Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Hope SBY to OJK

VIVAnews -President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Tuesday January 7, 2014, receive visits of the whole range of Council Commissioner of the financial services authority (OJK) and Bank Indonesia (BI) in his Office, Jakarta.

The arrival of the two independent institutions to report on the results of the transfer of the functions and powers that have been conducted between the two parties. In this regard, the banking supervision function from the pelimpahan BI to OJK which took effect this year.

The President in greeting the opening meetings of coordination it said hope OJK has complete authority it may help overcome problems that had not yet been resolved.

"I want the new structure to be a solution to resolve the existing problems," said YUDHOYONO.

As an independent institution, he continued, can be a force in its own OJK in overcoming the problems that occurred in the financial sector. For as there is a space that is not affordable BI as an institution that is still directly related to Government.

"If BI that's closer to the Executive and the Government, we have the experience was not good. With the independence of the existing OJK are expected to be better, "said YUDHOYONO.

Nevertheless, SBY mengigatkan, synergy of policies should remain committed. So the solution is issued can be run well.

"A lot of things in this country a difficult problem solved. But with synergy and still respect the authority of each of them, we can solve, "said YUDHOYONO.

In the meeting, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono accompanied by some Ministers. Among others, Coordinating Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa, Coordinating Minister for Legal, political and security Djoko Suyanto, Finance Minister m. Chatib Basri and Minister of State Secretary Silalahi. (eh)

In this yg good institutions to put the national economy's fault!!!!Ntar kalo sdh tdk terkndali dollars, Bank 2 on a bankrupt and the Government was forced to bailout ... OJK blamed. HAND-WASHING IS COMPLETED > > > > >

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Ahok: development Stunted due to the protests of citizens of Jakarta

VIVAnews -Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja full moon, spare any citizens who reject the closure of Lebak Bulus terminal for buses between cities across the province. Because, he said, the closing was done for the sake of development of the depo Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).

Ahok, greetings Basuki, said one of the causes of development in Jakarta hampered is all about support from the citizens. And Lebak Bulus local people protest that refuse closure terminal for bus AKAP include one of them.

Whereas, Ahok said that the provincial Government of DKI has prepared a three-terminal replacement, namely, Pulogadung and Kalideres Kampung Rambutan. The provincial Government of DKI also undertook revitalization in claiming three terminals.

"Yes, that's our society. Should we be equally defeatist lah for the common good, "said Ahok at City Hall, Jakarta, Friday, January 7, 2014.

Ahok requesting postponement of the closure of the terminal was not left long ago. Because according to him, Jakarta had 20 years left on the issue of public transport. If it is postponed again it will be increasingly left behind.

"If delay-delay again want to how. If the MRT wake up 20 years ago surely Jakarta are not so bad as it is now, "he said.

Although the construction of the MRT got rejection from many citizens, ensuring that the provincial Government of DKI Ahok will continue to encourage the construction of mass transit that could be quickly ironed out.

"That's why we both decide. If not the same meaning we did not understand anything. If not re-elected nor do anything. If we did not dare to execute ya sometime. It already lags 20 years. So we select the disconnect, "said he insisted. (one)

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BI: Gas Imports Do Not Disturb The Deficit Deal Went

VIVAnews -Bank Indonesia welcomed the increase in the price of LPG tubes 12 kilograms made PT Pertamina. Although, his Ascension was eventually lowered from Rp 3.959 per kg to Rp 1,000 per kg.

The Governor of Bank Indonesia, Agus Martowardojo, in the Office of the President, Tuesday 7th January 2014, revealed, that effort should be made to suppress losses due to rising prices, Pertamina gas imports, due to the weakening rupiah against the United States dollar.

"These are conditions still need to import and sale by not leaving any losses," he said.

Pertamina, according to him, should calculate the losses to be covered again, due to the lower quantity of such increases. The aim for more mengefisiensikan operating costs.

"So, there is that incurred by Pertamina, sure it's not ideal," said Agus.

To dampen the moral hazard that occurs in the community, according to Agus, Pertamina must be transparent. This effort was done so that the public can understand the policy conducted.

"Perhaps there needs to be an explanation, so that people know. If you can not raised again, it's good, "he added.

With the rise in price of this blue tube, tube migration to the occurrence of threats melon may occur. These conditions will increase the subsidies given by the Government, because the gas imports increased.

However, he asserted, the condition will have no effect and encourage the growing trade deficit and the transaction is running.

"Do not disturb. If I see it, the development of the deficit balance of transactions running shows improvement, "he said.

In fact, according to him, an estimated quarter of IV year 2013 its realization could reach below 3 percent.

"Now in it's FOURTH quarter could be in the range of 3 percent or below 3 percent. So, generally speaking, Indonesia already responding well. Imports in the sense that no need had been reduced, "he added. (art)

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Observer: Who Paced Losses Pertamina?

VIVAnews -PT Pertamina LPG price hike imposed a 12 kilogram from Rp 1,000 per kg today, Tuesday 7th January 2014 00.00 GMT. LPG price hike earlier Rp 3.959 per kg automatic does not apply anymore.

Observers of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Said Du, felt that the revision of LPG price hike decision that there is no legal base. Therefore, the fuel price rise that is the fuel that is not subsidized by the Government.

"This solution is not based on a legal mechanism. If the goods subject to the Act, it is the stuff through the assignment mechanism, "said Said when contacted by the Jakarta Post, Tuesday January 7, 2014.

According to him, the Government would have to bear if there are losses that occur. In addition, there is a discussion with Parliament, government regulations, as well as government contracting and the recipient tasks, in this case is Pertamina, "said Said when contacted by the Jakarta Post, Tuesday January 7, 2014.

As is known, in the Ministerial Regulation No. 26 of 2009, the Agency usahalah that determines the LPG price increase is 12 kg. It could be said, the increase in LPG blue this is the authority of the company.

With the increase in the price of LPG reduction solution to Rp 1,000 per kg, the company predicts red plates bear the losses of Rp5,35 billion with the exchange rate of Rp 10,500 per u.s. dollar.

"If kursnya evolved, or an average of Rp 12.250 disadvantage, so be Rp6,24 trillion," said Director of Pertamina, Karen Agustiawan.

With the loss, Said predictions into question, who is going to bear this loss. In fact, it's been mentioned that 12 kg LPG is not subsidized by the Government.

"Who will bear the loss Rp5,3 trillion? Does not exist. There is no mechanism, "said he." (art)

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Accompanied By The Legend Of MU, SBY Lift The World Cup Trophy

YUDHOYONO expressed hope Indonesia performing at the World Cup. Tuesday, January 7, 2010, 12: 15 WIBHaryanto Tri Wibowo, r. Jihad Akbar President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Dwight Yorke (VIVAnews/Raden Jihad Akbar)

VIVAnews -President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) have a chance to lift the World Cup trophy at the Istana Negara, Jakarta, Tuesday January 7, 2014. Accompanied by the legend of Manchester United, Dwight Yorke, YUDHOYONO expressed his hope that Indonesia could perform in the world's biggest football tournament.

World Cup trophy is being browsed Indonesia as part of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. The plan, the trophy will be contested in 32 countries World Cup 2014 it will be in Jakarta for three days until Wednesday 8 January 2014.

YUDHOYONO welcomed the positive World Cup trophy tour to Indonesia. According to him, the visit was the first time the trophy was contested at the 1974 World Cup it could motivate the national team in Indonesia to be able to perform more in the future.

"It's our football national team to motivate better again in the future, so that it could enter the final round of the World Cup," said YUDHOYONO.

YUDHOYONO also said Indonesia's entire society cannot wait watching the 2014 World Cup will take place in Brazil. "I assure you the June kick-off later, jutaaan citizens in Indonesia would see it on television," he said.

SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO raised the World Cup trophy to the legend of MU, accompanied by Dwight Yorke. The Striker has appeared in the 2006 World Cup with the national team of Trinidad and Tobago's & also reveals the hope Indonesia plays in the World Cup.

"The World Cup will give joy to all. In the future, I also hope to be able to participate in the Indonesia soccer title of the World Cup. We appreciate the warm welcome from the community of Indonesia, "said Yorke. (one)

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Samad: I Remind KPK Investigators Anas, Will Call The Forced

AppId is over the quota

VIVAnews -corruption eradication Commission (KPK) Anas Urbaningrum as checking off the suspect receiving gratuities related to Project Center for education, training, and national sports School (P3SON) in the Hambalang, Bogor, Monday, January 7, 2014.

Not obvious why comply with Anas Urbaningrum was absent calls KPK today. Related it, Chairman of KPK Abraham Samad found reporters asserted, would do the callings forced former General Chairman of the Democratic Party.

"I would like to remind to the Anas Urbaningrum, if it does not come in the next call I'd ordered investigators forced me to call," said Abraham at the Defense Ministry's Office after the meeting with the leadership of the TNI Memhan related the use of the budget There.

While dicecar does the KPK would do detention to Anas Urbaningrum when investigators conducting forced callings, Abraham confirmed it.

"If forced Yes certainly calls on hold," said Abraham as he got into his car.

Earlier, spokesman for the Association of Indonesia (PPI) Movement, Ma'mun Murod, ensuring that most likely Anas Urbaningrum won't attend meet the call of KPK.

