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The Car Insurance :Kemenkeu: 2013 growth target of 6.3 percent

Fiscal Policy Board Chief, Bambang Brodjonegoro (Between)

We drop 6.3 percent as an optimistic, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-acting head of Fiscal Policy Agency Ministry of finance Bambang Brodjonegoro says growth target will undergo revision in the BUDGET changes before 2013, from 6.8 percent in the NATIONAL BUDGET, to 6.3 percent.

"We put the 6.3 percent as an optimistic," he said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Bambang said the projection had been considering the condition of the global economy has not improved and investment sector was experiencing a slowdown due to the decrease in imports of capital goods, in quarter I, 2013.

Despite the revision, he expects the national economy conditions can be better than a quarter I 2013 which only recorded 6,02 percent, mainly from investment sector that still has the potential to grow.

"During the FDI (foreign direct investment) is still coming in, it means investment can still be driven anymore, because we need some growth investments of at least eight percent," he said.

In addition, assuming the macro will change the price of ICP (crude oil prices Indonesia) changed below 112 u.s. dollars per barrel and the lifting of oil decreased from 900,000 per day be 840.000 per day.

"For the ICP, we see if the 100 u.s. dollar still valid not as an average of 2013. While the ' lifting ' is (currently) 840.000, we realistically, "he said.

Bambang added the rupiah exchange rate assumptions are expected to rise from Rp 9.300 per u.s. dollar in STATE BUDGET, the range of Rp 9,600 – Rp 9700 per u.s. dollar in STATE BUDGET changes.

"We see to this day (assuming the exchange rate) to Rp 9,600, almost Rp 9700, later ranged it," he said.

He said the tax revenue target will also undergo revision downwards because of the influence of the global economic slowdown, although the target is still higher than the tax revenue in 2012.

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The Car Insurance : JCI translucent record to 5.089 points

Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-composite stock price index (ISHG) Indonesia stock exchange (idx) on Wednesday resumed strengthening so as to penetrate the new record highs to 5.089, 34 points.

JCI BEI Wednesday closed up 46,55 points or 0.32 percent to 5.089, 34, while the leading stock index of 45 (LQ45) strengthened 5,53 points (0.65 percent) to 859,37.

"The index IDX continues to strengthen domestic stocks indicate quite attractive to investors," said Director Hoesen BEI, company valuation, here on Wednesday.

He added that the increase of the company's continuing plan to conduct initial public offering (IPO) of Prime stock adds to positive sentiment for the stock market and make more choices for investors to put their funds.

He was optimistic Indonesia capital market posted a positive performance will continue in the midst of global conditions that sentimennya easily changeable.

The Trust Securities analyst Reza Priyambada add rise global stock exchange adds support for the domestic stock market to record its highest points back.

"There's still a JCI BEI enough room to come back strong, but of course also to be supported by the absence of the reversal of the direction of global stock exchanges," he said.

Stock in trade transactions recorded BEI 193.891 times as much with the volume reaching 6,075 billion shares valued at Rp5,982 billion. The stock rose as much as 187, which weakened 101 and 108 stocks, the stock is not moving or stagnant value.

Regional exchanges, such as the Hang Seng index rose 197,26 points (0.86 percent) to as low as 22,30,35, 23.244 Nikkei-225 climbed 105,45 points (0.74 percent) to,69, and the top-level 14.285 Straits Times rose 32,51 points (0,96%) to 3.415,67.

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The Car Insurance : Investment in Indonesia is very promising

Illustration-Indonesia-Japan Cooperation (The Car Insurance ferly)

The number of middle class in Indonesia increased rapidly since 2003. Each year, the number of people who took the class to the middle reaches seven million.
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-the Deputy Coordinating Minister of Economy Foreign Cooperation Field, Rizal Affandi Lukman, said the investment in Indonesia is very promising so that businessmen from Japan need not doubt instill capital in Indonesia.

"The number of middle class in Indonesia increased rapidly since 2003. Each year, the number of people who took the class to the middle reaches seven million. The middle class continues to be created and grow, "said Rizal Affandi Lukman, in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Rizal representative Coordinating Minister of the economy Hatta Rajasa gave opening remarks at the opening of a Business Forum Indonesia Japan-themed "revolution of life" Compass Gramedia and Nikkei Business Publication, in Jakarta. The Business Forum was organized to mark the commemoration of 55 years of bilateral relations of the two countries signed in 1958.

"Especially with the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 when 600 million inhabitants of ASEAN will be joined in a single market. Indonesia remains a big market, "he said.

According to Rizal, Indonesia contributes 40 percent to the economy of ASEAN. Similarly, with a population of Indonesia that reached 42 percent of ASEAN's population.

"The fact it is a great opportunity for businessmen invest Japan to Indonesia. I hope that's not too reluctant to invest in innovating with technology more in line with conditions in Indonesia, "he said.

Indonesia's large population with adequate purchasing power capability is a tremendous market potential for the international economy, including Japan. The World Bank noted 56,5 percent or 138 million people Indonesia is the middle class who need a variety of goods and services.

On the other hand, the data of the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS) and Bank Indonesia (BI) shows since 2010 Indonesia's economic growth in the last three years is in the position of above six percent. In 2013, the rate of economic growth is estimated to be in the range of 6.6 percent to 6.8 percent.

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The Car Insurance : 3 kg gas prices in Cirebon Rp20 thousands


Cirebon (The Car Insurance)-the retail price of LPG gas subsidized three kilograms in size Line Cirebon district, West Java, reaching Rp20 thousand per tube, and usually about Parlay thousand.

Tarsiah, one of the retail gas trader in Cirebon district, on Wednesday, said it was. The high retail prices of subsidized gas to measure three kilograms, he said, due to scarcity goes from three last week.

Residents are forced to buy expensive, although prices are not guaranteed they could obtain subsidized gas because there is limited.

LPG gas scarcity of subsidized three-kilogram size is increasingly widespread in the area of Line Cirebon district, West Java, and if there is then the citizens stormed the gas sales agent, who is still yet to be resolved.

Ratam, other residents said in Cirebon, the scarcity of subsidized gas to measure three pounds already happened three weeks, an increasingly troublesome citizens because the much-needed gas.

They were forced to buy even though it felt pretty gross joined the line at gas agents, he said, and not necessarily get it.

Most citizens are turning to firewood, Ratam, though hard to acquire it. He hopes the Government immediately address the distress underprivileged community that not enough can buy the blue gas that exorbitant price.

Meanwhile Suparta LPG gas agency owners subsidized in Cirebon City admitted Kesenden, size three kilograms of gas supply is still normal, but demand is rising so that her claim to share the difficulties especially for the regulars. (EJS/Y003)

Editors: B Kunto Wibisono


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The Car Insurance : Azevedo dari Brazil ditunjuk jadi Ketua WTO

Geneva (The Car Insurance)-Roberto Azevedo from Brazil has been appointed to take over the helm of the World Trade Organization (WTO), said the head of the Chair of the WTO candidate selection process told AFP Wednesday.

"He led in every round," said Pakistan's Ambassador to the WTO Shahid Bashir, who chaired the WTO General Council decision makers.

A career Diplomat and former trade negotiator Azevedo beat Mexico Herminio Blanco at the end of the contest and is the first officer of a group of developing countries the BRICS are reinstated.

While acknowledging his defeat Mexico and Brazil hailed his victory after the team campaigns the candidates met with Bashir on Tuesday.

Azevedo, 55 years old, is an experienced negotiator and Builder of consensus in the WTO. His status as an insider have helped won the fight.

He has been the Ambassador of Brazil to the WTO since 2008, after working as a Chief litigator in the high level of trade disputes.

Azevedo has recently confirmed that as the leader of the WTO, it will not be a gaming device.

"If I am elected, I will not be there to defend the interests of Brazil or of any kind, or Brazil's trade policy," he told AFP recently.

Unprecedented nine names entered the WTO leadership race candidate exchanges.

Those who were eliminated in the first round in mid-April came from Kenya, Ghana, Jordan and Costa Rica, while Indonesia, South Korea and New Zealand out of the race in the second half at the end of the month.

Since it was founded in its current form in 1995, head of the WTO has in the handshake from Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and Thailand, and by Lamy from France who served since 2005.

Indonesia's tourism and economy Minister nominated Creative Mari Elka Pangestu as head of the WTO, but was stopped in the second round after just 159 Member States got the support of the WTO.

Translator: Apep Suhendar

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The Car Insurance : 190 foreign companies pull investments from Indonesia

The data released by the Ministry of industry in may 2013.
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-about 190 foreign companies was preparing to withdraw its investments from Indonesia because burdened labor wage increases, thus delivered a set of native Entrepreneurs Indonesia (HIPPI).

"The data released by the Ministry of industry in may 2013, this condition would obviously impact on Indonesia's economy," said Chairman of the Central Board (DPP) HIPPI Yout Syriac f. Motik, here on Wednesday.

It's very spare hundreds of foreign companies that plan to leave Indonesia alone, mostly foreign companies it came from a labor-intensive industry.Plan hengkangnya a foreign company that among other things happened because of the uncertainty of investing, investor protection, investment policies related to less conducive, he added.

Foreign companies are gone, the Syriac, will clearly have a direct impact on the rising us unemployment figures.The Data of the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS) said the unemployment rate in the Indonesia open in February 2012 reach 6,32 percent or 7.61 million people.

