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BI Forex traders say not speculators

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Bank Indonesia said foreign exchange trader (PVA) rather than the speculator, as foreign exchange Traders Association tudingan (APVA) related to the publication of the circular letter of Bank Indonesia (SEBI) number 15/2/DPM on the purchase of foreign currency to Rupiah in the Bank.

"The Conditions we never mention that Forex traders are speculators," said the Group's Director of public relations in BI Difi a. Johansyah during a discussion with reporters in the press room of BI, Jakarta, Wednesday.

Difi says, the circular BI is a form of equal treatment (equal treatment) to Forex traders because the rules of inclusion documents underlying transactions with a nominal value of over 100 thousand US dollars was enacted to banking.

"It's already long applied in banking, now we want to have a treatment because it is also an increase in the volume of data transactions in early 2013," said Difi.

According to Difi, rules the BI thus to protect foreign currency traders from clients who just want to take advantage of them.

"Before some of the clients instead buy valasnya in the bank, but later switched to the Forex traders because there are no rules of the underlying document. The customer take advantage of it, "said Difi.

Difi again confirms that it never considered foreign currency traders as speculators and assess related SEBI APVA interpretation no. 15/2/DPM is less precise.

"I think it's a too hasty conclusions, we never berpretensi like that," said Difi.

SEBI number 15/2/DPM itself a second change of SEBI number 10/42/DPD, where BI reset about foreign currency to the bank requests by foreign exchange traders with a nominal value of over 100 thousand US dollars.

The Nominal can only be fulfilled by the bank in foreign currency traders include the documents underlying the transaction from the customer regarding the request. (*)

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