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ADM: Indonesia will lead market model citycar

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Domestic Marketing Division Head of Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) Rio. says the market in Indonesia will gradually lead to a model of the citycar, though currently the Indonesia more hooked MPV car or 7-passenger.

"Characteristics of Indonesians buy cars as seen from the usage in total, i.e. low mpv segment, which is growing very rapidly, 43 percent that most buyers first, so they look for her classmates mpv, avanza," said Rio. when found in Jakarta, Saturday.

However, he said, in the future, it is estimated that fans will enlarge citycar low between four to five years. It is evidenced by the sales of sirion and vios are on the rise.

"For the sirion on the 2011 total sales reached 186 units, while in 2012 of 6131 units or up to 300 percent. In the first quarter of 2012 of 1900 units or up 30 percent from the first quarter of 2013 amounting to 1,600 units, "he said." so, he said, the average sales of sirion every month reach 500 to 600unit while sales took place towards the end of peek year amounting to about 800 to 900 units.

"This proves that the market for low-end market city car. Not current, 4-5 years into the future sales will be huge, "he said.

Earlier, the Director of Marketing of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor Amelia Tjandra said the MyVi city car sales in Indonesia called Sirion was consuming a half ' cake ' sale from Perodua, which the company uses many components of Daihatsu and have uniform models such as the Daihatsu marketed in Indonesia.

"Perodua 15,000-16,000 units a month. As many as 8,000 units Sirion which if in Malaysia named MyVi, "said Amelia Tjandra here on Monday.

Perodua is the abbreviation of the second Automobile Company Sendirian Berhad indeed rely on components in the production car Daihatsu. They are not designed or reverse engineer the main components such as engines and transmissions in the country. Its products are similar to those sold in Indonesia.

There is a faceliftnya version of the Kancil and if in Indonesia marketed as Cheerful. Then there is the deer, the MPV products marketed in Indonesia under the name Espass. The other is Nautica similar Terios and Rush, then the best-selling products city car named MyVi.

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