According to him, the Anas to currently understood why he was made a suspect. Because in sprindik (KPK investigation warrants) there are words of Anas doing criminal acts of corruption received the top prize of the Hambalang project and other projects.

"If Anas cannot be the explanation of other projects, so consideration of Anas for the next CCA calls don't meet," connect the Ma'mun.

The associated absence of Anas, Ma'mun said they are not worried would be a bad precedent. For calling this obscure feared would trigger the injustice of Anas. (umi)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Car Glass Pencongkel at Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police Shot

VIVAnews -Three perpetrators of the theft of the car glass congkel mode in Soekarno-Hatta Airport parking diringkus the police. They were arrested while in action in the parking terminal 1 b. Because against the secured, all three were shot in the calf.

The perpetrator secured the OJ, OB and UD. While two other suspects managed to escape. Invisible Reskrim Polresta Soekarno-Hatta, AKP Dhanny Aryanda, explains, the event occurred on Monday January 6, 2014 at around 11.00 pm.

The perpetrators are caught directly run at the sight of officers arriving. According to the lawsuit, they've Dhanny is quite long.

"During this time many owners report a vehicle parking to the Soekarno-Hatta Polresta about car pencongkelan. The report that we did reconnaissance on parking I B for a few days and as a result we catch them, "said Dhanny.

Kasubbag Publicist Polresta Soekarno-Hatta, AKP Agoes Sunarto, adding, the plot was five people. They have a different role each time.

From recognition of the suspect, they're often doing the stealing. "There are already dozens of times. We're mandata. We are also still in development to capture the perpetrators, "he said. (adi)

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Conditions Improved Slightly Schumacher

VIVAnews -Condition Formula One racing legend (F1), Michael Schumacher, slightly improved. But the Manager of Michael Schumacher, Sabine Kehm, said the seven-time F1 world champion was still in critical condition.

It was disclosed to the Deutsche Presse Agentur Kehm, Monday January 6, 2013. Kehm said, since hospitalized CHU Nord, Grenoble, France, 29 December 2013 then, conditions improved slightly this time Schumacher. However, Kehm ensure drivers 45 years were still in critical condition.

Kehm later denied the newspaper coverage Germany, Bild, which said Schumacher was not in conditions of danger. According to him, the former Ferrari and Mercedes was still under strict supervision team doctor CHU Nord.

A medical team of CHU's own conditions ensure Nord Schumacher no developments since the last medical report issued Saturday 4 January 2013. "A medical Statement for Schumacher is still critical and stable. He is still under strict supervision, "the statement reported by the official CHU Nord as Sport24.

The CHU Nord also asked the media respect the privacy of the crew of Schumacher and his family. Media are asked to proclaim the appropriate routine report of Schumacher's condition released the hospital.

"Once again we ask you to disclose information according to reports given to medical teams or management of Schumacher. Because, only the report was valid, "the official statement in CHU Nord.

Schumacher suffered serious wounds in the head after crashing while playing ski Resort Meribel, Alps, France, 29 December 2013. (umi)

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Snowden Still Had A Lot Of Leakage Of Secret About Israel

VIVAnews -former contractor United States National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, still have a lot of secret US intelligence leakage associated with Israel. Leakage-leakage that's ready to spread.

So says Glen Greenwald, United Kingdom journalist who first spread the leakage from Snowden through daily The Guardian last year. Leakage from this direct Snowden shake the world and foreign leaders angered over U.S. intelligence wiretapping practices along with a number of its allies.
Of the NSA intercepts yield-with English counterpart agency, GCHQ-the leaked Snowden last year is a list of email addresses (email) as belonging to the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert in 2009, email conversations and data a number of senior officials of the Zionist State's defense, said the Reuters news agency.
Israel denied it leaked. But the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, reportedly has ordered his officials to search the leakage. Netanyahu also said, "there are things that shouldn't be happening" for fellow allies. The u.s. is the number one ally Israel, as well as vice versa.

Greenwald, who was a reporter for the Guardian when he first met directly with Snowden and publish leaked from him and became a freelance writer for a number of newspapers, was asked by Israel television station whether the former NSA contractors still had secrets that have not been disclosed regarding Israel.

"Yes, I do not want to give a preview of any story that has not been loaded, but certainly there are a lot of significant information that has not been revealed," said Greenwald, who now resides in Brazil, told the television station Channel Ten Israel.

"We've got hold of the documents for seven months and, based on the volume and kemajemukannya, it's not a very long time. There are stories that are clearly related to the Middle East, and Israel also associated. Such disclosure will continue to take place, "continued Greenwald.  (umi)

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The former head of the oil & gas Threatened SKK 20 years in prison

VIVAnews – former head of Work Unit business activities Upstream Oil and Gas (oil & gas SKK) Rudi Rubiandini indicted receiving bribes SGD200 thousand and US $ 1.4 million related to the implementation of an auction limited to crude oil and condensate oil and gas State in SKK. On the charge that he threatened to 20 years in prison.

In the indictment, which was read in Court Prosecutor Riyono KPK criminal act Corruption Jakarta, Tuesday January 7, 2013, Rudi Rubiandini called receive money SGD200 thousand and US $ 900 thousand of Boss Kernel Oil Singapore Widodo Ratanachaitong and PT Indonesia Plt Kernel Oil. While the money US $ 522.500 given the President Director of PT Kaltim Parna industry, Artha Meris Simbolon.

"Even though the known or ought to be presumed that the gift or promise (reward) is given to drive (Rudi) to do or not do something in his post that is contrary to their obligations," said Prosecutor Riyono.

Prosecutors say the money was related, the granting of a few things. First, the authority of Rudi as the head of oil and gas to regulate implementation of SKK auction limited crude oil and condensate oil and gas State in SKK by agreeing Fossus Energy Ltd. as the winner of the auction is limited to parts of the country for the Senipah condensate from July 2013.

Second, Rudi approves the replacement cargo of crude oil the country Mix Grissik February-July period 2013 to Fossus Energy Ltd.

Third, Rudi combine auctions limited crude Minas/SLC parts of the country and the country's present-day Senipah condensate period August 2013.  Rudi also approved Fossus Energy Ltd. as the winner of Minas crude oil/condensate State with SLC senipah parts of the country for the period August 2013.

Rudi, former Deputy Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES shall combine tender Senipah condensate and crude oil Spikes for the period September-October 2013 and delayed implementation of a tender condensate Senipah period September-October 2013.

While granting bribes of Artha Meris Simbolon meant that Rudi give recommendations or approval to lower the gas price formula for PT Kaltim Parna industries (PT KPI) to the Minister of energy and Mineral resources, Jero Wacik.

For his deeds, the KPK Lariat Rudi Rubiandini as recipients of bribes. He was charged with money laundering criminal offence article because of the transfer, deposit the money in cash, switch, spending, placing, and changed the form of property that is allegedly derived from criminal acts. (umi)

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Carpenters Armed Group shot dead in Puncak Jaya

VIVAnews-Action shooting by unidentified people still took place in Puncak Jaya. This time the victim named M carpenters Than the citizens of Makassar. He was killed on the spot.

The event occurred right at the HIGH SCHOOL Complex 1, Kampung Wuyuneri Noble, Puncak Jaya District, Tuesday morning, around 8 a.m. CDT. Then Rode gets passengers from the noble to the Wuyuneri.

Without a suspect, bringing passengers to the destination Than with the Yamaha motorcycles Jupiter police number DS 2283 PJ. Arriving at your destination, Rode wearing a vest motorcycle taxi number 152 was shot. He died on the spot with luka shoot in the right eye.

Papua Police spokesman Sulistyo Pujo Initializing justify such events. "A citizen of the taxis profession was shot dead by members of the armed groups," he said.

Currently, members of the Puncak Jaya led Polres Kapolres AKBP Marselis already went to the scene to do though the scene of the crime (the CRIME SCENE).

While the bodies of the victims were taken to Noble's Hospital. "The family will Likely pick it up to take to the hometown in Makassar," he said.

Whether the offender is also doing the attacks against police stations and seizure of weapons some time ago, can not ensure Pujo. But to be sure, the perpetrator is armed groups. "We are Still investigating. The culprit is a group that has a gun, "he said.

Earlier, police station Kulirik is located not far from glorious, was attacked by armed groups. They managed to seize eight shoots guns.

The leadership is suspected of storming a Telenggen Leka has dozens of followers. The group is affiliated to the Goliath Tabuni Opm management (OPM), headquartered in Tingginambut. (umi)

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YOU Need New Players, Moyes Doubts

"Players that we want to transfer not available in January," said MoyesSenin, January 6, 2006, 11: 03 PM GMT Manchester United's Manager, David Moyes (REUTERS/Darren Staple)VIVAbola – Manchester United's Manager, David Moyes, could not mask the desire for new players acquired in the winter transfer market, this January. According to Moyes, Red Devil does need new blood, but he doubts there are players who could be recruited to Old Trafford.
United's performance was later highlighted following the continued negative results obtained, particularly when played a home fixture. Finally, Wayne Rooney cs lose 1-2 from Swansea City at Old Trafford and failed to qualify for the FA Cup 3rd round.