Although, he said, the number of people employed rising especially in the sector of trading around 780 thousand, or 3.36 percent, the financial sector 720 thousand or 34.95 percent.

"But there are sectors that experienced a decline in the agricultural sector of 1.3 million people, or 3.01 percent and the transportation sector, warehousing, and communications of 380 thousand people or 6,81%," he said.

He argued, the high unemployment figures if it doesn't get the attention of serious social problems would cause strange will interfere with development in all fields and national stability.

"This is very inhibiting our investment climate," he said.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Car Insurance : Mendag Azevedo could expect jembatani interests

Minister Of Trade Of INDONESIA, Gita Wirjawan (Between/Ari Bowo Sucipto)

I believe that the WTO leadership selection system based on competencies. He should donate the competencies to bridge both developed and developing countries, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-Trade Ministers Gita Wirjawan expects the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) elected Roberto Azevedo able to contribute competencies in bridging the interests of developed and developing countries in the negotiations in the organization.

"I believe that the WTO leadership selection system based on competencies. He should donate the competencies to bridge both developed and developing countries, "he told a reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Sources in Geneva on Tuesday local time, said the Brazilian Ambassador to the WTO Roberto Azevedo beat rival Mexico Herminio Blanco in the final round of voting to replace Pascal Lamy from France as the Chairman or the Director General of the WTO.

According to Gita, given Azevedo comes from Brazil which is a developing country, he should be able to feel and embrace the interests of developing countries and the poor in an attempt to negotiate with developed countries in international trade organization meetings.

He also said, if Azevedo unable to convince developed countries in upcoming negotiations, then it is quite helpful for the success of the WTO ministerial meeting in Bali in December next.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the Organization's Director General terplihnya Azevedo with 159 countries that would help bring world economic order "more dynamic and fair".

Rousseff says terpilihanya Azevedo, who officially will be announced on Wednesday, "is not a victory for Brazil, or for a group of countries, but a victory for the World Trade Organization."

Azevedo, 55, who became Brazil's Ambassador to the WTO since 2008, has a reputation as a negotiator and consensus builder who is experienced.

He now faces a tough task trying to revive trade liberalization talks "Doha Round" of WTO are stalled, which was launched in 2001 with the aim of using international trade to boost development in poor countries.

Brazil, the seventh largest economic power in the world, is an important member of the emerging BRICS economies bloc with China, India, Russia and South Africa.

The current WTO Chief Pascal Lamy of France--the former head of the EU trade--will step down on September 1, after two periods of four years at the helm.(*)

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The Car Insurance : Legislators say the policy strategy both support investment climate

Investment in Bogor has been good, but 2012 happens penuruan investment from 2011 as a result of bad policy, "strategy
Bogor (The Car Insurance)-Vice Chairman of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES Commission VI Erik Satrya Vardhana mentions, strageti a good government policies can encourage improvement of investment climate, but when the bad strategy will affect investment.

"Investing in Bogor has been good, but 2012 happens penuruan investment from 2011 due to poor policy strategy," said Erik in the dissemination policy of investing in the country to the world business and non business world in Bogor, West Java, Wednesday.

Erik says, on the 2011 ivestasi in Bogor climate increases the more of Rp7 billion, but in 2012 to Rp3 trillion.

Dijelasknnya, Bogor City Government should really clever in making capital investment policy priorities because of the topography of the city and district of Bogor.

According to Erik, Bogor City has different problems with limited land, population pressure on land as the needs of the home, and a high density levels being typical promblem noteworthy capital intelligently.

He says, a lot of business opportunities in the city of Bogor for example hospitality businesses. Hotelier begins to turn to the city of Bogor as a strategic business development efforts.

"It's seen the number of hotels in the city of Bogor. Because entrepreneurs are already looking at opportunities of interest to the Government and private agencies who need training and meeting places outside Jakarta but not too far from the capital, "he said.

He says, Bogor City place activities intansi or companies to hold work meetings or training. It was seen by many international seminars and events for activities implemented in Bogor.

The emergence of these hotels is the hospitality entrepreneurs see prospects in Bogor. This is an advanced, Erik, became market opportunities so that local governments have to smart manage opportunities.

"The local Government should be able to capture and view the market space," he said.

To capture the opportunity, go Erik, the Government should do is to prepare its infrastructure the city of Bogor, regarding licensing.

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The Car Insurance : Mendag: Foxconn factories will operate 2013

Secretary of Commerce Gita Wirjawan (Center) checking BB while sudden inspection product (inspection) related to the circulation of a mobile phone (cell phone) illegal in the shopping centre the Roxy Jakarta, Wednesday (8/5). (Photo of/Yudhi Mahatma/13).

Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-electronics component Manufacturer Foxconn will begin to operate in Indonesia in 2013, said Minister of Commerce Gita Wirjawan.

"God willing this year they've started doing the assembling and production," said Gita after conducting a surprise inspection in electronic shopping centre ITC Roxy Mas, Jakarta, Wednesday.

According to him, the current Foxconn have signed a partnership with local partners to set up a plant that will operate to do the Assembly and production.

He was sure that the Foxconn factories will be established in Java, though not yet confirmed the details.

Further he said the magnitude of consumption products technology should be balanced with the production of the component within the country.

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The Car Insurance : Oil prices in New York rose, London down

New York (The Car Insurance)-oil prices in New York shot up higher on Wednesday (Thursday morning GMT), even though US weekly inventories report showed crude oil stocks were at the highest level in 31 years.

New York's main contract, light sweet crude or West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in June, rose one u.s. dollars a barrel to end at 96.62 dollars.

In London, Brent North Sea crude oil for delivery in June, little changed, declining six cents to 104,34 dollars per barrel.

Analysts forecast a larger increase in u.s. commercial crude oil stockpiles than rising 200,000 barrels will occur.

"At 395,5 million barrels, U.S. crude oil inventories well above the upper limit of the average range this time of year," U.s. Energy Information Agency (EIA) said.

Crude oil futures had fallen on Tuesday (7/5), as traders booked profits from rising three straight days amid expectations of another rise in US crude oil inventories.

Crude oil has been strengthened in recent weeks thanks to the improving picture of economic growth in the United States, China, Japan and Germany, as well as due to the increasing tension in the Middle East. (A026)

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The Car Insurance : Price of a staple on May 8, 2013

Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-the Ministry of Commerce, here on Wednesday, announced the development of food and basic food commodity prices throughout the country last week.

Based on the list price of the national staple on 8 May of 2013 compared to 1 may 2013, onion prices suffered the highest loss percentage i.e. 4.66 percent, followed by the garlic down 2.68 percent.

While the egg race up 0.23 percent and beef up 0.54 percent.

No Commodities Unit average average
May 1 May 8 (%)
1 Rice ($/Kg) 8.274 8.280 0.07
2 Sugar ($/Kg) 12.328 12.340 0.10
3 oil GorengCurah (Rp/Ltr) 9.956 9.960 0.05
4 Beef ($/Kg) 87.292 87.766 0.54
5 Meat Chickens Ras (Rp/Kg) 25.079 25,122 0,19
6 chicken egg Race ($/Kg) 0.23 17.761 17.721
7 Flour ($/Kg) 7.853 7.853-
8 Soy ($/Kg) 9,400 9.376 (0.07)
9 Curly red chilies ($/Kg) 27.198 27.228 0.11
10 Plain red chilies ($/Kg) 25.716 26.398 2.65
11 red onion ($/Kg) 33.370 31.816 (4.66)
12 Garlic ($/Kg) 20.524 19.975 (2.68)

Source: Office of the Province: trade (Ditjen Processed PDN, Kemendag). (*)

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The Car Insurance : RAPBN-P 2013 was formulated to take to the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES

Julian Aldrin Pasha (Photo.BETWEEN)

Weeks is expected to be completed. In one week this means as soon as possible, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-the Government this week still discuss the Draft Budget formulation and ripen the income and Expenditures of state changes (RAPBN-P) 2013 targets can be immediately discussed with PARLIAMENT.

"The weeks is expected to be completed. In one week this means as soon as possible, "said Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha in the President's Office Jakarta, Wednesday.

Julian says the Government will communicate to PARLIAMENT for discussion-P RAPBN.

"Communication can be earlier than the completion of the draft, when it can be held a meeting with the leadership of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES," said Julian.

But Julian could not deliver the numbers RAPBN-P assumptions in 2013 which will be presented to the PARLIAMENT.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Car Insurance : The Government review the potential "oil shale"

Compensation of fuel price hike A motor vehicle driver wait for the filling of FUEL FILLING STATION type of premium, in the way Abdul Muis, Jakarta, Wednesday (8/5). (Photo Of/Dhoni Setiawan) ()

The US has already successfully produced ' shale oil ' up to 700,000 barrels per day in North Dakota with technology ' fracturing ' (perekahan), "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-the Government examines the potential "shale oil" or nonkonvensional oil as a fuel substitute to conventional oil production that the longer the more limited.

Director General of oil and gas and MINERAL RESOURCES Ministry Edy Hermantoro here on Wednesday, saying that it is inviting domestic and foreign investors, especially the u.s., to examine the potential of "shale oil".

"The U.S. has already successfully produced ' shale oil ' up to 700,000 barrels per day in North Dakota with technology ' fracturing ' (perekahan)," he said.

Besides "shale oil", the US was first successfully produced gas shale gas type "nonkonvensional" in large numbers.

Edy hopes that Indonesia can also perform "shale oil", as well as other nonkonvensional gases, methane gas in coal (coal bed methane/CBM).

