Monday, March 9, 2009


Not many people are lucky go through their entire driving live without being involved in an accident. Most accidents are "drivable accident", it means your car has minor damage, no bodies hurt and you can drive away. Here is what you should do in a drivable accident
Move your car out of the flow of traffic. If you involved in an accident with less than four cars, there are no personal injuries and the cars are still drivable, move all the cars to a safe area out of the flow of traffic. Exchange information with the others drivers involved in the accident. The critical information should include the names, addresses, phone number, vehicle (year, make and model), license plate number, vehicle identification number, state drivers license number, insurance company and policy number. To make this easy on yourself, create accident information cars and keep them in your glove box.
Get names and addresses of passengers. Also get the names of any persons who may have witnessed the accident. It may not seem important in a small fender-bender, but it will be if someone files a false personal injury claim.
Location. This is one of the important information needed for your accident report. Write it down and draw a diagram of the accident scene.
Report the accident to the police. You can report the accident to the nearest Police Station or by phone.
Report the accident to your insurance company. Some people feel that they should not report minor accidents to their insurance company because their rates will increase. While it is true that the number and size of the claims you make will influence your rates, you don't want to be caught in a lawsuit for personal injury accident that you did not report. These days, it's too high of a risk.
If you are in accident with personal injuries, call 911 immediately. Tell them your location and the nature of the injuries. Stay there and call your insurance company as soon as possible.
If you're involved in a hit-and-run accident, don't chase the hit-and-run driver. Doing so is a good way to get in another accident of gets yourself killed by a lunatic. Call 911 immediately. Tell the 911 operator that the other driver left the scene. Give the best description possible of the driver, the type of vehicle and license plate number, and the direction the hit and run was traveling. Call your insurer as soon as possible

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