Moyes felt a new player for Manchester United is a pressing need. But, he still hasn't figured out who to digaet. Moyes doubts there is a player available to be invited to join the Old Trafford.

"I said, I'll try (acquired new players). But, perhaps I doubt could do it on the January transfer window. I think has said it with pretty consistent, "Frank Moyes, as reported by the website of FIFA, Monday 6 January 2014.

Former Everton Manager also believes, players who want to removed it seems can not be bought in January. Rather than hook the players not being a requirement of the team, Moyes claimed to prefer to wait for a more appropriate time.

"There is an urgent need that we wanted to have carried their players, but who the player was available in January. So, there is no point I insist, because the players we want to transfer may not be available in January, not because we didn't want to do it, "explained this 50 year old coach.

Some of the players associated with the Red Devils in the winter transfer market. The name of the Real Madrid wing-back, Fabio Coentrao, and Borussia Dortmund winger, Marco Reus, entered in the list of shooting United. (one)

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Assistant: Shooting Suspect Terrorists According To SOP

VIVAnews- Assistant General Sutarman ambush operations confirms that the terrorist suspect groups in kampung Sawah, Ciputat, some time ago, is already standard operating procedure (SOP). Sutarman denied Special Detachment (Detachment) 88 accidentally shot and killed six suspected cases of terrorism.

"I reiterate that the Police also do not want any casualties of terrorist offenders, especially from members of the national police," Sutarman said after a promotion ceremony high official in Mabes Polri, Jakarta, Monday 6 January 2014.

Before the firefight occurred the next ambush Sutarman, Detachment 88 first persuasive approach to the suspects surrendered. Police committed in every operation avoid fall of fatalities. "I was present there," he said.

Hence, Sutarman, Detachment 88 said it took a long time to negotiate with the suspects so that they give themselves, i.e. starting at 19.30 GMT Tuesday, December 31, 2013 for up to 14 PM Wednesday January 1, 2014.

"If they surrender, we will not do anything at all and will be processed legally. So we convince, me with a Kabareskrim were there, watching from the beginning, "he said.

According to the suspects, Sutarman instead countered with a shot the officer. It endangered the soul of the officer. Detachment 88 then take decisive action. (eh)

monyalonin so yeh times President carmuk mulu nih people .... hahahaha

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Often Encountered by Luthfi in custody, Darin Tepis Issues Request for divorce

VIVAnews -third wife of Hasan Ishaaq, Darin Luhfi Mumtazah back down to visit her husband at the House of Thunder, KPK prisoners branch Pomdam Jaya, Monday January 6, 2014. Later, Darin was often seen in the KPK to meet by Luthfi in detention, particularly at the time of besuk prisoners, i.e., Monday and Thursday.

The young woman had come to the CCA at around 09: 30 a.m by wearing Moslem clothes all in black. He appears to have accompanied one of his associates.

Darin denied that during this time, including at the time of her husband's trial proceedings. Whereas when presented as a witness in the process of investigation and trial, the KPK's Darin is not present.

"There are kok, I dont hide. Yes it's not my capacity, "he said.

While the existence of related news about the divorce plans between himself and former President of MCC, Darin to refute it. "No, the who (ask for divorce)," said Darin. About Darin asked for divorce by Luthfi emerged after Darin looks often encountered by Luthfi in rutan KPK.

Young wife by Luthfi was revealed when KPK menyidik cases of corruption and money laundering by Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq. KPK prosecutors describe, Admin married Darin Mumtazah by December 2012. But Daddy Darin, Ziad Baladzam declared the marriage by Luthfi and Darin held on June 2012 for the series.

By Luthfi also is known to have bought the car for Mitsubishi Grandis Darin Mumtazah. But the Admin denied ever bought a car for his wife. But that car including instructed the Tribunal judges was taken to the State, along with the 16-year jail verdict for Admin Hasan Ishaaq.  (eh)

woow whats eper to you ... darin savory savoury enyoy ... ... wakepoh 06/01/2014 example portrait poverty, parents willingly sell their daughters to old bandot

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Terminal Digusur untuk MRT, Ratusan Sopir Bus Demo di Lebak Bulus

VIVAnews -hundreds of employees of the city bus Between Provinisi (AKAP) berunjuk Lebak Bulus Terminal in flavor, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Thursday 6 January 2014. They rejected plans for the closure of the terminal bus AKAP.

To secure the demonstrations, police have set up special safeguards. "We are preparing the combined apparatus of 446 force Polda Metro, Brimob, Shabara, and Reserse," said Kapolsek Cilandak Commissioner Sungkono told the Jakarta Post.

In the Lebak Bulus terminal looks officers stand guard complete with barracuda and water cannon. Pendemo consisting of the conductor, driver, handyman, guard parking stalls, and porters that pelvic began to take to the streets.

They berorasi in front of Fire Department Headquarters in South Jakarta. The action was pretty annoying other road users. Rate of vehicles that passed in choked up giving rise to congestion.

Protesters also called for the name Jokowi. They asked Jokowi to give the best solution over the eviction of Lebak Bulus Terminal plans.

As for the eviction was carried out for the construction of Mass Rapid Transit station (MRT). Later, bus AKAP Lebak Bulus entrance used to be transferred to some other terminal.

"We support the provincial government, but we're given a decent place, but in the South," said an orator who delivered aspirasinya. (sj)

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Tjahjo Ahok Issues So Bemused Cadres [CITATION NEEDED]

VIVAnews -intensity of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki T Full or often accosted Ahok, met the top brass [CITATION NEEDED] many circles rated as a first step, she moved from Generra. However, it was precisely this contradicted the Secretary Jendaral Indonesia Democratic Party of struggle, Tjahjo Kumolo.

"There is no talk of anything and there are no plans to move his party's agenda," said Tjahjo when contacted, Monday 6 January 2014.

Tjahjo describes the meeting was merely a regular talk show without a political agenda. This discussion in the capacity as a representative of the Governor of Ahok DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo, a cadre of [CITATION NEEDED].

"As a partner of Governor Jokowi reasonable if there was a function of mutual communication," he said.

Previously Chairman of DPP PDI-P, Maruarar Sirait (Ara) invited representatives of DKI Jakarta Gubernnur, Basuki T full moon (Ahok) when it was about to join his party. It's just that, Ara confirms his party never proffer Ahok to join.

"It's up to the politicians he Ahok very mature, independent, intelligent, bold and clean. But all the politicians in selecting the right based on a match with the mission and vision of the ideology of the party, "said Ara when contacted Thursday, January 2, 2014.

PDI-P has no plans to seize the party Ahok Generra. "We had the experience of receiving the other party cadres, as long as it has the same ideology," he said.

Meanwhile, Party Chairman Suhardi Generra claimed to have learned about developing issues that Ahok will move to [CITATION NEEDED].

"I don't know, catches up with the right person. People can be anything, this is a clear personal rights, "said Suhardi.

According to his party, Suhardi will not block because the party is selecting the right of every citizen.

Ahok removals of Generra issues and DESIGN, this occurs because of the proximity and General Chairman of the PDI-P Ahok Megawati Sukarnoputri. In some occasions, Ahok along with other PDI-P politicians came to the residence of Megawati. Similarly capitalizing Ahok House when it came to celebrate Christmas.

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Sriwijaya FC Target Steal the points at home to Qpr

Sriwijaya FC players (@infosriwijayafc)VIVAbola -Sriwijaya FC just preparing 20 players ' combat ready ' to face Qpr in the leg of the inaugural group stage of the tournament Inter Island Cup (IIC) 2014 in H Agus Salim Stadium, Friday tomorrow, January 10, 2014.

"Not all our players will bring when facing Wolves later on, but only those players who are ready to our hand just to get there," said the coach, Sriwijaya FC, Subangkit to VIVAbola.

"We will not impose conditions that the players were not ready. I will consult in advance with a physical trainer. Including the final condition of Lancine Kone, M Hamzah, Erol Iba and Syamsir Alam, "he added.

Former coach Persema is added, although a match against team pride Crew later Urang is arguably crucial matches, but still the arsistek do not want to take risks with players who haven't recovered 100 percent.

Subangkit recognizes her not so familiar game of Semen Padang. Therefore, he asked the skuadnya to avoid the slightest regard underestimated the strength of the opponent. First leg will be held in the cages.

"Our mission to steal the points face Wolves later on. If the kids get to run our game plan and instructions can run well, we sure could grab our target, "he said.

Sriwijaya FC Register Three Strikers to PT.The League
Meanwhile Secretary PT Sriwijaya Optimistic Mandiri (SOM), Faisal Murshid today will enroll their three new strikers to the PT Liga Indonesia (LI) admits the competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2014 rolling.

"The SFC register 25 players to the League, the majority of PT is a player who is already dilaunching on 1 December, including new players, namely Igor Radovanovic, Rishadi Fauzi and Syamsir Alam," said Faisal.

the 25 players who will enroll this results from a recommendation of a coach. Faisal did not close the chances of this amount could be increased. But Faisal insisted, penambaan players remain fixed on the basis of recommendations from the ranks of coaches.

See other interesting articles at this link.