According to him, the potential "shale oil" in Indonesia is estimated to be enough of them located in the central part of Sumatra.

"In a technical, if gas is passed through the ' window ' (his time), will be turned into a liquid," he said.

The Government has published the Regulations the Minister of MINERAL RESOURCES No. 5 in 2012 on the establishment of Procedures and bidding work areas that regulate oil and gas Nonkonvensional pengusahaannya.

In accordance with the candy that was signed by Jero Wacik on January 31, 2012, the oil and gas reservoir comes from the "nonkonvensional" with low permeability, among others, "shale oil", "shale gas", "gas tight sand", CBM, and "methane-hydrate" are manufactured using technology such as perekahan.

Currently, the oil and gas resources of nonkonvensional recorded in Indonesia new CBM and "shale gas".

Resources "shale gas" expected to reach 574 trillion cubic feet and CBM as much as 452 trillion cubic feet.

The biggest potential gas nonkonvensional is known to be in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Indonesia is already producing CBM of 0.5 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) from the field run Vico Indonesia in East Kalimantan.

The Government is targeting the field production increased to 10 MILLION until the end of 2013.

Currently, there are already 58 CBM cooperation contract.

Meanwhile, "shale gas" was planned to be signed its first cooperation on mid May 2013 with PT Pertamina (Persero).

Its location in Sumatra with an estimated reserves of 15 trillion cubic feet (TCF).

In addition, the Government will also launch an auction of Prime blocks "shale gas" located in Riau and Kalteng.

The Government hopes the first production "shale gas" can be done starting in 2018.

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The Car Insurance : The Euro rode a strong industrial data supported Germany

New York (The Car Insurance)-the exchange rate of the euro higher against the dollar and the yen on Wednesday (Thursday morning GMT), after the industrial production report for Germany for March is surprisingly strong.

The Euro bought 1,3156 dollars on Wednesday 21.00 GMT (04.00 GMT Thursday), up from 1,3074 dollars on Tuesday afternoon, the AFP report.

The Euro traded at 130,25 yen, up from 129,47 yen the day before.

Dollar was slightly higher against the yen, it traded at 99,01 yen compared with 98,99 yen.

The market was encouraged by positive economic indicators Germany for the second day in a row. On Tuesday, data showed Germany's industrial orders rose unexpectedly in March.

On Wednesday, data showed that industrial production in Germany rose 1.2 percent in March, well above the 0.2 percent decline expected by analysts.

The result was "devastating", according to the forecast of the market Business Solutions Western Union.

"This caused traders flocked back to the euro during the session, as traders in London began to limit the decline in interest rates is likely thinking that has trailed the euro since the meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB) last week."

The Euro strengthened further amid news that Portugal managed to return to long-term debt market for the first time since acquiring the bailouts two years ago. Portugal brought together three billion euros in interest rates and interest 5,669 percent purchased more than 10 billion euros.

Meanwhile, the u.s. economic calendar has left investors with little new news the dollar against other currencies.

"Looking ahead, further signs that the u.s. economy grew at a better speed than expected will continue to support the dollar," said Omer Esiner, Chief market analyst at Commonwealth Foreign Exchange.

"But in the short term, the lack of data or news to trade the greenback could maintain a little lower."

United Kingdom Pound traded at 1,5536 dollars, up from 1,5482 dollars on Tuesday afternoon.

The dollar was trading at 0,9352 francs, down from Switzerland 0,940 francs. (A026)

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The Car Insurance : VP: social protection and prevent the impact of inflation

Vice President Boediono (Between/Yudhi Mahatma)

Inflation can affect the level of well-being of the poor, hence the need for social protection, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-Vice President Boediono said the compensation as part of social protection, needs to be given to preventing the impact of the rate of inflation, to the poor.

"Inflation can affect the level of well-being of the poor, hence the need for social protection," he said when giving opening remarks in the meeting of the National Coordination Team for controlling Inflation Area IV (TPID) here on Wednesday.

Boediono said the need for an effort to keep the rate of inflation, as high inflation could affect the purchasing power and the conditions of the poor.

"Inflation is affecting everyone but there are groups who are overburdened and prone to inflation that is poor, we need to focus to get there," he said.

Boediono said the Government has prepared a variety of compensation in the form of jamkesmas, raskin, scholarships for poor students as well as other programs to keep the level of welfare of the poor.

For that, he wants the leaders of the region to control the implementation of the social assistance program and asked for increased coordination with the Centre in conducting surveillance.

"Social Protection must be fully escorted their implementation and coordination should be improved to anticipate unexpected things on the field," he said.

Boediono was also asked to not only keep the TPID pace of inflation in the region, but also a food commodity prices can affect the condition of the poor.

"Safeguarding food safety and is a major key to success in controlling the rate of inflation," he said.

Currently control inflation requires a synergy and cooperation between policy areas, due to the increasing complexity of the challenge in controlling inflation and there is no area that can satisfy all the needs of the people.


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The Car Insurance : Wamendag: export market of biopesticide

Wamendag Bayu Krisnamurthi (Between)

We have an idea for an interesting alternative as a biopesticide. Of course to raise the price of tobacco and production of the commodity the greater the other agricultural crops including coffee and cocoa, like "
Surabaya (The Car Insurance)-Under Secretary of Commerce, Bayu Krisnamurthi believes export markets, since the greater the biopesticide agricultural products consumed the international community demanded free of harmful substances.

"We have an idea for an interesting alternative as a biopesticide. Of course to raise the price of tobacco and production of the commodity the greater the other agricultural crops including such as coffee and cocoa, "he said in the" Roundtable Dialogue "Diversification of Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products at the Mercure Grand Hotel, Mirama Wednesday.

He explains, the use of biopesticide that could help farmers to diversify products and urge people to come out of pertembakauan polemic health and smoking.

"Similar Information we provide to industry peers such as Sampoerna and Djarum cigarettes. We want them separating tobacco smoking, "he said.

Challenges of Community tobacco today, he said, is to make tobacco has more value in the trading market.

"Java has the potential to manifest it. Moreover, the orchard, East Java has now that can convert the value to the value of agricultural tourism. We are grateful to the State University of Jember and Perhepi always follow all the issues about tobacco, "he explained.

On the other hand, industries could be likened to going through the war, namely health against smoking. That condition reinforced by advertising smoking restrictions are growing.

"On the one hand, we support fully the role of the Ministry of health in order to menyosialisasi the dangers of smoking. However, we also want to change the thinking of people who see tobacco smoking, synonymous with tobacco is tobacco and smoking is smoking, although during this time 99 percent of tobacco used for smoking, "he said.

Therefore, the Trade Ministry hopes to build a non-tobacco smoking and tobacco prices are able to draw on a range of more or less the same with smoking.

"Ideally the tobacco prices don't be too cheap or range between 35,000-45,000 Usd is thus patokannya interesting and beneficial to farmers," he said.

Currently, the volume of tobacco reached 230,000 tons to 130,000 tonnes generated Java. Looking ahead, the resulting tobacco farmers expected zero percent nicotine solution.

"Indonesia has a long history of tobacco. Like tobacco in Besuki and Deli which have export market in Bremen, Germany, and this can spur the rise of tobacco industry in the future, "he said. (*)

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The Car Insurance : Want to know about the sociopreneur?

illustration of the Rector of the University (UB) Bakrie Sofia W Alisjahbana (right) along the Pembina Foundation for Education Indira Nirwan Bakrie, Bakrie Ratna (left) gives keterangana on journalists after laying the first stone building of the campus of UB in the Bogor Nirwana Residence, Bogor, West Java, Wednesday (1/4). (FROM/Jafkhairi)

Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-the level of entrepreneurship in Indonesia from 2010 to 2012 has increased from 0.7 percent to 0.9 percent. This proves that the public and all parties are starting to realize the importance of the entrepreneurial existence in Indonesia.

"However an increasing number of these entrepreneurs should be coupled with an increase in the absorption of skilled workforce so that business is not only concerned with profit but also provide benefits to the community," Entrepreneurial activities Committee affidavits Youth (E-Youth) here on Wednesday.

Referred to as the basic concept of sustainable development that proclaimed by the United Nations (UN) that the structure of the economy as a macro and micro business units have to harmonize between profit (profit), social (people) and environmental (planet).

For the Students of the University Executive Body Bakrie had offered Entrepreneurial Youth (E-Youth) the initiative to lift the sociopreneur as big business competition annual theme.

Through the sociopreneur then reducing two problems in Indonesia. Related social problems first happened and both problems lack of entrepreneurship. To gain knowledge of it will be held the Mega Seminar & Workshop on May 18, 2013 in the Hall LIPI Jakarta.

"As young people, we need to cultivate a sense of care for the young entrepreneur and entrepreneurial candidate to benefit society," calls the affidavits.

The Profit it brings not only benefits some but also benefit the various parties involved in the supply chain business, primarily those less educated who have certain skills.(*)

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Car Insurance : WTO agricultural negotiations value Mendag quaint

Minister Of Trade, Gita Wirjawan (Between/Ismar Patrizki)

This is still the thorny agricultural Package. Developed and developing countries and the poor have not looked for in this sector. This should be equivalent. We are still a lot of PR, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance)-Trade Ministers Gita Wirjawan assessing agricultural negotiations in the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Bali next December, is still a strange thing because it has not yet appeared at the Poles attitude of flexibility are developed countries or developing.

