Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sam Ratulangi international airport runway diperpajang 3,000 metres

Manado (The Car Insurance Info)-the runway Sam Ratulangi airport in Manado, North Sulawesi (Flammable) will be extended to 3,000 meters of 2,650 meters only.

"This certainly need the support of the Central Government. Now it's already at stage of development studies of the runway, "said provincial Governor Sinyo Sarundayang, H-places in Manado, Saturday.

The Governor said the airport has become the airport airline Lion Air and other airlines for flights to Manado in China, Taiwan and Japan, as well as the antarbandara of Sulawesi, North Maluku, Papua and Indonesia.

"Therefore the expansion and extension of the airport is becoming very urgent. Especially when it opens direct flights for Manado airport with a number of points in China and Japan and other countries, opening up the opportunities of economic growth in the region, "said the Governor.

Not only the airport for passengers, Sam Ratulangi international airport also will be directed as "air cargo" to Japan, because the mileage from Manado to the destination country about four to five hours.

"When flown from Manado, and arrive in Japan is still in a State of fresh fish. These opportunities should be arrested. Especially when exported through the port of Tanjung Priok took quite a long time, "he said.

For investment projects in the corridor of Sulawesi especially Flammable, the Government would build toll Manado-Bitung 38th kilometer is divided in two stages.

In addition, the expansion and extension of the Sam Ratulangi airport, the establishment of Special Economic Area (KEK) of Bitung, a port of Bitung status increase the international port, as well as the plan to build the railway. (KR-CAP/M031)

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