Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Car Insurance Info: Lebong, Bengkulu, made a duck and fish production center

Sumatra (The Car Insurance Info)-Lebong, Bengkulu Province, want to become a production center ducks and fish because of potential agricultural land areas were very supportive.

Formerly known as sentra Lebong rice and fish, but the potential it had disappeared after the expansion of the County's parent Regency Rejang Lebong eight years ago, said Regent Lebong Rosjonsyah, Saturday.

It targets, the area became a center of rice and fish and ducks because of improved means of agriculture started since a few years ago.

Most of the technical irrigation networks as well as the technical half of the already improved, thus supporting an increase in rice production and since a couple of years ago as the biggest rice supplier in Bengkulu.

Rice production the Lebong Bulog's local procurement to Bengkulu as harvest season 2013 already hundreds of tons of successfully purchased Bulog Bengkulu.

Besides farmers do intercropping of rice and fish production and also meets the needs of fresh water fish in Bengkulu City and other areas.

"We will increase revenue potential new farmers livestock development through local farmers group duck and from the last two years began to be developed," he said.

Head of Department of livestock and Fisheries Lebong Sumiati said it spends funds GRANT 2013 for pebelian ducks of Rp700 million.

The funds will be bought as many as 5,000 duck tail and will be distributed in ten farmers groups including help feed, cages and penetas eggs.

The Program from 2012 but the number of his group only five. By 2013 the number of groups up to ten groups and each will receive a 500 tail.

Last year's Program only helped manufacture the enclosure only, but this year helped feed and penetas eggs, so the farmer income will increase and render the Lebong as centers of ducks forward, he said.

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