Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Car Insurance Info : Hatta make sure economic growth target was revised

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the Coordinating Minister for the economy, also acting Finance Minister, Hatta Rajasa, making sure that the Government will revise its economic growth target 2013 from listed in the STATE BUDGET amounted to 6.8 per cent, given the condition of the global economy has not improved.

"Economic growth is still 6.8 percent must be revised, we have to be realistic that the world economy is still like this," he said.

According to Hatta, assuming growth in 2013 is expected to be in the range of only 6.3 percent-4 percent and the current tally is still being in the study, prior to the submission of the BUDGET changes.

"If we see that much for us, range, we still dalami," said Hatta.

Hatta also said oil lifting target in 2013 STATE BUDGET that reaches 900,000 barrels a day will be revised because oil production this year is expected to further drop.

"Lifting it may not reach the figure we are targeting 900,000 barrels a day, probably around 800,000-barrels," he said.

In addition the price of crude oil is also expected to Indonesia or ICP changes, although the current average world oil prices still appropriate BUDGET assumption of 100 u.s. dollars per barrel.

"The price of ' crude ' may we see something, and all of it will effect on acceptance. We will do that later discussion, "said Hatta.

The Government immediately filed a REVISED-Changes to do a discussion with PARLIAMENT, because the current number of assumptions macro already does not indicate conformance with current conditions and affect budget posture.

In addition, these changes-REVISED filings also discusses the addition of social assistance expenditures as compensation which has not been budgeted in the STATE BUDGET, in anticipation of the subsidized FUEL price hike plans.

Current macro assumptions in the BUDGET 2013, among others, economic growth of 6.8 percent, inflation rate of 4.9 percent (yoy), an interest rate of NES 3 months 5 percent, the exchange rate of Rupiah per u.s. dollars 9.300, ICP price 100 u.s. dollars a barrel, lifting 900,000 barrels per day of oil and oil equivalent gas-lifting 1.360.000

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