Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Government's commitment to protect national industries entrepreneurs

Beijing (The Car Insurance Info)-the Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce, Xeniagreekmuslimah Parman, said in the BILL a government commitment to protect Trade entrepreneurs as well as national industry including small business, micro and medium enterprises in the face of global competition.

"The Government is committed to that, we help and protect so that they have the competitiveness as well as being able to penetrate the global market," he said, while the accompanying Commission working visits VI HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES, in Beijing Thursday.

He added the Government has always tried to lead a policy that supports an increase in power to and competitiveness of entrepreneurs, especially small entrepreneurs, micro and medium enterprises.

"Global competition we can avoid refuses, included in the China market that increasingly tight to allow goods from the outside, in. .. While we are still difficult to penetrate our products to their markets, "said Xeniagreekmuslimah.

He continued, there are still many indeed that should be examined and repaired our instrument to improve competitiveness of entrepreneurs to the more competitive in the global market. Among other things by creating Trade ACT which among other things will protect our entrepreneurs in the global competition.

Xeniagreekmuslimah confirms the Government is responsible for safeguarding the interests of businessmen in entering global competition, because if employers are able to compete many communities that would be sure to be the life of the social economy. Welfare is a destination country according to the Constitution, he said.

The Secretary-General said the trade BILL should give a positive signal for both the local and foreign entrepreneurs are berinterasi to the maximum.

"The legislation should be able to give you an idea about the ability of the Government and entrepreneurs to enter the global market, so the world is sure to cooperate in trade with Indonesia to its full potential," he said.

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Title Post: The Government's commitment to protect national industries entrepreneurs
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