Friday, May 10, 2013

The Car Insurance Info: Indosat was preparing to launch a satellite Palapa E

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-telecommunications Operator PT Indosat Tbk works with Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) origin of the United States to the process of design, production and launch of satelit PALAPA-E planned orbit at 150.5 East longitude slot (BT) in 2016.

"The satellite launch Plan will be placed in an orbital slot 150.5 BT is to serve the sustainability community needs of telecommunication services as well as to support the Government in maintaining state assets associated orbital slots 150.5 BT," said Indosat President Director and CEO, Alexander Rusli, in Jakarta on Sunday.

The company now operates the PALAPA-C2 Satellite slots 150.5 BT and Satellite PALAPA-D slots 112 BT through ground stations in Jatiluhur, West Java.

He claimed his company had experienced provide telecommunication services via satellite networks since 1967 and its network now covers the area of Indonesia, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Australia.

Satelit PALAPA-E will have a capacity of transponders in C-band standard transponders as well as extended & Ku-band (optional).

The satellite will be covering the areas of Indonesia, ASEAN and Asia-Pacific Regional.

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Title Post: The Car Insurance Info: Indosat was preparing to launch a satellite Palapa E
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