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The Car Insurance Info : Banker: the e-ID CARD copy restrictions prevent counterfeiting

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk Jahja Setiaatmadja assess the substance prohibition of copy of Card Of electronic (e-ID) by the Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi is to prevent impersonation.

"Maybe its substance was chip an e-ID CARD that read. If the form of the appearance of the card only (photocopied) easily faked, "said Jahja through the brief message received here on Wednesday.

Jahja does not mention whether it objected to the ban or not, because up to now there are still banking activities which require a photocopy of YOUR ID for the customer. However, Jahja questioned the extent to which the use of the e-ID CARD can prevent the occurrence of impersonation.

"The question is, to what extent the chip in his e-ID CARD cannot be duplicated," said Jahja procurement tool called e-ID CARD reader (card reader) will drive the increase in the cost of banking operations.

The President Director of Bank Syariah Bukopin Arwana says ban on e-ID CARD photocopy will complicate the banking activities relating to the customer's logging.

"If there should be a copy of, the activities of the bank will be difficult. Until recently the right ID CARD photocopy must be attached in some banking transactions, such as when opening a new savings account, opening deposits and others, "said Arwana who contacted separately.

He's assess there is less good system in the implementation of the e-ID CARD. When banks must provide own card reader e-ID CARDS and according to him, it would be a waste for banking.

"If banks have to have that means banks have to invest it at least one fruit in each branch office, and I also don't know how much it costs. In addition if it needed a tool that required adjustment recently, "tukasnya.

He further explained that the fungsifoto ID for banking is very important, as the logging practices of the identity of the client. According to him without a photocopy of ID CARD and current banking activities cannot be done, because there is no attachment of identity is the basis to perform a banking transaction.

"What if the customer wanted to do a credit agreement, with no photocopying YOUR ID will be difficult for the time being," he said.

Even so, there are good intentions believe Arwana from the Minister of the Interior of the prohibition, in order to maintain the security of the institution of public service.

He is assessing the use of the e-ID CARD with card reader for banking in the long term will be very good for the sake of avoiding any falsification of customer data. "But for the short term it means banks have to invest and there needs to be adjustments over this," he said.

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