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Expert: poverty alleviation program should be strengthened

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Economist Ninasapti Triaswati said the strengthening and expansion of the programs of poverty reduction is to be carried out with or without the reduction of subsidies on fuel (BBM) which redirected to compensate for the poor.

"Especially with the rise in fuel prices would cause inflation, poverty reduction will be more severe. Need more efforts to offset the inflation caused by rising fuel prices, "said Ninasapti Triaswati on Wednesday.

Therefore, Nina estimated the Government targeted poverty alleviation will be hard to achieve. According to him, without any increase in the price of fuel which caused the inflation difficult targets poverty reduction, especially with the rising prices.

The difficulty of achieving poverty reduction targets, said Nina, caused the programs less effective at this time. He alleged that many leaks-leaks in the poverty alleviation program, in particular the national community empowerment Program (PNPM).

"PNPM Mandiri was never evaluated whether actually to the poor. All program PNPM Ministry had and who obtained depending on the head area, "he said.

So it is with the FUEL subsidy has been more enjoyed high groups. Nina says FUEL subsidies are only enjoyed by the users vehicles only.

"The more he had a car, and share premium, the more she enjoyed subsidies on fuel. Meanwhile, the poor people who live in the mountain and the walk could not enjoy subsidies of FUEL, "he said.

He exemplifies the car owners who use premium, for example, require 100 litres of fuel a month. If FUEL subsidies to Rp 5,000 per liter, meaning he enjoys a subsidy of Rp 500,000 per month. While the poor users of motorcycles and public transportation not to get that kind of subsidies.

Therefore, Nina suggested that the Government immediately realize the idea of restrictions on the purchase of subsidized FUEL using chip cards or electronically. That way, he could be more effective at suppressing the use of subsidies and more appropriate target.

"The idea that it's a discourse of the two this year. If it can be immediately realized, would certainly be the better, "he said. (D018/B012)

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Title Post: Expert: poverty alleviation program should be strengthened
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