we do, to the unemployment crisis in Europe to berwinden", EU economy Commissioner Olli Rehn said. The record unemployment in Europe, particularly among young people, go rt currently to the gr ten worry of the EU. Given the bad situation reputation has become particularly in the S of the Europe's last ever louder after a move away from the strict EU austerity.

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