Tuesday, May 7, 2013

JCI BEI opened weakened

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the combined share price Index (IHSG) at the Indonesia stock exchange opened Thursday weakened trade triggered action take profit by stock market participants.

JCI BEI closed down 13,09 points or 0.26 percent to,83, while the index 5.047 45 auctions (LQ45) weakened 3.28 points (0.38 percent) to 856,76.

"The movement of index IDX overshadowed by action take profit given the increase occurring in the last two days is pretty significant," said Panin Securities analyst, Purwoko Tsing in Jakarta on Thursday.

However, he added the index IDX still has the potential to gain even limited in range 5.036-5.086 points.

He said economic data released in the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS) as well as performance reports first quarter of 2013 which issuers tend to match expectations still positive enough to push the index IDX.

Meanwhile, analyst Samuel securities, said the majority Of Benedictus bursa Asia this morning opened the negative sentiment weakened for JCI BEI.

He added shares in domestic mining sector for today is expected to encounter pressure as the world commodity price correction which depressed 2.6 percent to as low as 91 US dollars a barrel, followed the majority of the world's metal prices average weakened about two percent.

Regional exchanges, such as the Hang Seng Index declined 96,27 points (0.24 percent) to as low as 22.640 ultra-compact, the Nikkei-225 dropped 63,51 points (0.46 percent) to as low as 13.735 km2, and the Straits Times rose 13,03 points (0.39 percent) to 3.381,21.

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