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Despite Hoeneß tax affair: Adidas is faithful to FC Bayern

Adidas, FC Bayern München, Uli Hoeneß

It is still unclear whether PR Bayern President Uli Hoene his offices beh lt. But at least the unlikely calls major sponsor adidas Hoene ' Abl sung. © Alexander Hassenstein / Bongarts/Getty Images

The sporting goods manufacturer adidas h lt FC Bayern M nchen in the Steueraff re of to its PR President Uli Hoene loyalty. "We will stay action r," company CEO Herbert Hainer said. "We are not satisfied with the cooperation of u."

Hainer although not daf r recruited Hoene ballclub should keep his offices at the Fu. The Manager warned but not to condemn the pugnacious Fu ballmanager. The Supervisory Board of Bayern meet on Monday, to counsel. He would not prejudge the outcome.

Ruth Hall best know that he "made a huge mistake", said Hainer. But even though tax evasion was not a trivial offence, there is the means of liberating penalty disclosure in Germany now.

Yourself Hoene hopes that he both PR President and can remain head of the Supervisory Board of the record. The M of Giesing prosecutor investigating tax evasion against the boss of Fu ballvereins.

A few days ago, "Spiegel Online" had reported without sources, several Aufsichtsr te wanted Hoene suggest at the upcoming meeting to leave its offices up to KL and the Pres sharpness against him rest. Whether the mood is currently rather f r or against Ruth Hall, is at least public not known.

Adidas is the major sponsor of Fu ballvereins and h lt - just like the Volkswagen subsidiary Audi - accounted for 9.1 percent of the FC Bayern M nchen AG. According to statute w rde a r ckzug by Ruth Hall, one of his two deputies as acting head of the Supervisory Board nachr pressing: w ren Audi Chief Rupert Stadler or just the adidas boss Hainer. Even Helmut Markwort, editor of "focus", sits on the Board.

Company CEO Hainer said adidas was not involved, in the Steueraff re. The now dead fr here adidas Chairman Robert Louis-Dreyfus had Hoene f r which Swiss gaming account f nf million marks borrowed and f r 15 more millions mark geb rgt. Shortly after adidas and FC Bayern agreed on their strategic partnership M nchen in 2001.

However, there is no link between this Privatgesch ft, as well as the commitment of the group with Bayern Munich M Hainer stressed. Louis-Dreyfus had no longer been involved at the time of the negotiations in the day ft. And neither he himself as Louis-Dreyfus' successor to anyone else in the company some of the credit knew. "We have the internally recognized ft and we are absolutely clean," Hainer said.

Ruth Hall had become known re ge u ert - and is this week in an interview with the weekly "Die Zeit" to his Steueraff full of remorse for his B rsên Zockereien. "I have built giant crap, but I'm not a bad person," he said.

Actually he had assumed, no prosecution is. have right to m. On March 20 March the Prosecutor on the T have rung but morning at seven o'clock r his house on Lake Tegernsee. "Since the H started me lle f r," Hoene said. Even a warrant existed against him but against the payment of a deposit in Millionenh he au he execution has been set.

In an interview with the "time" Hoene had become also a m ge u daily connection to the adidas entry interspersed: "Robert had absolutely nothing to do with the deal," he said. The decision for the partnership with adidas had fallen because it involves a German company and FC Bayern have worked long with confidence with adidas. "It is necessary but possible there so long away, ckle to explained ren until is this tastes", Hoene said.

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