"This is still a quaint farm Package. Developed and developing countries and the poor have not looked for in this sector. This should be equivalent. PR us much, "he told reporters in his room in Jakarta on Wednesday, when describing the results of his visit to Geneva some time ago, discussed the preparation of Indonesia hosted the meeting.

Asked whether the upcoming meeting of all parties to be flexible or flexible so that the meeting will be a success, She just said I hope all parties are well intentioned.

In the upcoming WTO meeting, said the Minister, Indonesia has shown the attitude in a number of discussions on the issue, trade facilities package for poor countries and the agricultural package.

In the matter of trade facilities, all developing countries willing to fix kepabeanannya by implementing a system for it. However, for some countries the willingness that still need financial assistance.

While the package for poor countries, Indonesia is ready to give concessions without import duties for products from poor countries. Throughout the developed and developing countries also had agreed to provide duty-free concessions.

On the issue of agriculture, said the Minister, still needed flexibility in both the pole and the poor developing countries as well as developed countries. The negotiations hadn't this problem in the problem of hoarding food for a number of developing countries are required as food security and farm subsidies.

However, Minister Gita expects that the upcoming WTO ministerial meeting will be a success with his "round of Bali" that could be a legacy for Indonesia so that it could be a "branding" in international relations.


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The Car Insurance Info: Action take profit and lower world oil prices

New York (The Car Insurance Info)-world oil prices fell on Tuesday (Monday morning EST), as traders took advantage of the rise in three consecutive days amid expectations of rising U.S. crude inventories in this week's inventory report.

New York's main contract, light sweet crude or West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in June, closed at 95,62 u.s. dollars per barrel, down 54 cents from Monday, reported AFP.

In London, Brent North Sea crude oil for delivery in December, dived 1.06 dollars to settle at 104,40 u.s. dollars per barrel.

The New York trading session took place "relatively calm" and marked by "a combination of profit taking and expectations of action report of inventory," said John John Kilduff of Again Capital.

John Kilduff said that the weekly oil supply report of the US Department of energy (DoE), an indicator of demand in the world's largest energy consumer, is expected to show another rise in the supply of crude oil, which last week reached its highest level since 1982, when the weekly reports began.

DoE is expected to report an increase of 1.4 million barrels in the week ended May 31, according to analysts surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires.

The price of oil over the past three sessions had surged more than five dollars in New York and 6.50 u.s. dollars in London, supported by rising tensions between Israel and Syria over Israel's air attack.

A senior Israel official said the attack targeted at Iran's weapons destined for Lebanon's militant group Hezbollah.

Bob Yawger from Mizuho Securities said that "some risk premium piled into the market as a result of the Israel-Syria situation". (A026)

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The Car Insurance Info : BI reiterate the re-denomination must be approved by the PARLIAMENT

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the re-denomination rupiah still require long road and a long time before it is implemented, said the Executive Director of the Center for research and Education the Central Bank Bank Indonesia Iskandar Simorangkir.

"The current draft his rule yet delivered in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES. Once approved the HOUSE still takes two years to three years to put in place. So, not really when there are rumors that mention the re-denomination goes into effect in 2013, "said Iskandar Simorangkir in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Iskandar said the value of the rupiah has been urging the redenomination carried out due to the nominal value of the currency of Indonesia is currently quite large when compared to other countries.

Benefits of redenomination, says Alexander, is the efficiency of the economy, increase pride against the rupiah in the currency other currencies due to technical constraints and the growing number of digits.

"Re-denomination is not sanering lose purchasing power because the value of money was cut while prices remain. Redenomination is a simplification of the number of digits in the fractional money without reducing the purchasing power of money, "he said.

Although urged to do, but He says the Government requires BI and planning before enacting the re-denomination. According to him, there are four critical success of the re-denomination must be met government and BI.

First, strong support from all walks of life, especially the Government, Parliament and businessmen. He said countries that fail to perform due lack of redenomination one community support.

"Second, the re-denomination must have a strong legal basis in the form of legislation which expressly regulate it. In 1965 Indonesia never done redenomination but failed because only through presidential regulation in addition to the high fiscal deficit caused, "he said.

Third, the redenomination is done at the right time, namely a stable macroeconomic conditions and a conducive social and political. In macroeconomics, Iskandar said Indonesia is ready to do the redenomination.

The last is a transitional period and intensive socialization to society so that no excessive price increases occurred as a result of actions of businessmen who take advantage of the structure of the market oligopolistik on some staple goods.

"Transition and socialization is also to give understanding to the public that the redenomination was not duly sanering program Government in 1959," he said.

Iskandar Simorangkir was one of the speakers at the Seminar ", Indonesia ready to face the Re-denomination?" held the set Student Study Accounting scandal Perbanas Institute at the Auditorium scandal Perbanas Jakarta.

In addition to the other speakers, He was Bank Mandiri Chief Economist Destry Damayanti and economic experts University of Indonesia Jakarta Telisa Aulia Falianty.

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The Car Insurance Info: Housiing subsidiary absorb 25% of FLPP

Palangkaraya (The Car Insurance Info)-the Ministry of public housing subsidized house-building realization expressing with the liquidity of Housing Finance (FLPP) for low income communities through April 2013 reaching 25 percent.

"Of the 120,000 targeted housing units built by 2013 with FLPP, realized approximately 30,000 housing units," said Housing Minister's expert staff Syarief Burhanuddin in Palangka Raya, Sunday.

According to her still open opportunities for developers of housing for people on low incomes to get fund subsidies FLPP.

By 2013, the Government spends more to help Rp6 trillion subsidizing construction of houses for people on low incomes.

"The Fund should be utilized FLPP by developers, not to settle in the bank," said Syarief.

He added the majority of currently untapped FLPP funds still settles in the bank.

The FLPP funds, continued he, should be utilized for construction services or for construction loans so you can lower the costs of construction and lower home prices.

According to him, the FLPP is provided to help developers build cheap housing and a livable society. In this imposed fixed interest rates of 7.25 percent over the period of credit and down payment.

In pricing the House, mengkategoriskan Government area into four parts according to the condition and character of each. Borneo himself went in the region II by the terms House prices, minimum maximum Rp95 million down payment of 10 percent of the price and the value of MORTGAGES up to Rp85,5 million.

Sharif rate, problems faced by the housing development are generally linked Borneo with other parts of Indonesia. In particular, the problem of the determination of space has always been a constraint as there is no clarity.

Next the pricing different every home of the region, he said, it is natural because of the difference in character of dimasing-masing area. One of the influential is the difference in price of building materials.

"An estimated price will continue to rise, especially ahead of the planned rise in fuel prices soon, is expected to be the price of building materials also rose between 10 to 15 percent," he said.

Related spatial plan and the obscurity of the region in some areas, Sharif considered as a dilemma. According to him it should have completed at least two years since law number 26 of 2007 concerning spatial published Government.

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The Car Insurance Info: The dollar-euro exchange rate is flat because the stock market strengthened

New York (The Car Insurance Info)-the dollar-euro exchange rate is flat while the yen strengthened on Tuesday (Monday morning EST), in Forex trading is pretty quiet, with the euro retains his strong statements supported on Germany's industrial orders.

At 22: 00 GMT (05.00 GMT Wednesday), the euro was at 1,3077 dollars compared to 1,0374 dollars at the end of Monday. Both the dollar and the euro, helped by strong investment inflows into securities on both sides of the Atlantic, amid recovering investor confidence to the global economy.

While the yen rose against both currencies, because stocks Tokyo surged 3.6 percent to their best level in nearly five years.

The dollar was at 98,96 yen from 99,31 yen, while the euro bought 129,41 yen, down from 129,87 yen.

The Euro briefly surged in the afternoon after data showed Germany industrial orders unexpectedly rose strongly in March, amounting to 2.2 percent, driven by increased demand--both inside and outside the country--for goods made in Germany.

David Song of DailyFX relate setbacks came back from early gains on hope that the European Central Bank (ECB) leaning towards monetary easing.

"The Central Bank may indicate a greater willingness to implement negative interest rates in the euro area when the trouble it was back to growth," he said.

United Kingdom Pound handed over his Ascension to the greenback for the second successive day, by successive meetings of the monetary policy of Central Bank United Kingdom (BoE) on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Pound was at 1,5484 dollars, down from 1,5539 dollars at the end of Monday.

Song predicted the meeting will maintain the current policy does not change, because the United Kingdom's economy was returning to growth.

"We'll see sterling maintain uptrend back to March because the central bank appeared to slowly move away from the easing cycle," he said.

The dollar rose to 0,9406 francs from 0,9382 francs in Switzerland, AFP reported.


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The Car Insurance Info: Mendag programe intelligent consumer movement in Central Java

London (The Car Insurance Info)-Trade Ministers of the Republic of Indonesia established the Consumer Movement Gita Wirjawan Intelligent Artificial Love Indonesia (GKCCBI) in Central Java province in order to make the community more love domestic products.

"With the movement of society will be more savvy about their rights as consumers in accordance with the law on consumer protection no. 8 in 1999," he said in a series of significant activities in the Office GKCCBI Office of industry and trade in Semarang, Central Java on Sunday.

Gita explaining consumer protection ACT set out to enhance the dignity and the dignity of consumers for the awareness, knowledge, and ability to protect consumers and foster the attitude of businessmen who are responsible for the resulting products.

According to him, if the economy has been on the side of the people or so called economic prorakyat the people as consumers will be better protected from the attitude of the perpetrators of the attempt may still do the naughty business practices.