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Ask for the solution of Pertamina, Dahlan Sowan to CPC

VIVAnews -Minister of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Dahlan Iskan, a visit to the Agency's financial Examiner (CPC) to discuss the problems of rising petroleum blue. Dahlan also was about to ask for the solution.

"Today we will consult to the CPC," said Dahlan's Office in CPC, Jakarta, Thursday, January 6, 2014.

He said the reason they are going to a place that was a reference to financial statements CPC Pertamina. Earlier, government agencies found this red plate company losses amounted to Rp22 trillion since the year 2009.

"Reference, Pertamina Rp7 billion loss. The largest of the 12 kg of LPG. Then there are the recommendations for these LPG prices up and given a time limit of 60 days, "he said.

In addition, the former boss of PT PLN (Persero) will also consult what measures should be carried out bearing in mind the business losses of Pertamina LPG blue Rp7 reach trillions in 2013.

"We want consultation. We want no improvement, "he added.

According to the radar of VIVAnews, Dahlan comes to CPC at 10: 00 pm. He was seen wearing a white shirt and black trousers.

(adsbygoogle = adsbygoogle || window. []); push ({});(function (d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d. getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d. getElementById (id)) return; js = d. createElement (s); js.id = id; js. src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js # xfbml = 1 & appId = 67839049483"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js, fjs);}(document, ' script ', ' facebook-jssdk '));Indeed there are State institutions which benefit only the count. Menchret-folk want to menchret they don't want to know.babi ngepet- 06/01/2014 if it is from the first losers ... who suggest to Elpigi??? Basic ediot!!!!Surely people told accounted for sdh moved to LPG dong.don't udelmu featuring tasty naikin

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rising Prices Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Dahlan: Don't Blame Director Of Pertamina

VIVAnews -Minister of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Dahlan Iskan, hinting at the presence of LPG price drop nonsubsidi 12 kg. Dahlan said on Monday, January 6, 2014.

"It is definitely. The President wants the tall not Ascension. But, according to the increase of Petamina, still a loss, "said Dahlan's Office in the Agency Financial Examiner (CPC), Jakarta.

Previously, Pertamina enacting new LPG price nonsubsidi 12 kg packs simultaneously throughout Indonesia, with an average increase in consumer level of Rp 3.959 per kg since 1 January.

Increase in the level of consumer quantities will vary based on the distance of LPG refueling stations (SPBBE) to the point of delivery (supply points).

However, with the rise, Dahlan said, according to Pertamina, the firm this red plates are still losers. Moving on from that reason, the Government has consulted to the CPC.

"So, we need consultation with the CPC related to this," he said.

Dahlan was indeed impressed defended Pertamina is related to the issue of increase in LPG 12 kg. But, she reluctantly called "Gala".

"I have no comment. Just don't blame Director of Pertamina. Don't blame the other. This is not a matter of Gala. But this is a question of responsibility, "he added. (adi)

Otherwise the Pertamina PRESIDENT blamed who else? Mr. Dahlan this bizarre co-inventor. What is management? No one wants to blame. ... ... Embarrassing. Mr. Dahlan & Ceo Management School where Pertamina yach? Bgmn Capres 2014. want to be correct word slapstick eh dahlan ... blame yourself why living in the land of nowhere. ...Naekin aja pak, pertamina khan loss continues ... naekin continue ... till rekyat ga can buy again and finally exported with a cheap price ... this target eventually.Anyways people also probably angry kok ga, they are afraid of being branded a terrorist ... people don't created hard-Pack, please donk for not politicized. people already hard-made add susahharga gas production according to pertamina 10,700 per kg, this needs to be audited investigations of why gas prices could be a 10,700 per kg. should gas prices can be much cheaper than PETROL. romychan 06/01/2014 If tdk blame pertamina, mean Mr. dahlan people who blame? Or Mr. Dahlan wrote hrs asked to resign?

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The team Slumped, the future of Rooney at MU in danger

The Manchester United manager, David Moyes, with Wayne Rooney (REUTERS/Phil Noble)VIVAbola -the future of Wayne Rooney at Manchester United back to come up with a question mark if it failed to get a place in next season's Champions League. It is one of the conditions in order for Wazza wants signed a new contract.

The current "Red Devil" is ranked seven Premier League standings, minus five points from Liverpool who was ranked four and 11 points from Arsenal at the Summit.

Rooney's current contract expires at the end of the upcoming season. In December, THY efforts tie the striker gets stand much longer. Rooney's future will be discussed after the 2014 World Cup.

When asked if Rooney would sign a new contract with MU if failed can be a ticket to the Champions League, the Club is also still do not know.

"Well, we'll have to wait and see what would happen if the situation were to occur," said MU coach, David Moyes, as reported by the Soccerway.

"I think, if you look at his performance at the moment, you could say she was playing with the best conditions," added the coach who once for directing Rooney at Everton.

28 player this year to be one of the players was often rumored to be thy left. Last season, Chelsea almost get his services before signing a two-year contract extension.

Now, Real Madrid's turn continues to monitor the situation of Rooney. Los Blancos had rumored pending United Kingdom national team striker it before giving the bid. If there is no contract extension, Madrid can get it with discount prices.

Rooney himself has been absent when MU magpies FA Cup against Swasea City Sunday tomorrow. But, could have predicted back then met Sunderland at party Central League Cup next weekend.

"He suffered a groin injury and will not play," explained Moyes. "He's got a chance," he added about the possibility of Rooney's display against the Black Cats.

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The Girl Was Raped And Gave Birth To The Double Disabled

AppId is over the quota

VIVAnews-It's terrible fate of blind and tunawicara women age 21 and the origin of Sukabumi, West Java. He raped the unidentified person to give birth to a baby.

Call it the poor woman named flower. He's been experiencing paralysis since birth. Flowers are known to get pregnant in November 2013, the age of six months. The girl who lives more in bed at home hovel it must bear because of the barbarity of the offender might suffer.

Initially, the son of Ali (RIP) and Dijah (41 years) were counted, because her stomach pain continues to membuncit. But once checked in the local village of litter is the shaman, the girl known to be pregnant for six months. Knowing his daughter was pregnant, and residents reported to Dijah Polsek Sukalarang.

A resident of the generous and caring for flowers. Dijah cannot do much. Dijah just a Hodge serabutan. Dijah participated even lived with his son being treated at home by the benefactor.

The poor girl that eventually gave birth to the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL in Sukabumi Syamsuddin with operation process, Thursday night, January 2, 2014. Flowers gave birth to a baby boy weighing only 1.7 kg. Flower and her baby is still in intensive care.

Meanwhile, the police up to now have not been able to uncover who the perpetrators of the bear raping the girl. This is because there are no witnesses, and the victim also could not communicate.

Citizens against suffering of the victim, iba hope the local Government can pay attention to the health of the mother and her baby.

Reports Of Muhammad Akasah, ANTV Sukabumi

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Barcelona: Barcelona is more than just Special

"He's like creating me back."Saturday, January 4, 2010, 3: 46 pm EDT Javier Mascherano (givemefootball)VIVAbola- Barcelona Midfielder Javier Mascherano, it seems still difficult to forget the figure of Josep Guardiola. It is visible from the thunderous praise Argentina is aimed at menukangi who now Champions Bayern Munich.

The figure of the Champions did have significance for Mascherano. Since removed from Liverpool in 2010, slowly but surely Mascherano got a place in the first team. Guardiola also made successful Mascherano sebagaik all-purpose players after several times played as a central defender.

Under Guardiola, the former captain of the Argentina national team managed to sense the title of La Liga and the Champions League trophy in his first season. It's no wonder if the Real figure is indeed very imprint in the minds of Mascherano.

"I rarely see a group that is managed in the same way as him (Ronaldo) did," said Mascherano reported by canchallena.com.

"He's like creating my return. I played in a position that I never imagined. As a coach, he's more than just special. She is different and is very difficult to forget, "continued 29 quarterback this year.

Mascherano also realized without the figure of Guardiola, he probably will not be joining the Club of Barcelona. "I've had some great coaches. But Guardiola at different levels. He spread the football life to you, "said Mascherano.

(adsbygoogle = adsbygoogle || window. []); push ({});(function (d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d. getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d. getElementById (id)) return; js = d. createElement (s); js.id = id; js. src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js # xfbml = 1 & appId = 67839049483"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js, fjs);}(document, ' script ', ' facebook-jssdk ')); This content is submitted by readers of the Member VIVAforumnew TWTR.Widget ({version: 2, type: ' search ', search: ' 470911-mascherano--Barcelona-more-than-merely-special ', interval: 30000, title: ' a ', ' subject: Twitter Comments ', width: ' auto ', height: 300, theme: {shell: {background: ' #8ec1da ', color: ' # 080708 '}, tweets: {background: ' #d7dadb ', color: ' #0a090a ', links: ' # 295466 '}}, features: {scrollbar: true, loop: true, live: true, hashtags: true, timestamp: true, avatars: true, behavior: ' all '}}); render(). start ();

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This camera Can take pictures 360 degree Panorama

AppId is over the quota

VIVAnews-Capture images with panorama format can be done with a professional camera, through the process of editing images, or camera application featured panorama.

A more advanced camera technology allows smartphone users capture panoramic views. However, most features of the panorama was only able to capture a maximum of 180 degrees.

