Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indonesia is one of the country's investment property

Jakarta (Reuters)-Indonesia is rated has been one of the real estate investment destination, for that the Government expected to make a policy that would make it be conducive to support investment in the property sector.

"The real estate industry in Indonesia has now become one destination for investment," said the Chairman of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Setyo Maharso here on Saturday.

According to Rajendra, stretching increased investment in the property sector, not only in the area of Jabodetabek but also occurred in various areas such as on Sumatra and Sulawesi.

He also wanted Government hatched regulation should be consistent run particularly well to help people on low incomes.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Ministry of Housing Financing Field Sri Hartoyo said, the Government has also asked the Government to extend access to low-income communities to get affordable housing properties.

"The Government is not a luxury for good antirumah as well for economic growth, but it would be good if the housing-driven access to all walks of life," said Sri Hartoyo.

Earlier, the head of Research for Jones Lang LaSalle Anton Sitorus expose retailers in Indonesia, expansion is in line with the growth of the middle class and the growing urban population.

"The retail sector in Indonesia continues to develop into one of the players and perhaps foreign and international investors," says Anton Sitorus.

According to him, the interest of companies and foreign investors to Indonesia are also encouraged by the performance of the economy which is pretty solid and stable despite the global economy and regional conditions are still weak due to the impact of exposure to the crisis in the u.s. and Europe.

At present, he continued, a number of large foreign retailers had expressed its commitment to grow their business in Indonesia.

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