Friday, August 5, 2011


Another insurance company in California try to give a product that bases auto insurance rates in the number of miles driven, which allows customers who drive less to pay lower premiums.CAR RENTAL

The Auto Club of Southern California presented a classification scheme in June after the new state "pay-as-you-drive" regulations came into force in October 2009. GEICO. State Farm filed a similar application in May. Both qualification applications are reviewed by the California Department of Insurance.

Typically companies auto insurance based on their scores on the estimated mileage consumer report. The approach of paying for the drive to allow insurers to base rates on mileage verified. Consumers can report their odometer readings or opt for a "plan of telematics," which uses a technological device to track and report mileage to the insurance company. PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. Details on what kind of device can be used to track the mileage are not yet available, but the rules state insurance underwriters prohibit the use of a device for monitoring vehicle location data for classification purposes.

Low mileage will be less expensive in the odometer verification plan compared with the common method, and even less expensive plan telematics, when the odometer readings reported.

FLORIDA CAR INSURANCE California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner proposed payment for the drive that the regulations in September 2008.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


American property and casualty insurance companies returned a profit in the first quarter of this year despite a decline in premiums, according to the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCIAA). COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE

The industry’s net income after taxes totaled $8.9 billion, compared to a negative $1.3 billion one year earlier. Overall profitability rose to 6.7 percent in the first quarter from a negative 1.2 percent in first quarter 2009. GAP INSURANCE.
Meanwhile, first-quarter net written premiums dropped 1.3 percent to $105.1 billion from first quarter 2009, and net earned premiums fell 2.7 percent to $102.8 billion.
The boost in profitability stemmed from insurers' net investment gains and improved underwriting results. SPRINT INSURANCE. Net investment gains more than tripled to $12.6 billion in first-quarter 2010, compared to first-quarter 2009, while net losses on underwriting fell by 29.6 percent to $1.8 billion.
Prepared for hurricane season
PCIAA President and CEO David Sampson says the numbers show insurance companies are fiscally sound and provide extra confidence that they will be able to fulfill their obligations in this year's hurricane season. ZURICH INSURANCE.
Still the industry faces challenges, notes Michael Murray, ISO's assistant vice president for financial analysis. "Written premiums have declined for an unprecedented 12 consecutive quarters, and the industry's 6.7 percent annualized rate of return for first-quarter 2010 was 3.5 percentage points less than the 10.3 percent average annualized first-quarter rate of return based on data extending back to 1986."


Consumers and small business owners can get information to compare health insurance plans, an indicator of hospital quality and preventing disease in a new federal government Web site.HEALTH INSURANCE

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched on July 1 in response to affordable health law. LIFE INSURANCE. The site is the first central database of coverage options and includes information on public programs such as Medicare and the new pre-existing conditions insurance plan, and more than 1,000 private insurance plans health. The tool allows consumers to seek options in their communities and focused on situations in their lives.

Developed with input from consumers, the site is designed for easy navigation and includes over 500 pages, including tips for prevention of diseases and a tool called Hospital Compare, which provides consumers access to information quality and safety of the patients reported by hospitals.TERM LIFE INSURANCE

More information will be added to the page in the coming months and years. The price estimates for health insurance plans, as well as new information on disease prevention and improve the quality of health care, will be published in October. The Department of Health and Human Services consumer feedback to use to grow and strengthen the site.


Another chapter in the saga of Hurricane Katrina ended in July, when the Louisiana Recovery Authority came to legal sunset. The organization, formed after Katrina to coordinate reconstruction efforts, closed its doors July 1.BEAUTIFUL DISASTER
"In undertaking this challenge to rebuild incredible hard work has been made great progress, many lessons learned and some things still to be completed," said authority Executive Director Robin Keegan.
The recovery work will continue through the Louisiana Office of the Development Unit of the Community Disaster Recovery, which administers federal grants for DISASTER RECOVERY.

The Louisiana Recovery Authority was created in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Their role was to oversee more than $ 20 billion program to accelerate recovery and reconstruction efforts.NATURAL DISASTER
Hurricane Katrina in late August 2005, killing 1464 people, initially an offset. 3 million residents and damaging more than 200,000 households. Hurricane Rita followed in September, causing more than $ 11 billion in damages.RECIPE FOR DISASTER.
The authority created housing, infrastructure and economic development programs, consulted on the draft long-term recovery and efforts to secure funding for the State. The State has invested more than $ 10.3 billion in federal funds to stimulate recovery from hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Gustav and Ike in 2008.

A celebrity likely toxic to insurance companies

Lyndsay Lohan the actress stressed that sits behind bars after a judge sentenced her to jail for violating her probation. But she will face more anxiety when she tries to get behind the wheel of a car after she was released from prison. Above all, the actress will have a tough time finding affordable AUTO INSURANCE rates - and she does not have many choices in auto insurance companies.