Now, there are cameras that can capture a panorama of up to 360 degrees. Camera named Panono is shaped like a ball come 36 pieces of camera is capable of taking images simultaneously to the whole corner.

Designed so it can be thrown, a sophisticated camera that will take pictures while on the highest point or while being in a position to hang. It is essential that captured image is not blurry or shift.

The camera is priced at $ 499, or equivalent to Rp6 million, it claimed a 100 megapixels. Uniquely, the cameras that weigh 300 grams and with a diameter of 11 centimeters can be connected to a smartphone, so that users can edit and post photos directly in social media.

Jonas Pceil, makers of Panono says, that these cameras have been ordered to thousands of people through the creative site Indiegogo campaign. Thanks to numerous donations made through the site, Jonas is able to enhance the capabilities of the camera lens to be sharper.

Following the results of the photo:

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Tomorrow, Pick Your Classy Attacker Coming Champions League

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The prospective attacker later Persija Jakarta, Pierre Boya, while opponents Arsenal (UEFA.com)VIVAbola -Persija Jakarta will be the arrival of substitute Emmanuel Kenmogne ' Pacho ' on January 5, 2014. "Macan Kemayoran" will test the quality of the Cameroon striker Pierre Boya.

The previous 2-must be willing to lose their top scorers last season, Pacho, who migrated to Persebaya Surabaya. The capital Club is targeting the ex striker ever to appear in the Champions League and UEFA Cup with Partizan Belgrade.

However, the advent of Boya experience constraints. It is caused due to the obscurity of the status of the agent who accompanies the presence of Boya. In the process of negotiating with an Persija, Boya was accompanied by two agents.

"Info from Chairman Paul, Ferry, that problem is over. So, Boya can come to POR Sawangan 5 January 2014 at the latest, "said the Real Madrid coach, Benny Dollo, when contacted by reporters.

Actually, Who is currently doing the selection one more foreign players other than Shaka Bangura. He is the former striker Persela Lamongan, Mario Costas. However, the Portugal star Pepe admitted it still has not been able to ascertain the fate of the two.

"Costas will be tested first in a trial game against one of the local clubs of South Tangerang, lusa Monday. For Shaka, until now there has been no decision. He did appear nice, but not the striker we needed, "said the 63 year old coach.

Indonesia Super League (ISL) next season, Who will be joined in the western regions along with other strong team, Arema Indonesia and Persib Bandung. Team origin capital is targeting to get passes to the phase 8 of the ISL next season.

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This is the first 3-Earth Asteroids in 2014

VIVAnews-A sky watchers in Arizona, United States, managed to see the first in 2014 asteroid that struck the Earth. The asteroid, estimated that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Latin page alerts you Post, Saturday January 4, 2014, all night turn of the year, Richard Kowalski spent time to look near-Earth objects by using a 60-inch telescope on Mount Lemmon in Arizona plateau, USA.

Observations of Kowalski began on December 31, 2013 at 5: 16 pm local time. However, after the turn of the year, right at 01: 16 on January 1, 2014, Kowalski finds a space object that is derived from the constellation of Orion is moving towards the Earth.

Direct reporting his findings to Kowalski International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center (MPC), because he was aware of space objects that are on a collision course with Earth.

In the official site, MPC ensures that space objects are asteroids named 2014 AA. Although not giving a great impact, the asteroid that hit the Earth already ascertained.

It is justified based on the calculation of the researcher Stephen Chesley, of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasedena, USA. The collision of the asteroid and Earth that occurred at about 2: 30 p.m. local time.

"The fall of an asteroid's position are in the area of the Atlantic Ocean, which is in between the Central America and East Africa," said Chesley.

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Lichtsteiner: Anggapan Totti tentang Juventus Salah

"Juventus are stronger than Rome," said Lichtsteiner. Tuesday, January 4, 2010, 5: 27 pm GMT Juventus Player, Stephan Lichtsteiner. (Zimbio)VIVAnews- Adu's argument on the stroke a fierce duel occurs Serie A between Juventus and AS Roma to be occasions Monday, January 6, 2006 early morning GMT. After captain Francesco Totti, Roma, started it yesterday, is now a reply out of the mouth of winger "Bianconeri", Stephan Lichtsteiner. Totti said, although Juventus is tough as a team, in terms of individual "Giallorossi" is superior. However, the report by Lichtsteiner. According to him, Gerrard, who picked up two quarter-finals in the last two years, more than just a superior team, and everything of Rome. "Totti was wrong. We are better than just a team. Juventus are stronger than Rome. Will they fight violently on Sunday, because both teams want to win, even though it has yet to be determine the title, "said Lichtsteiner, as reported by the Football-Italy. Until the 17th week of the Serie A this season, Juventus comfortably at the top of the standings with 46 points, while the result of 15 WINS, one draw, and one result of defeat. Lichtsteiner reminded his team to perform consistently in the second half of the season, if not want 2 loose. "To win the Scudetto, you need to (perform) consistently throughout the season, "said the player from Switzerland, who dedicated two Scudetto, a Coppa Italy Supercoppa Italiana, and one for Juventus.A match against Roma will be occasions Juventus Stadium later was the test for the "Bianconeri". Although the win in the last nine matches, obstacles that would provided "I Lupi" could threaten. The reason, they still became the only Serie A team that has not been invincible at this season.

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The cars Use Android, Soon started from Audi

AppId is over the quota
VIVAnews-Map of competition operating system is increasingly fierce. Some time ago, Apple says the operating system can be integrated with vehicle iOS7 car.

Google does not want to miss. Recently, the giant Mountain View Home World of technology it announced it has entered into a partnership with Audi to immerse the Android operating system to support the ride comfort.

Alerts you of the page Geek, Saturday January 4, 2014, the inauguration of the partnership between Audi and Google is planned at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, 7-10 January 2014.

Unfortunately, the partnership of the two companies was not mentioned. They just said the main focus of this cooperation is to put the Android operating system in the Audi cars.

Google is also rumored to have been working with the processor manufacturer Nvidia. Later, Nvidia will provide processors to support Android technology in cars Audi.

"According to the news, Google will update the navigation system on Audi car by using the latest Google Maps. Google will also add location-based sound Assistant feature to tell the driver, "writes Russell Holly from Geek.com.

Apparently, Google not only partner with a car manufacturer. According to Holly, cooperation with Audi just initial steps before deploying Android to the rest of the cars around the world.

"Looking ahead, the mobile operating system is not only used for smart phone devices. But, also in drive the car. In cooperation with Audi is successful, Google is likely to hook the other car producers to immediately adopt Android, "said Holly.

We just wait, Android technology as what will be presented by Google and Audi in the event its inauguration later in the CES for 2014.

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VIDEO: Toddler Filled Sores Found Citizens

VIVAnews-A toddler-sex women aged about two years found the citizens of Pamuruyan, Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java, Wednesday January 3, 2014. When found, this toddler was crying at a food stall.

His head was digunduli, but was not neat. The whole body is full of toddler injuries like bruises caused by blunt objects, blows and wounds sundutan smoking. Not only that, the hapless boy legs and arms were also swollen. In his left armpit also seem open cuts.

The iba see direct LAD treating conditions and feed. When left untreated, this boy in pain. But unable to cry out crying because her face visible trauma.

See the video at this link.

Hermansyah, residents who found the toddler had claimed to see a man with longish looking fro. But before long, the man went out to nowhere. Then there's the toddler was on site.

After being treated at the village office, the citizens then brought the boy to the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Sekarwangi, Cibadak, to get better handling.

Meanwhile, parents are still seeking Cibadak Polsek boy woman and revealing who those who bear torture and throw it away.

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VIDEO: complaints of CIVIL SERVANTS in the provincial Government of DKI Cannot Bring Vehicles to the Office

VIVAnews -Governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo, create a new rule for officers. Yesterday, Saturday 3 January 2014, all CIVIL SERVANTS in the provincial Government of DKI Jakarta did not bring the test vehicles to the Office.

The new rules match the number 150 Gubernatorial Instruction by 2013, signed on 30 December 2013.

In the rules that requires that all officials and employees in carrying out the task to work using public transportation and private motor vehicles are prohibited from using either two or four wheeled.

On the first day of trial, Jokowi uses a bike to come to his Office. However, different views of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja full moon, which retains the vehicle dinasnya heading off to the Office.

Ahok, greetings Basuki reasoned if he has a pretty solid schedule, so it works until late at night. He claimed to be not able to ride the bus, because they have to get up earlier, i.e. at 03.00

Similar responses have also leveled off some CIVIL SERVANTS in the provincial Government of DKI JAKARTA. They claimed the new rule object to it, given the lack of mass transportation is not worth to society. See the video here.

Nevertheless, they support the program Jokowi which aims to reduce congestion in Jakarta. (art)

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Police: Suspicious Objects in Pamulang Not Bombs

VIVAnews -Citizens Pamulang digegerkan with a suspicious findings in book form. The object is near the residence of a retired insurance, M Saleh Usman at Jalan Melati I Block A1, No 17, Rt 01 Rw 08 Kedaung, Pamulang.