"Communities as consumers expected more intelligent and it's been established dispute resolution Agency consumer (BPSK) that serves to resolve a problem or dispute the consumer, including disseminating the rights of consumers," he accompanied Governor Bibit Waluyo of Central Java.

He expects the national GKCCBI the community also use the products domestically as evidence of love towards local products.

"Our economy is prorakyat so we should give priority to the production of goods within the country. Anyway we all have to love Indonesia-made, "he said.

Central Java Governor Bibit Waluyo posited that the groundbreaking GKCCBI in Central Java that the various results of domestic production sold are bought by consumers because the quality is not inferior to products from abroad.

"If we are willing to buy domestic products, then the welfare society will develop," he said.


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The Car Insurance Info: Indosat was preparing to launch a satellite Palapa E

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-telecommunications Operator PT Indosat Tbk works with Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) origin of the United States to the process of design, production and launch of satelit PALAPA-E planned orbit at 150.5 East longitude slot (BT) in 2016.

"The satellite launch Plan will be placed in an orbital slot 150.5 BT is to serve the sustainability community needs of telecommunication services as well as to support the Government in maintaining state assets associated orbital slots 150.5 BT," said Indosat President Director and CEO, Alexander Rusli, in Jakarta on Sunday.

The company now operates the PALAPA-C2 Satellite slots 150.5 BT and Satellite PALAPA-D slots 112 BT through ground stations in Jatiluhur, West Java.

He claimed his company had experienced provide telecommunication services via satellite networks since 1967 and its network now covers the area of Indonesia, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Australia.

Satelit PALAPA-E will have a capacity of transponders in C-band standard transponders as well as extended & Ku-band (optional).

The satellite will be covering the areas of Indonesia, ASEAN and Asia-Pacific Regional.

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The Car Insurance Info : BI reiterates no re-denomination influence the cost of printing money

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the Executive Director of the Center for research and Education the Central Bank Bank Indonesia Iskandar Simorangkir said the redenomination will have no effect on the magnitude of the cost of printing money on BI.

"I got accused of redenomination is a project to get the cost of printing money. It is not true because each year the BI indeed print money-new money, "said Iskandar Simorangkir in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He said every year BI withdraw money-money-money shabby and publishes new money as his successor. With redenomination, there will be no additional cost pencatakan monies for BI will only change the new money being printed by the rupiah denominations.

Therefore, he assured the redenomination will not provide an influence towards the cost of printing the money let alone become a project for BI officials to profit from printing money by denomination.

"Re-denomination is done for the efficiency of the economy. The idea does not appear suddenly because BI is already conducting research for 10 years. Based on the research, the need for redenomination is getting bigger, "he said.

Iskandar said the research done BI find difficulty with the rupiah denomination community with zero too much. The facts on the ground, people are already doing rednominasi by eliminating three zeros, so that the value of Rp 50,000 mentioned or written Rp50.

He exposes many countries make the re-denomination, such as Turkey, Romania, Poland and Ukraine. the success it can happen because of the strong support of the community, carried out at a time when the economy is stable, has a strong legal basis and intensive education to the community.

In addition there is work, there is also a country that fails to make the re-denomination, among others, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and Zimbabwe. The failure is due to the application of a less appropriate that when the economy goes bad and unhealthy macro policies.

"If the prerequisites are met the re-denomination and risk mitigation anticipated well, Indonesia's economy could benefit as other countries to successfully perform the re-denomination," he said.

Iskandar Simorangkir was one of the speakers at the Seminar ", Indonesia ready to face the Re-denomination?" held the set Student Study Accounting scandal Perbanas Institute at the Auditorium scandal Perbanas Jakarta.

In addition to the other speakers, He was Bank Mandiri Chief Economist Destry Damayanti and economic experts University of Indonesia Jakarta Telisa Aulia Falianty.

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The Car Insurance Info : Indonesia Channel publish good news about Indonesia

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Indonesia Channel as Channel television special which supported Ministry of tourism and the Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), there are specific to publish good news about Indonesia, especially in the field of tourism and creative economy."This Channel will contain news-good news about Indonesia presented for community and Indonesia of the international community," said Deputy Minister of tourism and Creative Economy (Wamen Parekraf) Sapta Nirwandar in Jakarta on Tuesday.His part with DNA Production and execution of the project for Indonesia, TelkomVision Channel and has now been broadcast on pay tv for eight hours from 12.00 until 20.00 in 33 provinces.According to Sapta, every region in Indonesia has rich tourism potential and creative economy is interesting and unique, it's just less terpublikasikan to the public."There needs to be a special channel that facilitates this and we expect this Channel Indonesia is able to make it happen," he said.The Canal, said Sapta, while expected to promote tourist destinations in different regions, promotion opportunities, opening up the development of tourism, nature, potential and creative economy Indonesia.Any number of titles of programs that aired on the Channel Indonesia Indonesia Magazine (review of new information from various different fields of parekraf region), Indonesia Architect Fashion and Design (contains diverse architectural uniqueness of traditional and modern buildings as well as the fashion world from various regions in Indonesia), Indonesia Nature (contains information for natural beauty and a wealth of different potential in Indonesia)."All the impressions on the Indonesia program Channel will analyze about the diversity of potential tourism and creative economy in Indonesia as well as communication tools and guides tourists as well as businessmen," he said.(*)Car Insurance; InsuranceCar Insurance; Insurance; Health Insurance

The Car Insurance Info: Ahead of the long holiday, hotel occupancy in Bali increased

Denpasar (The Car Insurance Info)-occupancy rates at a number of hotels around Kuta Beach, Bali, experience increased ahead of the long weekend holiday celebration-related rise in Jesus Christ this year.

"The long holiday weekends like this simply affecting occupancy rates at the hotel," said Dina Beautiful as Marketing Communications Officer Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Sunday.

The increase in occupancy rates since quite a number of domestic tourists who spend time on vacation during this long weekend.

Proven current occupancy rate reached 95 percent of the number of existing rooms, as many as 150 units.

"The residents of more travelers from various cities in the country. Domestic tourists are five percent more from tourists who book rooms for the holiday weekend, "he said.

Dina says, the number of rooms for Thursday (9/5) was almost fully booked so that left only a few until the weekend.

It is delivered as a Public Relation Rike Liwan Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center. He said occupancy rates before long holiday weekends this month.

"Conditions this month has increased from last month which ranges from 55 to 65 percent, while now reaching 100 percent," he said.

It is supported by the number of activities a meeting was held in a hotel located in the Centre of the capital city of Bali Provini.

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The Car Insurance Info: Daihatsu slalom competition between student degree

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) on Sunday (5/7), held a competition "Daihatsu Sirion Slalom College Battle" in the arena parking lot West of Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran (JI) to accomodate fans slalom especially user Daihatsu Sirion.

"The knockout stage of the competition menyasar slalom among the civitas Academica is divided into two classes, namely, women and men, involving three Colleges: the University Media Nusantara (UMN), University of Tarumanegara (UNTAR), and the University of Indonesia (UI) as a place of registration of the participants of the contest with free of charge," said Domestic Marketing Division Head of Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) Rio. in Jakarta, Sunday.

According to him, at this stage the participants reached 160 people who were there are 10 women, divided into three sessions.

"As many as 40 contestants with best time will get the cash of Rp 500,000 and will continue the competition in the ninth and Final Battle which will be executed on the Exchange on the Bibs 11 to May 12, 2013," he said.

He said at the Final competition Battle will be filtered 10 times, then competed in the finals to earn the Championship title.

"To accommodate this activity, ADM has provided 10 units Daihatsu Sirion manual, as a means of transmitting the contest. In addition to the implementation of the Final Battle in the OtoBursa, visitors had the chance to also follow, Final Battle Photo Contest, "he said.

He reveals the Daihatsu Sirion Slalom College Battle is the right tool for students who feel have expertise in automotive midwife especially slalom.

"This competition is one of the forms part of a campaign that is Driving Safety became a concern ADM.

In addition to honing and testing capabilities, ADM has also been providing total prize of more than Rp20 million.

"First place prizes worth Rp7,5 million, the second-and third-Rp5 million 2.5 million and we expect these prizes are very attractive," he said.

In addition, she continued her involvement with two pe-slalom, Amandio and Dika CH, in addition to providing coaching clinic with tips and tricks do slalom technique, also gives an adrenaline fueled slalom attractions.

"Slalom is determined by the evaluation of basic speed reached the finish, and does not violate the slalom track, which has given the organisers," he said. Editor: Aditia Maruli


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The Car Insurance Info: 4,000 officers were revealed for the Census of Agriculture of Papua

Jayapura (The Car Insurance Info)-as many as 4,000 officers were demoted to the Census of agriculture in the province of Papua, said a production Statistic BPS Kabid Papua Province, Aminadab Yoafifi, to Between in Jayapura, on Wednesday.

"The officer recruitment was 4000 with system partners in each kabupaten/kota to be disensus," he said.

Eliel Yoafifi said the census officers will be divided per teams where each team consists of one coordinator and three counter. Before conducting the census, the officers are given training for one month.

"Training coordinators was held in March, while the pencacahnya was carried out in April," he said.

He explains the Census of agriculture is a national program that was implemented in all regions of Indonesia every 10 years in the year ending with the number three. The aim to record the whole agricultural potential in the sectors sub 8 food crops, horticulture, forestry, fisheries, forestry, animal husbandry and agricultural services.

