Monday, May 13, 2013

The Car Insurance : 3 kg gas prices in Cirebon Rp20 thousands


Cirebon (The Car Insurance)-the retail price of LPG gas subsidized three kilograms in size Line Cirebon district, West Java, reaching Rp20 thousand per tube, and usually about Parlay thousand.

Tarsiah, one of the retail gas trader in Cirebon district, on Wednesday, said it was. The high retail prices of subsidized gas to measure three kilograms, he said, due to scarcity goes from three last week.

Residents are forced to buy expensive, although prices are not guaranteed they could obtain subsidized gas because there is limited.

LPG gas scarcity of subsidized three-kilogram size is increasingly widespread in the area of Line Cirebon district, West Java, and if there is then the citizens stormed the gas sales agent, who is still yet to be resolved.

Ratam, other residents said in Cirebon, the scarcity of subsidized gas to measure three pounds already happened three weeks, an increasingly troublesome citizens because the much-needed gas.

They were forced to buy even though it felt pretty gross joined the line at gas agents, he said, and not necessarily get it.

Most citizens are turning to firewood, Ratam, though hard to acquire it. He hopes the Government immediately address the distress underprivileged community that not enough can buy the blue gas that exorbitant price.

Meanwhile Suparta LPG gas agency owners subsidized in Cirebon City admitted Kesenden, size three kilograms of gas supply is still normal, but demand is rising so that her claim to share the difficulties especially for the regulars. (EJS/Y003)

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