Head of public relations of the Metro Jaya Police Commissioner Rikwanto said, suspicious objects were found by Saleh (70) at around 6 PM, Friday, January 3, 2014. It was also, she immediately contacted the head of security of Housing, the next report to Kedaung Polsek Pamulang.

"About 10 people from the team gegana come along and do the checking four times through the detection of the computer. Then, the book of suspicious objects in the shape of the decomposed, "said in the short message Rikwanto in Jakarta, Saturday January 4, 2014.

From that description, there are two black wires over 10 centimeters with two currents in green and white, a small box of plastic that does not contain, and VCB Board slab of green color. Not only that, also found a book called "100 Opinion Leaders Regarding Indonesia's YUDHOYONO Era" it was perforated with the middle size 8x5x1 cm.

"However, from unravelling and blasting suspected bombing the gegana team book, it was concluded that the explosives were not found," explains Rikwanto. (art)

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A Blizzard in the United States Kills 15 people

VIVAnews-At least 15 people were killed by a Blizzard that hit the United States. The temperature of chilled bones still felt to this day, Saturday January 4, 2014.

The death citizens occurred because of bad conditions on the road. Reported by ABC News, in the western part of New York, a woman aged 71 years, reportedly froze up lifeless in the street. The old woman was suffering from Alzheimers.

Though most snowfall has stopped this morning, officers of the authorities continue to warn citizens not out and remained in the House.

Temperatures plummeted below freezing. In some areas such as New York, Boston, and the Philadelpia, reaching minus 10 degrees. The temperature is estimated to be slightly improved in the week tomorrow.

The most badly hit by the storm this time is a suburb north of Boston, with an altitude of snow reached two feet. Meanwhile, other parts of the country the average 18 inches.

The National Weather Service issued a Blizzard warning for the coastal area north and South of Boston, the State of Maine, as well as New York.

Most of the Government's major cities in the Northeast issued a school cancellation policies, including New York, Baltimore, Philadelpia, Newark, and New Haven.

In Milwaukee, the school will be closed until Monday because of the very cold weather. The Government reportedly would consider closing schools across the State.

According to FlightAware.com, to this day, at least 2,200 flights have been canceled, and 3,000 experience delays due to bad weather.

Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced a State of emergency and urged their citizens to stay indoors. "This can't be taken lightly. Citizens should consider staying in their homes, "he reported by Sky News.

Rescue teams also combed the streets of New York and Boston to search for homeless at risk of freezing to death. (art)

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The robbery Rate Gentayangan cash card Mode in Depok

VIVAnews -fraud cases with the mode of ATM card ingested. In Depok, West Java, a mother's shock weight due to her savings money drained nearly all the principals.

These events befell the Yanti (not his real name), the citizens of the housing Park Ambassadors, Cimanggis, Depok. Unmitigated, actors leaving only money belonging to victims totaling Rp135, after plundering of Rp16 million more.

One witness, Budi, who was a neighbor of the victims say, the incident started when the victim was about to take the money in the Bank Mandiri ATM not far from the location of his home, Friday night, January 3, 2014. When intending to conduct a transaction, ATM card suddenly stalled and ingested into.

"At the moment that is emerging of a man who has suddenly been offer help and told him to call the number given," said Budi told VIVAnews, Thursday January 4, 2014.

Shortly after that, the actors give ATM card to the victim. The victims were returning home. "Uh, fits checked again, the money stays Rp135. Losses estimated at millions of Rp16," said he.

This news was revealed, until the casualties, according to witnesses still looks severe shock. This melancholy event increasingly made him limp, because the money was his plan to fund the ailing husband's stroke.

"Yes, mother's compassion, her husband was ill stroke. He said the money had been used for medical treatment. The victims have not reported to police because it is still a shock, "said Budi.

The first integrated fraud cases like this is kind of new. Not long ago, a woman named Pridia According (41) at the ATM Mandiri Alfamart, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, were also victims of similar cases and in the same ATM owned by Bank Mandiri. Due to the behavior of the offender, the victim was forced to lose money worth Parlay million. (art)

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Liquefied petroleum gas prices go up, The mother and the trader "Scream"

VIVAnews -Enter early 2014, PT Pertamina raised the price of liquefied petroleum gas 12 kilograms in unison across Indonesia. All of a sudden, the increase was felt very heavy by people, especially mothers who are accustomed to using liquefied petroleum gas cooking.

LPG price up in previous Rp 5.850 base per kg up to Rp to Rp 9.809 3.959 per kg. Thus, it tube-12 per kg, the price increased from Rp 117.708 to Rp 70.200 per tube.

After charging and distribution plus the cost of LPG, LPG pricing at the consumer level to Rp 130,000-140,000 per tube. Magnitude of the increase in the level of consumer it will vary based on the distance to the point of delivery of LPG station and then to the consumers.

The price increase is also perceived Siti Nuraeni, resident Of Lenteng, South Jakarta. Siti assess the Government or related parties did not make himself more socialization to society.

"Inevitably have to gimana again. But, there should be a clearer discussion used to be if you want to raise the price, why the rise could severely so, "said Siti's profession as a primary school teacher in the Country Jakarta Post, Saturday January 4, 2014.

Siti said, with the increase that reached more than 50 percent, he did not intend to replace the habit of using LPG with LPG 3 kg 12 kilograms, that cost only Rp 16,000-17,000 per tube.

LPG price hike of 12 kilograms is also felt among traders, especially those who have business home meal.

According to traders, rice dishes, Zubaidah padang in the market West, Tanjung Duren Tomang, West Jakarta, with a high enough increase in spending will be growing.

"Regular disposable gas 12 pounds for 4 days. So the burden to our merchants. Food prices have not been raised now, just minus the portion is big, "said Zubaidah.

As for the entrepreneur, Lilis, according to food stalls in Jalan Matraman Raya tegal, East Jakarta, at this time he was no longer using LPG 12 pounds, because the quality is not the same.

"Sometimes wear the gede (12 kg) content is not the same. The Cook every day is the same, but depleted gas reserves are not necessarily. Sometimes too fast, "said Lilis.

Although depending on usage, Lilis continued, the use of liquefied petroleum gas 12 kg, the current will not be used again, because the price is very expensive.

"Currently, we have not participated in raise prices or reduce the portion. But, if that happens on a gas 3 pounds, I am going to raise rates, "he said. (art)

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Officers at the Police Lines Give the bodies of terrorists

VIVAnews -the room where the corpse of terrorist suspects who were killed in a firefight with Special Datasemen 88 Main Police during an ambush in a rented house kampung Sawah, Ciputat mounted police lines.

About 10 yards from the cadaver room mounted police line so that the visitors of hospitals do not traverse the area. The preachers are waiting for repatriation of the bodies since morning were barred from approaching the room.

"Please friends journalists don't tap into lines of police, please wait outside the lines," said one police officer who kept vigil in the living body of the RS police, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, Saturday January 4, 2014.

The radar of VIVAnews, a hearse had been parked in front of the morgue for transport to the cemetery at Pondok Rangon, East Jakarta. In addition, a number of relatives and colleagues of the terrorist suspects who were killed appeared to wait for corpse dikafankan corpse in a room.

Some of those relatives seem to cry out from the room. Meanwhile, a group of people around RS Police wearing a vest looks at the sides of his back reads the earthquake (the Muslim defenders of Alqaeda Movement) as a symbol of their group. (art)

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Seruduk train Ertiga, the victim was rushed to RS Mitra Kemayoran

VIVAnews – a car Suzuki Ertiga B 1009 UZY white destroyed by hit by a train at a railway crossing the road industry, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Saturday January 4, 2014.

Head of Unit Traffic Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Assistant Commissioner of creep said, the event occurred at around 07: 30 pm. The driver with Yunitari (21) direct was rushed to RS Mitra Kemayoran.

"The driver is injured in the leg and abrasions. The victim had been taken home by their families because nobody was injured seriously, "said Creep on VIVAnews.

Creep did not explain in detail how the car could get hit by the train. This accident became a spectacle of people and motorists who pass by.

A photo uploaded twitter Traffic Management Center Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya looks if the car was badly damaged. On the front it looks crushed. The windshield shattered and lifted.

Earlier, the accident death occur in South Tangerang Bintaro, crossing between the FUEL tank truck with KRL belong to Pertamina early December 2013. In the incident, seven people were killed and dozens of others were injured. (art)

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Schedule a live broadcast This Saturday and Sunday Football

Arsenal (REUTERS/Toby Melville)

VIVAbola-Action-the action of heat will be presented at the end of this week. In addition to the United Kingdom, some competition is indeed had a chance to break for Christmas and the new year. Now, a hot duel in opener by 2014 would again served to satisfy lovers of football.

Today, Saturday January 4, 2014, United Kingdom soccer will duel-menghelat exciting duels in the FA Cup. Manchester City game cons host Blackburn Rovers will be occasions at Ewood Park and was broadcast live by Bein Sport 1 at 19: 45 GMT.

After that, followed by a duel Rochdale vs Leeds United to be occasions Spotland 22: 00 pm.

Meanwhile, in La Liga will also meet two of the elite teams in Spain, Malaga cons Atletico Madrid. The Duel will be held at the headquarters of Malaga, La Rosaleda Stadium and will be broadcast live by Star Sport at 22: 00 GMT.