"In addition to conducting training for officers of the census, the BPS also perform socialization to society by using flyers and pamphlets," he added.

Further, he added, the main constraints faced in implementing the agricultural census this time is the problem of transportation. The reason, geographical condition of Papua every province is not the same as well as problems of security.

Car Insurance; Insurance

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Car Insurance Info: BI: channeling credit banking in Banyumas aggressive

Purwokerto (The Car Insurance Info)  - Kepala Kantor Perwakilan Bank Indonesia, Purwokerto, Dudi Herawadi mengatakan penyaluran kredit perbankan di wilayah eks Keresidenan Banyumas cukup agresif dengan pertumbuhan di atas 20 persen.

"Namun aspek kehati-hatian masih menjadi perhatian pelaku perbankan," kata Dudi, di Purwokerto, Minggu.

Menurut dia, hal ini tampak dari cukup rendahnya rasio "Non-Performing Loans" (NPL) atau kredit bermasalah pada periode laporan triwulan I tahun 2013 hanya mencapai 2,81 persen.

Dia mengatakan total kredit yang disalurkan perbankan di eks Keresidenan Banyumas pada triwulan I tahun 2013 mencapai Rp16,74 triliun.

Dia mengatakan total penyaluran kredit di Kabupaten Banjarnegara mencapai Rp1,8 triliun dengan pertumbuhan (year of year/yoy) 14,73 persen, Banyumas sebesar Rp9,9 triliun dengan pertumbuhan (yoy) 23,76 persen, Cilacap sebesar Rp3,3 triliun dengan pertumbuhan (yoy) 14,05 persen, dan Purbalingga sebesar Rp1,5 triliun dengan pertumbuhan (yoy) 27,45 persen.

"Pada triwulan I tahun 2013, pertumbuhan tertinggi dialami kredit investasi yang mencapi 33,93 persen (yoy). Tingginya pertumbuhan kredit investasi menggambarkan masih terus menggeliatnya kegiatan ekonomi di eks Keresidenan Banyumas," katanya.

Berdasarkan pangsanya, kata Dudi, kredit modal kerja memiliki pangsa terbesar, yakni 47 persen dari total penggunaan kredit.

Menurut dia, hal ini mengindikasikan bahwa kredit yang disalurkan perbankan umumnya untuk kegiatan yang bersifat produktif.

Sementara berdasarkan sektor usahanya, lanjut dia, pertumbuhan tertinggi penyaluran kredit perbankan triwulan I tahun 2013 terbesar terjadi pada sektor pertanian, yakni sebesar 78,67 persen (yoy).

"Disusul sektor listrik, gas, dan air bersih sebesar 64,59 persen (yoy) serta sektor perdagangan 62,24 persen (yoy)," katanya.

Terkait perkembangan perbankan syariah, Dudi mengatakan jika dibanding dengan bank umum, aset perbankan syariah di eks Keresidenan Banyumas relatif kecil, yakni sebesar 6,20 persen.

Meskipun demikian, kata dia, pertumbuhannya dalam hal penghimpunan dana dan penyaluran pembiayaan perbankan syariah cukup menggembirakan.

"Hingga triwulan I tahun 2013, dana yang berhasil dihimpun perbankan syariah sebesar Rp704 miliar atau tumbuh sebesar 42,67 persen (yoy), sementara total pembiayaan mencapai Rp1,04 triliun atau tumbuh 25,16 persen (yoy). Dengan perkembangan tersebut, rasio FDR (Financing To Deposit Ratio) mencapai 148 persen," katanya.

Dalam kesempatan berbeda, Dudi mengatakan bahwa total aset perbankan (termasuk Bank Perkreditan Rakyat, red.) di seluruh kabupaten wilayah kerja BI Purwokerto pada triwulan I tahun 2013 sebesar Rp21,07 triliun.

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The Car Insurance Info: Lebong, Bengkulu, made a duck and fish production center

Sumatra (The Car Insurance Info)-Lebong, Bengkulu Province, want to become a production center ducks and fish because of potential agricultural land areas were very supportive.

Formerly known as sentra Lebong rice and fish, but the potential it had disappeared after the expansion of the County's parent Regency Rejang Lebong eight years ago, said Regent Lebong Rosjonsyah, Saturday.

It targets, the area became a center of rice and fish and ducks because of improved means of agriculture started since a few years ago.

Most of the technical irrigation networks as well as the technical half of the already improved, thus supporting an increase in rice production and since a couple of years ago as the biggest rice supplier in Bengkulu.

Rice production the Lebong Bulog's local procurement to Bengkulu as harvest season 2013 already hundreds of tons of successfully purchased Bulog Bengkulu.

Besides farmers do intercropping of rice and fish production and also meets the needs of fresh water fish in Bengkulu City and other areas.

"We will increase revenue potential new farmers livestock development through local farmers group duck and from the last two years began to be developed," he said.

Head of Department of livestock and Fisheries Lebong Sumiati said it spends funds GRANT 2013 for pebelian ducks of Rp700 million.

The funds will be bought as many as 5,000 duck tail and will be distributed in ten farmers groups including help feed, cages and penetas eggs.

The Program from 2012 but the number of his group only five. By 2013 the number of groups up to ten groups and each will receive a 500 tail.

Last year's Program only helped manufacture the enclosure only, but this year helped feed and penetas eggs, so the farmer income will increase and render the Lebong as centers of ducks forward, he said.

Car Insurance; Insurance

Car Insurance; Insurance; Health Insurance

The Car Insurance Info : Banker: the e-ID CARD copy restrictions prevent counterfeiting

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk Jahja Setiaatmadja assess the substance prohibition of copy of Card Of electronic (e-ID) by the Minister of Home Affairs Gamawan Fauzi is to prevent impersonation.

"Maybe its substance was chip an e-ID CARD that read. If the form of the appearance of the card only (photocopied) easily faked, "said Jahja through the brief message received here on Wednesday.

Jahja does not mention whether it objected to the ban or not, because up to now there are still banking activities which require a photocopy of YOUR ID for the customer. However, Jahja questioned the extent to which the use of the e-ID CARD can prevent the occurrence of impersonation.

"The question is, to what extent the chip in his e-ID CARD cannot be duplicated," said Jahja procurement tool called e-ID CARD reader (card reader) will drive the increase in the cost of banking operations.

The President Director of Bank Syariah Bukopin Arwana says ban on e-ID CARD photocopy will complicate the banking activities relating to the customer's logging.

"If there should be a copy of, the activities of the bank will be difficult. Until recently the right ID CARD photocopy must be attached in some banking transactions, such as when opening a new savings account, opening deposits and others, "said Arwana who contacted separately.

He's assess there is less good system in the implementation of the e-ID CARD. When banks must provide own card reader e-ID CARDS and according to him, it would be a waste for banking.

"If banks have to have that means banks have to invest it at least one fruit in each branch office, and I also don't know how much it costs. In addition if it needed a tool that required adjustment recently, "tukasnya.

He further explained that the fungsifoto ID for banking is very important, as the logging practices of the identity of the client. According to him without a photocopy of ID CARD and current banking activities cannot be done, because there is no attachment of identity is the basis to perform a banking transaction.

"What if the customer wanted to do a credit agreement, with no photocopying YOUR ID will be difficult for the time being," he said.

Even so, there are good intentions believe Arwana from the Minister of the Interior of the prohibition, in order to maintain the security of the institution of public service.

He is assessing the use of the e-ID CARD with card reader for banking in the long term will be very good for the sake of avoiding any falsification of customer data. "But for the short term it means banks have to invest and there needs to be adjustments over this," he said.

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The Car Insurance Info: The Government holds economic forum Indonesia-Morocco

London (The Car Insurance Info) - Posisi Maroko yang berada di utara Afrika merupakan entry point bagi negara di luar Afrika untuk masuk ke negara lainnya di Afrika seperti Aljazair, Libya, Niger, Mali dan Mauritania.

Hal itu terungkap dalam Forum Ekonomi Indonesia-Maroko yang diadakan Pemerintah KBRI Rabat bekerjasama dengan Kementerian Luar Negeri dan Maroko di Hotel La Tour Hasan, Rabat, baru baru ini.

Menurut Koordinator Media Informasi PPI Maroko, Kusnadi El-Ghezwa kepada ANTARA London, Minggu, forum yang diadakan sebagai upaya pemerintah dalam memperkuat kerjasama hubungan ekonomi dan perdaganagan antar kedua Negara.

Forum digelar berkaitan dengan pekan pameran dan kerajinan Indonesia yang berlangsung selama seminggu dari tanggal 29 April hingga 5 Mei di Mega Mall Rabat, dihadiri sekitar 50 pengusaha di Maroko.

Para pembicara dalam forum bisnis di ibukota Maroko ini Dubes RI Tosari Widjaja, Wagub Jatim Saifullah Yusuf, Konsul Kehormatan Maroko di Surabaya M Jamal Ghozy.

Sementara dari Maroko, Sekjen Kementrian Industri dan Teknologi Maroko El Aid Mahsoussi, Vice President CGEM Abdelkader Benbenkhaled, Sekjen Penguatan Ekspor Maroko ke Indonesia M Larbo Bourobo.

Dubes RI untuk Kerajaan Maroko H. Tosari Widjaja mengatakan posisi Maroko yang berada pada pertemuan dua Samudera yaitu Atlantik dan Mediterania.Maroko cukup strategis bagi lalu lintas barang melalui laut.

