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The price of oil from January to April 108,38 dollars

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the price of oil and MINERAL RESOURCES Ministry Team noted, average oil prices Indonesia from January to April 2013 reached 108,38 u.s. dollars per barrel.

Oil and gas and MINERAL RESOURCES Ministry Dit Data quoted here on Wednesday said crude oil price, Indonesia (Indonesia crude price/ICP) continues to decline.

In April 2013, ICP record 100,19 dollars per barrel or down compared to March 2013 which 107,42 dollars per barrel. ICP May also lower than February 2013 of 114,86 dollars per barrel.

While, in the period January 2013, the average ICP reached 111,07 dollars per barrel. ICP from January-April 2013 that the barrel 108,38 dollars higher than the STATE BUDGET assumption of 100 dollars per barrel.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES Susilo Siswoutomo said, the Government will propose a revision of the ICP in RAPBN Change 2013 between 100-110 dollars per barrel. Revisions will be presented to PARLIAMENT in mid-May 2013.

Team Indonesia raised the oil prices, decreased ICP in April 2013 due to the decline in demand due to the slowdown of world economic growth, especially in China and the end of the winter, as well as an increase in oil supply from North America, Sudan and Yemen.

World oil prices for West Texas Intermediate type (WT) or Nymex listed down 0,89 per barrel from 92.96 dollars per barrel in March to 92,07 dollars a barrel in April 2013.

Then, Brent (ICE) down 6, 11 dollars per barrel from 109,54 dollars per barrel in March to 103,43 per barrel in April 2013.

Meanwhile, the price of oil Filters (Platts) down 6,39 dollars from 114,91 dollars to 108,52 dollars in March in April and OPEC'S benchmark down 5,37 dollars from 106,44 dollars to 101,07 dollars in March in April 2013.

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