On Sunday, January 5, 2014, Homeland of football lovers will be spoilt for choice with some matches again exciting. Counterinsurgency Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur Duel will be broadcast live on Sport 1 Bein Sunday morning at 5: 15 pm.

In La Liga, Barcelona will treat the Elche gurem team will be broadcast live by RCTI from 7: 00 pm. Furthermore, the duel between Chievo in Serie A Cagliari will be broadcasted cons Bein Sport 2 at 9 p.m. EDT.

Sunday night will close with a hot duel Manchester United cons Swansea City in the FA Cup to be broadcast Bein Sport 1 at 11: 30 pm EDT. Enjoy the ...

Schedule a live broadcast Saturday, January 4, 2014:

7: 45 pm FA Cup Manchester City vs. Blackburn Rovers Bein Sport 1
22: 00 FA Cup Rochdale vs Leeds United Bein Sport 1
22: 00 La Liga Spain Malaga vs. Atletico Madrid Star Sport

Schedule a live broadcast Sunday, January 5, 2014:

00: 15 FA Cup Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Bein Sport 1
02: 00 La Liga Spain Valencia vs. Levante Star Sport
19: 00 FA Cup Nottingham Forest vs. West Ham United Bein Sport 1
21: 00 Serie A Italy Chievo vs. Cagliari Bein Sport 2
21: 15 FA Cup Derby County vs Chelsea Bein Sport 1
22: 00 La Liga Spain Barcelona vs. Elche RCTI
11: 30 pm FA Cup Manchester United vs Swansea City Bein Sport 1

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Reason Five Terrorists was buried in Pondok Rangon

Vivanews -Five terrorist suspects have the corpses were transported from Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, to be buried to the burial place of the cottage Rangon, East Jakarta, Saturday January 4, 2014.

The fifth terrorist suspect was killed in a firefight during an ambush by the Special 88 Main Datasemen Police in a rented house in kampung Sawah, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan last new year's Eve.

The fifth corpse it was Hidayat a.k.a. Dayat glasses, Nurul Haq alias Jack, Fauzi Ozi alias, alias Rizal a.k.a. Supreme Primus, and Eduard aka Edo.

Earlier, on a Friday night at about 23.00 pm, a terrorist suspect bodies named Hendi Albar had been taken by the family to his hometown in Tasikmalaya, West Java.

Of the six terrorist suspects who were killed in the raids some time ago in Ciputat, had brought the family.

The radar of VIVAnews, there are five hearse that carried the body of the fifth. Each hearse accompanied by their relatives.

However, the five bodies were not buried in his hometown. Predictably, their residents do not accept terrorist suspects the corpses were buried in the area.

One of them is the original citizens of Haq, Nurul Tasikmalaya. Based on the information collected, the citizens of his community VIVAnews refused to be buried in his native place.

However, the family confirmed today refused to give details. (art)

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Donkey meat Mix Fox is sold in Wal-Mart China

VIVAnews-After earlier contamination of beef mixed with horse meat, is now taking place in Europe similar cases occurred in China. Wal-Mart supermarket in China, found that turns out ass meat products meat mixed with Fox.

Reported Reuters, Thursday January 2, 2014, in his statement the headquarters of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in the United States said it had pulled the entire donkey meat products in some supermarkets in China. Withdrawals made after the other DNA found in these products.

Wal-Mart also promised to indemnify its customers who purchase products branded "Five Spice" and help local food agent in Shandong province to investigate the contamination. According to the food and drug Supervision Agency of Shandong, product asses at Wal-Mart meat contains a Fox.

Donkey meat is a popular snack in some places in China. In 2011, 2.4 million cut to the donkey taken flesh in this country, according to the Department of animal husbandry in China.

The Wal-Mart says it has formed a team of investigators to search for this case. They also promised to tighten the supervision of food and food distributor filed suit on. An officer at the factory supplier of these products is reported to have been arrested.

"We apologize for this problem. This will be a valuable lesson that we need to increase investment in the management of the distribution of goods, "said CEO and President of Wal-Mart China, Greg Foran.

This scandal threatens the reputation of the quality of Wal-Mart, which had a market valued at US $ 1 trillion in China. His plan, Wal-Mart will open 110 new supermarkets in China in the next few years. The country is the world's largest wholesale market and predicted increased US $ 1.5 trillion in 2016, as reported to the Institute of Grocery Distribution.

This kind of meat contamination last year also occurred in Europe. Beef products sold in some countries it also contains horse meat and pork. The case was first revealed in January in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and then spread to 13 other European countries. As a result of these events, the European Union to have to issue specific recommendations for the supervision of the distribution of the meat. (eh)

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Nest Of Hezbollah Bombed, Five People Were Killed, Dozens Injured

VIVAnews-A car bomb exploded in southern Beirut, Lebanon, which is a hotbed of the followers of Hezbollah. As many as five people were killed and dozens of others were wounded in the suicide bombing.

Reuters reported, the incident occurred at around 4 pm, Thursday, January 2, 2014, when citizens of the middle of the crowded street. The explosion so great that destroyed the nearby building. Black smoke and flames soared from location, casualties.

According to Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, five people were killed and at least 70 were injured in the incident. One of the victims was killed, crushed to pieces, supposedly it was the perpetrators of the suicide bombings.

Hezbollah Deputy Sheik Naim Qassem called on the public to remain calm and called on the Government immediately form a unity Cabinet.

The Government is now the provisional Government after the Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned last March due to chaotic with Hezbollah in Parliament. "Central to the devastation of Lebanon if there is no understanding of politics," said Qassem.

No one has claimed responsibility for blasting this time. The two parties, both Sunni and Shi'a decried the bombing.

The incident adds to the Sunni-Shiite sectarian tensions that occur in Lebanon. The militant Shiite organization Hezbollah is increasingly denounced Sunni because helping the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria fighters stormed. Assad himself was a Shia Alawit.

The action mutually kill occurred between the two camps. Last week, former Finance Minister Mohamad Chatah, a Sunni politician who often denounce Assad and Hezbollah was killed along with six other people in a car bomb in Beirut.

Last summer, bombs exploded outside two Sunni mosques in Tripoli, killing several people. To reply to this attack with a bomb blast at the Embassy of Iran, Hezbollah's supporters, on the country last November.

Thursday night yesterday in Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city, there was a battle between militants and supporters of anti-Assad. In this region, the bombings and shootings often occur. Five people were killed in a firefight Thursday night.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

40 Passenger Still Sought Shipwreck

VIVAnews -search for passengers/passenger Motor boat (KMP) Munawar who drowned in the waters of Sumbawa Alas Strait West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) are still being carried out. Three passengers had been found dead.

The SAR Team, the Chairman conveyed Marsudi, the number of missing passengers reach 40 people and passengers who had been evacuated in the State survived as many as 15 people.

"Three passengers are found dead. The ship contains 49 people, 15 survivors were found and about 40 passengers were searched. Still in the search around the incident, "said Marsudi, Friday, January 3, 2014.

Data on the number of passengers who are still sought by the SAR team is different from the data that belongs to the Harbour port of Kayangan, Lombok Timur.  According to existing data in the Harbour, three of passengers found dead and as many as 29 people had been successfully evacuated passengers in a State of peace.

Estimated to have been no passengers were lost. The two unidentified victims died in the name of Muksim (90), the origin of Sumbawa; Riska and (11), the origin of Sumbawa. While one victim's identity is not yet known.

Motor boat Crossings (KMP) Munawar sank in the territorial waters of Sumbawa when sailing from the port of Kayangan, Lombok Timur, towards the port of Pototano, West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Friday early morning at around 03.00 Wita.

Officers of the Harbour port of Heaven, Apni told VIVAnews explains, alleged early due to accidents because of the leak. The ship sank about five miles from the port of Heaven.

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Corruption N Deputy, KPK Check Regent Bonaran Situmeang

VIVAnews -corruption eradication Commission schedule an examination by taking action against Regent Central Tapanuli Bonaran Situmeang, Friday 3 December 2014. Bonaran review of related criminal acts of corruption committed by the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court, N Deputy Mochtar.

Bonaran wearing batik Brown arrived at the KPK at around 09.00 am accompanied by Commander. "I'll explain it, abis examined. What to do with me, also did not know, "he said.

In addition to the admitted to not knowing the relationship N Deputy with him, Bonaran corruption also claimed to not know the figure of Adam Effendi. People who are touted as ' brokers ' case of dispute of the elections of the Constitution.

Previously, the KPK have scheduled examination of Anggodo Widjojo, a former lawyer on Monday December 30, 2013. But Bonaran did not meet the call KPK without captions. "I did not come on 30, recently I received his invitation on 30 nights," tukasnya.

As is known, the N Deputy assigned as suspect cases of bribery dispute resolution Elections and Lebak Regency Gunung Mas in MK.

He dijerat article 12 letter C legislation Tipikor Jo Article 55 paragraph 1 of the CRIMINAL CODE, or considered article 6 paragraph 2 of article 55 paragraph 1 of the Jo considered the CRIMINAL CODE. Furthermore, the N Deputy also dijerat with allegations of receiving gratuities related to the handling of matters within the authority of the COURT.