"Akses Maroko yang cukup dekat ke Spanyol dapat dijadikan pintu masuk ke daratan Eropa," ujarnya.

Dalam pertemuan ini telah dibahas beberapa hal penting mengenai peluang dan tantangan bagi para pengusaha Indonesia dalam memfasilitasi pangsa pasar beraneka ragam produk dan kerajinan khas Indonesia ke Afrika, Timur Tengah, Eropa dan Amerika Utara.

Menurut H. Husnul Amal, MA., Sekpri Dubes RI untuk Kerajaan Maroko, hubungan budaya, ekonomi dan politik yang kuat antara Indonesia dan Maroko menjadikan Maroko sebagai gerbang ekonomi dan perdagangan ke seluruh negara-negara Afrika lainnya namun ada beberapa kendala yang harus diatasi oleh kedua negara tersebut.

Diantaranya belum adanya transportasi yang terhubung langsung antara Indonesia dan Maroko menyebabkan biaya tinggi dan masih minimnya nilai Impor dan ekspor antara dua Negara tersebut, ujar H. Husnul, MA.

Pada akhir forum itu hampir semua pembicara sepakat untuk terus meningkatkan hubungan ekonomi antar kedua Negara dengan harapan Maroko bisa menjadi gerbang ekonomi dan perdagangan ke seluruh negara Afrika lainnya dan Eropa.

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The Car Insurance Info: The Dow finished above 15,000 for the first time

New York (The Car Insurance Info)-Wall Street rose and send auctions (blue-chip) Dow Jones Industrial Average on Tuesday (Monday morning EST) closed above 15,000 for the first time, as investors ' optimism over the US economy supports equity such as Caterpillar.

The Dow surged 87,31 points (0.58 percent) to end at 15.056, 06, just two days after it first broke through the threshold of 15,000 in a trade journal, reported AFP.

Broad-based index S&P 500 increased 8,46 points (0,52%) on,96, 1,625 fourth consecutive day closed at all-time highs.

The Nasdaq composite index of technology up 3,66 points (0.11 percent) to 3.396,63.

"We are continuing to look a little more into rotation cycle for the past week," said David Levy of Kenjol Capital Management, who appointed Carterpillar as an example.

Dow Member Caterpillar, who sold construction equipment and other industrial materials, up 2.5 percent.

The Dow is approaching the last of a series of record-setting stock market was recently boosted by the liquidity of the central banks and some u.s. economic data.

Analysts said the rally also got support from a surprising step which Australia's central bank slashed its main interest rate a quarter point to a record low of 2.75 percent and a surge in factory orders in Germany.

JPMorgan Chase rose 2.0 percent after shareholder advisory firm Glass Lewis agreed to the proposal of the shareholder to separate the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive.

Health care company Baxter International lost 2.5 percent after the announced failure of the clinical study on the treatment to reduce cognitive decline in people with Alzheimer's disease.

DirecTV rose 6.9 percent after reporting earnings that beat Analyst estimates of 32 cents per share and a higher income than expected.

EOG Resources oil company ended 4.8 percent higher after announcing growth of oil production year-over-year 36 percent. EOG, a major player in the "boom" of oil shale, the project noted the growth rate of crude oil production together with other leading groups during the 2013-2017.

First Solar down 8.9 percent after reporting earnings below expectations excluding the cost.

Bond prices fell. Yields on u.s. Government bonds 10 years rose to 1.78 percent from 1,77 per cent on Monday, while the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond rose to 3.00 percent from 2.99 percent. Bond prices move in reverse to the yield. (A026)

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The Car Insurance Info: Food exports to Canada and the U.S. increased

Sail INDONESIA's Ambassador to Canada, 2013 Canada Dianne Moehario (far right) was listening to the explanation of one of the exhibitors of food products and beverages Indonesia in 2013, the PESKY Canada Toronto, Tuesday. There are 11 food and beverage manufacturers Indonesia follow food and beverage exhibition in North America, in Toronto, Canada, April 30-May 2, 2013. (Between/Adi Lazuardi).

"We are determined to export in the North American market Mamin rise this year due to food and beverage products in Indonesia is one of the flagship products of Indonesia that contributed to the export and import of non-oil and gas products to Indonesia,"
Toronto, 4/5 (The Car Insurance Info) the export of food products and beverages (Mamin) Indonesia to market Canada and America will be improved, therefore the team Kemendag held an exhibition at the PESKY Canada Mamin 2013 on April 30-May 2, 2013, in Toronto and conducted trade mission to Los Angeles, 4-7 may 2013.

"We are determined to export in the North American market Mamin rise this year due to food and beverage products in Indonesia is one of the flagship products of Indonesia that contributed to the export and import of non-oil and gas products to Indonesia," said Director of Development Promotion and image, Kemendag, Pradnyawati in Toronto, Saturday.

Balance of foreign trade (import-export) Indonesia in 2012 deficit. It first took place after 1961. "Therefore, we will do every effort to keep the trade balance surplus back to Indonesia. One is an increase in the export of the products to Canada and America Mamin, "said Pradnyawati, who was the Chairman of the delegation of the PESKY Canada trade mission in 2013 and to Los Angeles, United States.

In 2012, the value of exports of food products and beverages Indonesia recorded 4.49 billion u.s. dollars with the trend from 2008-2012, which increased by 15,59 percent.

In 2012, Canada was ranked the 28th country of destination of exports of food products and beverages with a value of Indonesia 20,14 million u.s. dollars and the trend of the year 2008-2012 recorded increased 13,89 percent.

As for the export products of Indonesia food and drink to market Canada is the bird's nest, shellfish, crab, shrimp, tuna, black tea, cashew nuts, shrimp, pasta and biscuits. On the other hand, imports of food products and beverages from Canada to Indonesia recorded 14.99 million u.s. dollars and ranks to 34 countries of origin of imported food and beverage products with trend 2008-2012 has decreased an average of 3.75 percent each year.

United States is one of the country's main export products of Indonesia food and drinks. United States ranked the second leading export destination country and Indonesia food products with a value of 491,13 million u.s. dollars and the trend of the year 2008-2012 was increased by 4.11 percent.

The export products of Indonesia food and drink to the United States market including crabs, shellfish, tuna, shrimp, pasta, pineapple syrup, cookies, cashews, and smoking. As for the importation of food products and beverages from the United States to Indonesia recorded 301,75 million US dollars and was ranked the 7th country of origin of imported food and beverage products with trend 2008-2012 has increased on average each year of 14,37 percent.

During the exhibition of products for the North American market Mamin (PESKY Canada 2013) took place there has been business contacts with 250 businessmen there, said Pradnyawati.

Trade show Salon international de l'alimentation (SHIT) Canada Toronto 2013 is the largest trade show in Canada for a sector of products and the food industry. This exhibition was attended about 14,000 visitors from 61 countries. Indonesia is one of 767 exhibitors from 45 countries such as Morocco, Italy, the United States, France, China, Algeria and Mexico.

The PESKY Canada trade show attendees 2013 consists of manufacturers, distributors, food industry and penunjangnya, owner of the restaurant, distributor, wholesaler, importer, exporter, advertising and services sectors of the other processed foods as well as government agencies and Industry Canada related to the trade.

Manufacturers and exporters of Indonesia who exhibit mamin is PT. Niramas (Nata De Coco, Aloevera Jelly); PT Revised Kencana Son (Fresh Honey Natural, Palm Sugar, Green Tea); PT Maesindo Indonesia (it Horeca products); PT Tritis International (Desiccated Coconut), Latransa Image (the Food and herbal ingredients, Java Tea, seasoning), Javara (Organic Foodstuff), a Sinar Sosro (Tea); Caldera Coffee (coffee); Petra International (Fine Gum Paste Flower); Indofood (noodles); and Wings Food (Noodles).

"The estimated value of the transaction for the exhibition activities held and follow-up of activities the following Business Forums with one on one meeting, there has been a trade deal with the estimated $ 4.5 million u.s. dollars," said Pradnyawati. (*)

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The Car Insurance Info : RAILWAY ticket booking Lebaran straight

Wellington (The Car Insurance Info)-a transport TRAIN ticket sales start H Lebaran 2013-7 or August 1, 2013 through online straight even several series of KA for port 2 to 5 August 2013 is almost full.

"Yes the rising economy, TRAIN bookings even KA Kahuripan to Kediri, Bandung-2-5 August terbooking have 100 percent in five days," said head of public relation PTKA Daop II Bandung, Bambang Prayitno, Setya in Bandung, on Tuesday.

He also predicts the rate of sales Pasundang KA Bandung-Surabaya will also soon be up to depart the Idul fitri holiday. Socializing online ticket booking can be done 90 days before the Chair is aware of the potential passengers.

Same is the case for commercial like KA KA Lodaya to Solo, Bandung-Bandung Harina-Semarang-Surabaya also showed a high level of bookings.

"KA Lodaya morning and night for the Executive class was up 55-60 per cent, as well as for business class. Harina and Malabar Bandung-Unfortunate too straight, "said Bambang.

Even the morning to depart Lodaya RAILWAY August 3, has reached 95 per cent. The line was indeed a path home town of Bandung.

Bambang admitted was not surprised with the direct RAILWAY ticket booking melejitnya lebaran, because it quite intensively conducting socialization to society.

"Actually not surprised by the animo society booking away days before the lebaran mudik. We've been there the last few years this system, and it turns out the community find it helpful and provide certainty for them, "said Bambang.

