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The Car Insurance :Kemenkeu: 2013 growth target of 6.3 percent

Fiscal Policy Board Chief, Bambang Brodjonegoro (Between)

We drop 6.3 percent as an optimistic, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-acting head of Fiscal Policy Agency Ministry of finance Bambang Brodjonegoro says growth target will undergo revision in the BUDGET changes before 2013, from 6.8 percent in the NATIONAL BUDGET, to 6.3 percent.

"We put the 6.3 percent as an optimistic," he said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Bambang said the projection had been considering the condition of the global economy has not improved and investment sector was experiencing a slowdown due to the decrease in imports of capital goods, in quarter I, 2013.

Despite the revision, he expects the national economy conditions can be better than a quarter I 2013 which only recorded 6,02 percent, mainly from investment sector that still has the potential to grow.

"During the FDI (foreign direct investment) is still coming in, it means investment can still be driven anymore, because we need some growth investments of at least eight percent," he said.

In addition, assuming the macro will change the price of ICP (crude oil prices Indonesia) changed below 112 u.s. dollars per barrel and the lifting of oil decreased from 900,000 per day be 840.000 per day.

"For the ICP, we see if the 100 u.s. dollar still valid not as an average of 2013. While the ' lifting ' is (currently) 840.000, we realistically, "he said.

Bambang added the rupiah exchange rate assumptions are expected to rise from Rp 9.300 per u.s. dollar in STATE BUDGET, the range of Rp 9,600 – Rp 9700 per u.s. dollar in STATE BUDGET changes.

"We see to this day (assuming the exchange rate) to Rp 9,600, almost Rp 9700, later ranged it," he said.

He said the tax revenue target will also undergo revision downwards because of the influence of the global economic slowdown, although the target is still higher than the tax revenue in 2012.

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