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Boost domestic investors focus BEI

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Indonesia stock exchange (idx) the focus will be the realization of Indonesia capital market development program, including increasing the number of domestic investors as well as the addition of issuers.

Development Director BEI Friderica Widyasari Goddess in Jakarta Wednesday said, one of the parties to the Exchange by providing information about the latest corporate actions issuers.

"Therefore, we are rolling out some program like ' Insitusional Investors Day 2013 ' today and presenting 16 issuers to expose their programs to investors," said he.

In addition, he continued, the Exchange will also do a re-launch derivative products, Futures Index effects (KBIE) and stock option Contracts (KOS).

"For the price of their products, will be drawn up on the basis of his contract. The closer the contracts with maturities so her contract prices will be more expensive. We hope to relaunch this derivative products can be applied at the end of this year, "said Friderica.

He added the current BEI also currently getting prepared and penyempuraan system of trade transactions "the Jakarta Automated Trading System Next Generation (JATS Next-G).

Other development programs, said the amount of loss plan Friderica unit shares in lot, of 500 shares to 100 shares per lot will soon be realized.

"We want that plan as soon as possible, but we are still awaiting a decision regarding licensing of the financial services authority (OJK)," he said.

Earlier, President Director Ito Warsito said BEI, it still continues to ripen plans decrease in the number of shares in lot. In addition, other plan which changes the units of the fraction shares of any listed company.

"Our focus is still the reduction unit of shares per lot although both it could be applied simultaneously," said Ito.

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