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The Car Insurance Info: Survey: adoption "BYOD" constrained quality of service operators

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the quality of telecommunication operator service is still one of the growing trend of restricting the behavior of employees of the company brings its own gadget to work (" Bring Your Own Devices/BYOD) in Indonesia.

"The trend of the use of personal devices to work steadily increased, reflected in the majority of employees who are ready to adopt the BYOD. But in its implementation is still constrained quality of service operators, "said the founder of Indonesian Cloud Forum (ICF), Teguh Prasetya in Jakarta on Tuesday.

According to the Firm, companies tend to be reluctant to adopt the BYOD reflected in the results of the survey champion ICF and of the 200 respondents from among professional workers living in Jabodetabek, with an age range of respondents 20-57 years old.

From those surveys, recorded as many as 34.9 percent of respondents claimed to have not been satisfied with the service operator's internet capacity, although about 63 percent expressed satisfaction.

The quality of service to inhibitions because as many as 56.1 percent of respondents still hopes to get a stable ideal speed in the range from 1 to-3 Mbps when accessing the internet.

While 39 percent wanted internet speed levels used can be in the top 3 Mbps.

"The fact that the service provided by the operator to the internet cannot yet support the BYOD," stated Firmly.

However, the rates, the survey gave a positive signal in which as many as 54.8 per cent of respondents admitted satisfied against cell phone tariffs imposed ranging from operator-$ Rp90 per second.

In addition the majority of respondents or by 52,3% willing to pay Rp 100,000 to Rp 300,000 per month to subscribe to packet data cellular.

As much as 47.7 percent hope to get a capacity of more than 5 GB data plan, while 38.6 percent did not count if the capacity of the 2 GB-5 GB, and as much as 13.6 percent gain the capacity of 1 GB-2 GB.

For that much data capacity, in particular for the unlimited data package as much as 81,8% of the respondents willing to pay even more in the range of $ 300,000-$ 500,000 as much as 20.5 percent and Rp 500,000-Rp1juta as much as 18.2 per cent.

The majority of respondents surveyed favored the Android operating system with the percentage nearly 63 percent, followed by the BlackBerry as much as 11.6 percent, while the number of users a lot more but just so the third option as much as 25.6 percent versus iOS.

Android is also noted to be the first choice of our customers data carriers if asked about the speed and accuracy of the appropriate service expectations with percentage of 48.7 percent, while BlackBerry only gets voting 28.2 percent, and via data modem 23.1 percent.

Talking about added value (value added services/vase), the service "mobile payment" to be most needed as much as 32,6 percent, mobile banking 27,9 percent and games as much as 18.6 percent.

While most mobile banking feature is also utilized for the sake of transactions selected by 52,4% responen 28.6 percent of balances, checks, and transfer funds to 19 percent.

As for the location, as much of 44.2 per cent prefer to work in offices, the majority felt more comfortable working outside the Office with the greatest percentage prefer to work at home as much as and 39.5 percent, and at the Mall or cafe as much as 16.3 percent.

Though Firmly explained, that the trend could develop BYOD projected faster with the widespread adoption of "cloud" services to the public and the private sphere in Indonesia.(*)

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