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The Car Insurance : Azevedo dari Brazil ditunjuk jadi Ketua WTO

Geneva (The Car Insurance)-Roberto Azevedo from Brazil has been appointed to take over the helm of the World Trade Organization (WTO), said the head of the Chair of the WTO candidate selection process told AFP Wednesday.

"He led in every round," said Pakistan's Ambassador to the WTO Shahid Bashir, who chaired the WTO General Council decision makers.

A career Diplomat and former trade negotiator Azevedo beat Mexico Herminio Blanco at the end of the contest and is the first officer of a group of developing countries the BRICS are reinstated.

While acknowledging his defeat Mexico and Brazil hailed his victory after the team campaigns the candidates met with Bashir on Tuesday.

Azevedo, 55 years old, is an experienced negotiator and Builder of consensus in the WTO. His status as an insider have helped won the fight.

He has been the Ambassador of Brazil to the WTO since 2008, after working as a Chief litigator in the high level of trade disputes.

Azevedo has recently confirmed that as the leader of the WTO, it will not be a gaming device.

"If I am elected, I will not be there to defend the interests of Brazil or of any kind, or Brazil's trade policy," he told AFP recently.

Unprecedented nine names entered the WTO leadership race candidate exchanges.

Those who were eliminated in the first round in mid-April came from Kenya, Ghana, Jordan and Costa Rica, while Indonesia, South Korea and New Zealand out of the race in the second half at the end of the month.

Since it was founded in its current form in 1995, head of the WTO has in the handshake from Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and Thailand, and by Lamy from France who served since 2005.

Indonesia's tourism and economy Minister nominated Creative Mari Elka Pangestu as head of the WTO, but was stopped in the second round after just 159 Member States got the support of the WTO.

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