Experts in the insurance industry who have followed the case speculate that - based on your driving record - Lohan could have access to less than 10 percent of California companies that offer auto insurance coverage.

"Most companies, especially larger ones, or even touch it," predicts Peter Moraga, spokesman for the Insurance Information Network of California (IINC).LIFE INSURANCE

The IINC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing consumers about the company's property / casualty, says the risk of Lohan's behavior will impact your ability to buy insurance - auto, home, life and health .

IINC compiled a sample car insurance quote for 2009 Mercedes SL550 convertible Lohan based on your age, residence and driving record - consisting of two DUIs and one at-fault accident in recent years. With a clean driving record, Lohan would have access to 100 percent of insurers providing coverage car in California, says Moraga. Would pay about $ 2,075 every six months for a total coverage policy. However, his current record, the same policy that cost a whopping $ 7408.90 (over $ 14,000 a year).
"That's an increase of more than 350 percent, just because he made some bad decisions," says Moraga. "Also, keep in mind that a DUI stay on your DMV record of 10 years [in California]."
Lohan will have two options when it comes to car insurance. She will not be insured through the assigned risk poolor may choose to issue a "caution" as proof of financial responsibility - both of which cost much money.

In addition, Lohan probably will have trouble buying other types of insurance. This includes life insurance (DUI is a red flag for life insurance companies as well) and health insurance, and film producers have a difficult time buying a "sure fire" a rent.
"At this level, I would say that would be toxic to an insurance company," says Moraga. "The question is - when does it become uninsurable?"
However, Moraga said that many Hollywood stars have made a comeback after battling drugs and alcohol. Producers of the film had difficulty recruiting Robert Downey Jr. at one point due to his battle with alcohol and drugs made it difficult to ensure, on a movie set.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Early detection, better treatments and a decreasing consumption of snuff led to lower rates of death from cancer, American Cancer Society says.

The overall mortality rate from cancer in the United States was 178.4 per 100,000 in 2007 - a drop of 1.3 percent over 2006. NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE.  This continues a downward trend that began in 1991 men and 1992 for women, according to a new report released by the company on July 7. Since then, the cancer mortality rates have declined 21 percent among men and 12 percent among women, preventing more than three quarters of a million deaths from the disease.SKIN CANCER

American Cancer Society epidemiologists predict 1.5 million new cancer cases and 569,490 cancer deaths in the United States this year.BLADE CANCER

Lung cancer, prostate and colorectal cancers continue to kill more men than any other cancer. Lung, breast and colorectal cancer cases are most common fatal cancers in women. The cancer society prostate cancer project has one in four cancer diagnoses in men. The good news: Nearly nine out of 10 cases are expected to be captured in local and regional stages, so that five-year relative survival approaches 100 percent.CANCER MAN

In women, the cancer society breast cancer projects represent 28 percent of all new cancer cases.

Find insurance quotes decent life after a cancer diagnosis is difficult but not impossible. Ensure a policy depends on the type, stage and grade of cancer, and even in the treatment plan. CANCER SYMPTOMS. For more information, read about beating the odds: How to buy life insurance after being diagnosed with cancer.


Distractions driver accelerated when cell phones became popular. People were talking while driving. Then text messaging while driving became an issue and many states have outlawed as a result. AUTO INSURANCE. Now, cell phones have become "smart phones" and a new driver distracted by. Using the smartphone applications while driving - called "apping" - is leading to accidents and near collisions.

One of every four American drivers support the use of smartphone applications while driving, and four in ten drivers say they have been hit or almost hit by distracted drivers on their cell phones, according to a June survey by Harris Interactive for Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. CAR INSURANCE companies have been keeping a close eye on the statistics relating to cell phone and smart phone use while driving.

As the number of cell phone features and applications multiply, consumers have more options for multi-tasking. Unfortunately, many choose to do behind the wheel. PROGRESSIVE AUTO INSURANCE

Most drivers use their smartphones to access the GPS, send and receive email, browse the Internet and read and send messages on Facebook and Twitter, the survey found.

Do not tweet and drive

A fear of 3 percent of drivers say they watch television, play games of two percent and 2 "tweet" percent while driving. PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE

"There is no message or tweet is so important that it is worth losing life," said Bill Windsor, Nationwide associate vice president for consumer safety, in a statement announcing the survey results.

Other devices may also distract. About four in 10 drivers have built-in technology in their vehicles, such as DVD players, GPS Music Search and Internet access. Of these, 91 percent of drivers use GPS, 85 percent use the video monitor / DVD, 82 percent use the music search function and 68 percent of the usability of the phone.

If you get in an at-fault accident - whether or not caused by the use of a smart phone while driving - your car insurance rates may increase.


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