To that end, he dijerat the letter C of article 12 or article 6, paragraph 2, or article 12B and Act No. 33 of 2001 about the eradication of criminal acts of Corruption Jo Article 55 paragraph 1 of the CRIMINAL CODE is considered.

A former member of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Commission III was also dijerat article 3 law number 8/2010 about the eradication of criminal acts of money laundering.

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Shipwrecks in the waters of Sumbawa, three passengers were killed

VIVAnews -Motor boat Crossings (KMP) Munawar drowned in the waters of Sumbawa when sailing from the port of Kayangan, Lombok Timur, towards the port of Pototano, West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Friday early morning at around 03.00 Wita.

Officers of the Harbour port of Heaven, Apni, explaining to the initial allegations, Jakarta Post as a result of this accident because boat leak. The ship sank about five miles from the port of Heaven.

Three passengers KMP Munawar was found died and 29 passengers successfully evacuated the combined SAR alive. The two unidentified victims died in the name of Muksim (90), the origin of Sumbawa; Riska and (11), the origin of Sumbawa. While one victim's identity is not yet known.

"Casualties while three people. Two unidentified men and one unknown credentials, "said Apni.

Added Apni, 30 minutes after the ship sank, the SAR officials known to have been on site to carry out the evacuation. Most of the surviving passengers were taken to the port of Pototano.

"There is also a passenger ship rescued passengers who happened to pass by. We are still trying to register the names of all passengers and its existence at this moment, "he said again.

However, from the data, ensure Apni that exist today, passengers already found it entirely. Nevertheless, the SAR is currently still searching.

"Sometimes there's just a naughty and traders carried to cross," he said.

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Southampton Goalkeeper: Oscar Had A Habit Of Diving

"He does not need to do it," said Davis. Friday, January 3, 2010, 10: 46 PM Chelsea Midfielder, Oscar. (REUTERS/Toby Melville)VIVAbola-The Chelsea midfielder, Oscar, a spotlight on the matches continued Premier League, 1 January 2013 night EST, diving in the penalty box because of Southampton. Goalkeeper The Saints, Kelvin Davis, claimed to be surprised by it, because the Oscars should be able to bring Chelsea excels.The event occurred in the second half in which the score was still 0-0, when Oscar gets the odds and live face to face with Davis. Intends to outwit the left, Oscar gets obstacles from Davis. Oscar was then dropped, though not about Davis's hands on his feet.Referee Martin Atkinson apparently jelly and gave a yellow card because it is considered the Oscar of diving. Not only that, after the game, Manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, also mentions that her players are diving. And he supported the decisions taken Atkinson. "He does not need to do so. If it is not flopping, he could then the ball into the goal. I think, it is a habit, that she had a chance to get a penalty. Unfortunately, the decision (referee) against him, "Davis said as reported by Sky Sports."I am glad he (Atkinson) saw it the same way like me. I don't like (the diving action), because I could have got a red card. I do not care she got a yellow card or not, what matters (action) is not harmful, "he continued.The game ended 3-0 to Chelsea. Goals scored, Willian Torres, Oscar and makes The Blues remain in position 3 standings while scoring 32 points. They are linked to two points of Arsenal at the top of the standings, one point of ManCity at position 2. (one)

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The Democratic Convention Committee: Elektabilitas Highest Dahlan

VIVAnews – two participants in the Democratic Party presidential nominee Convention, Dahlan Iskan and Anies Baswedan, most excellent elektabilitas has a total of 11 participants of the Convention. It is said by the Convention Committee members Effendi Ghazzali, Friday January 3, 2014.

Effendi said, Anies included media darling, while Dahlan also has its own media. This is likely to be a factor contributing to the high elektabilitas of the Minister of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES and Paramadina University Rector.

(Read more: seven research institutions: Strongest Democratic Convention Participants Dahlan)

Effendi then alluded to the other Convention participants, Minister of trade of Gita Wirjawan. "There's a rather ill-advised campaign concept on the Gita," he said without explaining the details.

While the rest of the attendees elektabilitas the Convention question, Effendi says "not yet visible."

According to Professor communication sciences Graduate of UI 's, there are several constraints faced by participants in the Convention. DPD Irman Gusman's Chairman, for example, have a base area which has not yet been accumulated. While the Chairman of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Marzuki Alie had a different concept with SBY terartikulasi well but haven't.

"The Democratic Party needs the people who pointed out the difference with SBY," said Effendi.

He proposes there is a stage in the process of the Convention. The allowance can in the debate the candidates and Convention attendee survey. "For example there are now 11 participants, set aside 8 live, then set aside again to 4, until finally one," said Effendi.

The purpose of the allowance was, according to him, in order that the Democratic Convention attracted people's interest, focus, and challenging for their contestant. A question of winning, said Effendi, to be decided by the Committee of the Convention. The Democratic Party will only announce the winners administratively.

Eleven Democratic Convention attendees are members of MR Ali Masykur Musa, Paramadina University Rector Anies Baswedan, Minister for STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES Dahlan Iskan, Ambassador RI for Dino Patti Djalal, U.S. former TNI Chief Endriartono Sutarto, Minister of trade of Gita Wirjawan, House members Hayono Isman Irman Gusman, Chairman of DPD, Chairman of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Marzuki Alie, Pramono Edhie Wibowo KSAD ex, and Governor Sinyo Harry Sarundajang North Sulawesi.

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Thousands of Cars in France Burned during the turn of the new year

VIVAnews – Fireworks and trumpets is common to find on new year night. However there are different do citizens of France, torched cars.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said the night of the new year become a humiliating night, especially in terms of security.

Reported by France24, Friday January 3, 2013, Valls also said listed three people killed was stabbed in different places, as well as a total of 1,067 cars burned in some parts of France.

The vehicles burned mostly in town yet close to major cities. And this has become the odd things that happen every night in the turn of the new year in France.

But according to Valls, for this year's national past-time these poor decreased by 10 percent compared to last year.

After the car's burning, traced the night turn of the year it was first happening Strasbourg, border between France and Germany.

In the 1980s, Strasbourg became a haven for thousands of tourists to celebrate Christmas, and at the moment it begins the burning vehicle. But then the phenomenon of occurrence increasing and increasingly alarming in the 1990s.

In 1997 proved to be one of the largest, where the national media announces events youth in some cities took to the streets and burning.

Even on the eve of the end of 2005 to a record peak of burning cars. This is the aftermath of the kerusuhaan that occurred in October and November 2005.

But now some analysts say, the violence that happened in France comes from the poor among the youth in various areas. It is as a form of protest to the Government because they are difficult to obtain better economic opportunities. (eh)

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The CIVIL SERVANTS Are Forbidden To Drive, Bicycle, 2 Notes & Ahok Jokowi Car Ride

VIVAnews -Governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo issued Instruction No. 150 2013 Governor about using public transportation for officials and employees of the provincial Government of DKI Jakarta in the neighborhood. Friday January 3, 2014 is the first day of the ban brought a motor vehicle.

On the first day of performance of these rules, many CIVIL SERVANTS who use taxis and motorcycle taxis to get to his Office.

However, Jokowi own menggowes bike from home dinasnya in the way of Grounds Suropati, Menteng, Central Jakarta to the City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan.

Wearing a red t-shirt bearing the DKI 1 complete with place Alonso at Benetton, Jokowi rounds on national monument with some of the Work Unit (SKPD) area of the Device.

Meanwhile, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja full moon opted to take a car dinasnya. Ahok arrived at City Hall with the Toyota Land Cruiser black right berkelir 07.30 GMT.

Ahok who wear Moslem white and patterned sarong berselendang cokela looked hastily got out of his car and immediately climbed to the second floor where he is based.

Staffing Agency head region (BKD) DKI Jakarta, I Made Karmayoga, said that the Governor and the Deputy Governor is a political office. Therefore, they are not required to carry out the instructions of the Governor. "Maybe it was to give an example," said Made.

Considering the activities of the Governor and the Deputy Governors are very solid, both got waivers for transfer out of the car. "It's political office activity is very remarkable. Need a high-performance so it must be flexible, "he said.

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Search Defender, Napoli Midfielder Beckham Immediately Instead Of Lyon

Gonalons also commonly appear as a defender.Friday, January 3, 2010, 10: 43 PM VIVAbola -back line player Needs Naples already very urgent. They need a retainer to Raul Albiol performance superimposed and Miguel Britos.

A number of names have been aiming for since a few months back, but now even the Partenopei is rumored to soon bring in a quarterback: Maxime Gonalons from Olympique Lyon.

But make no mistake, coach Rafael Benitez had a ripe recruiting Gonalons considerations. Yes, in addition to being a player, he was also known to anchor even if placed as a central defender.

Italy Football report, Friday, January 3, 2014, Gonalons was ascertained the move in a few hours ahead. As for the transfer fee is estimated at Napoli will have to pay € 12 million or equivalent to Rp199 billion.

24 year-old Gonalons defending Lyon since 2009. Until this week he has recorded 108 goals in 5 appearances and posted a.

In France, the national team has also been featured as much as Gonalons 6 times. He made his debut on 11 November 2011 when Les Blues did a test run with the United States. (eh)

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