Therefore, said Bambang, it appealed to all prospective pemudik Lebaran 2013 for immediate booking tickets and ensure a seat on a TRAIN will take them back and forth lebaran to hometown respectively.

"Should not the ticket booking counter at the station, can be done at the post office, mini market, restaurants, travel agents are designated, the bank as well as in several other locations," said Bambang.

Related possibility for additional RAIL widths, according to Bambang depending on the policies of the Board of Directors, but is usually an extra TRAIN on PTKA enforces the Idul fitri holiday.

"KA's authority from the Board of Directors, but however the better ticketing is done now," said Bambang.

Related to the anticipation of passenger transport during the holiday alert Ascension of Jesus Christ on Thursday (9/5) the day after tomorrow, Bambang said PTKA Daop II Bandung still do because there is anticipation, ' holiday kejepit ' on Friday.

"Usually the passenger increase on vacation like this, we antisipai. Judging from ticket reservations there are indeed rising compared to days usually. We anticipated, "said Bambang Prayitno Setya added.

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The Car Insurance Info: prices of motor spare parts in Palembang ride

Dubai (The Car Insurance Info)-auto parts two wheels begin to experience the increase even though the Government has not decided on a new fuel oil prices.

Afisman (30), motor repair shop manager at Kilkenny, Saturday said since two days the price range of motorcycle parts, such as tires and oil were rising significantly.

He exemplifies the cleaner or the lubricating oil of various brands are up an average of Rp 1,500 per bottle 2 litres of the price normally, or the range of Rp 27.500 to Rp32 thousand per bottle.

So did the ban motor rising high enough so that they are forced to limit the number of product purchases of spare parts.

According to him, every oil fuel hike plan will directly impact on the expensive prices of motor spare parts.

In fact, for a bottle of water, a quart of contents battery is now forced to sell 5,000 whereas before only Rp 2,500 per bottle.

He said, the price of other parts also will certainly increase because majority of the items coming from imports.

While store owners in the area of spare parts Cinde, Tony explains the increase in the price of spare parts it is inevitable when the price of fuel oil aboard.

It, relating to the supply of spare parts of motor vehicles up to now comes from foreign countries, such as Japan, Thailand and China, he said.

Editor: Aditia Maruli


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The Car Insurance Info: Lampung is ready to welcome the ASEAN Community 2015

Bandarlampung (The Car Insurance Info)-in the era of globalization is unavoidable presence of national rivalries, and has made the world integrated in a single trade area including ASEAN Economic Community or of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), so the province of Lampung in preparing to deal with it.

The progress of science and technology information with the open competition that requires adaptability and competitiveness of individual countries, including Indonesia, especially in Lampung was revealed in Rembug and Talkshow called "Lampung to meet ASEAN Community 2015" in the Hall of The Graduate campus of Informatics and Business Institute (IBI) Darmajaya in Bandarlampung, Saturday.

The Dialog presents a number of speakers, including Lampung Kapolda Bgen Drs Heru Winarko Pol, Danrem 043/Garuda Black Colonel CZI Amalsyah SIP Tarmidzi, the head of Bappeda Lampung Province Ir Ediyanto MSi, Chairman of the Chamber of Lampung Mustafa MH, Rector of IBI Darmajaya Dr. Andi Desfiandi SE MA, and Branch Manager of Bank Mandiri Branch Bandarlampung Revelation Nugraha.

The Rector of the IBI Darmajaya Andi Desfiandi explains, the ASEAN Community 2015 is an agreement among the 10 ASEAN countries to form a common community, which contains three main sector integration commitments, including the ASEAN Security Community (ASC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC).

"In the field of education, ten ASEAN countries have agreed to give convenience to students and professors to do a lecture with States members," he said.

The ease study outside the country, said Andi, a commitment with ASEAN'S 10 countries as fellow ASEAN community which will be implemented by 2015.

In addition to ease of study, according to him, the College could also conduct research in conjunction with College fellow ASEAN countries.

He asserted, IBI Darmajaya ready for students awarded won't just be "audience", but should also be a "player", so it tries to instill a global mindset, creative and innovative, to come up with a disciplined student character, cultured, and virtuous.

Kapolda Heru Winarko Pol Bgen Lampung and Danrem 043/Gatam Colonel CZI Amalsyah Tarmidzi agreed that conditions of community compound in Lampung race, ethnic, religious, economic, education requires the existence of a partnership between local government, judicial, MILITARY, police, and community colleges to build atmosphere conducive to ASEAN Community 2015.

"The atmosphere is conducive to managing social conflict is created in a society can be through pekon rembug," said Heru anyway.

Pekon Rembug is a form of alignment between the incumbent and the public authorities in the leading lines, such as babinkamtibmas, babinsa, lurah, kades, and polmas which together seek and collect data or information about the existing problems in the community, said Amalsyah.

According to him, the problems in various fields in society need to attempt settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR, problem solving through alternative pathways that are made in deliberation and consensus.

Chief of Bappeda Lampung Province Ir Ediyanto MSi exposes a number of development programs in the province to support the characteristics of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC), which is carrying out a program that supports human development characteristics, welfare and social protection, social justice and the rights of society.

"The provincial government is attempting and are carrying out programmes for the benefit of the community in the rehabilitation of school facilities, support equipment and scholarships for education of school children from families not capable, improved quality of educators, offer incentives to teachers of elementary and JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS in rural and remote areas, eradication of illiteracy, especially in rural and remote areas," he said.

Chamber Chairman Mustafa and Lampung Branch Manager of Bank Mandiri Branch Bandarlampung Revelation Nugraha encourage and motivate young people of Lampung, in order to have soul, powerful global competitive entepreneurship to face the ASEAN Community.

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The Car Insurance Info : The Government ultimatum 12 geothermal project faded

If it has not yet finished until 31 December next year, then we will submit it to the local government which gave permission, "
Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the Government gives ultimatum to 12 projects in geothermal has long faded to finish the problem until 31 December 2014.

The Director of renewable and new Energy Conservation Energy and MINERAL RESOURCES Ministry Regine Mulyana in Jakarta, Tuesday said it hopes the project will complete the contract buying and selling of electricity with PT PLN (Persero) before the deadline.

"If it has not yet finished until 31 December next year, then we will submit it to the local government which gave permission," he said after the signing ceremony agreement for West Sumatra Province as the acceleration of the barns green energy.

Attending the event were West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno.

According to Regine, most projects located in Java, faded.

He said the projects have no commitment, so tersandera.

Geothermal and MINERAL RESOURCES Ministry Director Tisnaldi added, most of the project's financial problems such as the price of an auction that is not economical.

"They are asking a price increase," he said.

The Government has set as many as 58 working area mines (WKP) geothermal, consists of 19 existing WKP set before the publication of law No. 20 of 2003 on the Geothermal and 39 new WKP after the ACT.

The WKP nine of 58 of them already in operation with an installed capacity MW 1,359.

That is, with an installed capacity of 12 Sibayak MW, mount Salak 377 MW, A 230 MW, 200 MW, Darajat Kamojang 270 MW Dieng, 60 MW, Ulubelu MW Lahendong 80, 110 MW and 5 MW Ulumbu.

Meanwhile, 12 other WKP faded and 37 the rest still running.

Indonesia geothermal potential is estimated at 29,000 MW.
(T. K007/B/S025)

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The Car Insurance Info: The Governor of West Sumatra Area Homes Preserved Food canangkan

Let us begin to immediately downsize, reduce consumption or even can change the material staple food rice other food types such as the sweet potato, "
The (The Car Insurance Info)-West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno announced Area Homes Preserved Food (KRPL) 2013, as a step to menggalakan area in various food security activities.

The groundbreaking took place at Jorong KRPL Kapalo Koto, Nagari River Pua Pua River, district, Kabupaten Agam, Saturday, the chance that marked the surrender of capital gain accounts worth Rp47 million as well as seeds of the plants and fish to the farmers group and the youngest daughter of Puti Saiyo.

According to the Governor, the groundbreaking program execution as a form of appeal KRPL Central Government and FAO--as one of the organizations of the UNITED NATIONS engaged in the food--that immediately menggalakan activities for food security in Indonesia.

Adult food security because this is indeed a fact that should be implemented as soon as possible, due to high rates of consumption of staple foods such as rice.

This situation will gradually lead to the magnitude of the pressure and needs of rice in Indonesia, even though not all areas can produce food rice in large numbers.

"Let us begin to immediately downsize, reduce consumption or even can change the material staple food rice other food types such as the sweet potato," he said.

In the development of these types of food such as tubers, the mothers in the home can benefit from farm yard to plant sweet potatoes and other useful plants.

Besides being able to be consumed as a daily needs, production of those plants would be sold, so the savings and can profit.

Indra Regent Agam Catri, agreeing that delivered the Governor in an effort to suppress the consumption of rice in that area, because it is currently still relatively high so that the need to change the pattern of food needs in the future.

So, food diversity should be strengthened in Agam, and implement programs that benefit the community, and can be an example to other areas of society.

"So that his desire for the realization of the vision and mission of independent, regional and Civil Achievers should be reflected in the activities of food businesses," he said.

Therefore, he added, must be food self-sufficient Agam targeted five years into the future, both food types of rice, vegetables and fruit, even if it can be main food storages in the West.

Present in the occasion, the head of The Department of agriculture and food security as well as a number of Provincial officials surroundings District Agam.(*)

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