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The Car Insurance Info: Lampung is ready to welcome the ASEAN Community 2015

Bandarlampung (The Car Insurance Info)-in the era of globalization is unavoidable presence of national rivalries, and has made the world integrated in a single trade area including ASEAN Economic Community or of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), so the province of Lampung in preparing to deal with it.

The progress of science and technology information with the open competition that requires adaptability and competitiveness of individual countries, including Indonesia, especially in Lampung was revealed in Rembug and Talkshow called "Lampung to meet ASEAN Community 2015" in the Hall of The Graduate campus of Informatics and Business Institute (IBI) Darmajaya in Bandarlampung, Saturday.

The Dialog presents a number of speakers, including Lampung Kapolda Bgen Drs Heru Winarko Pol, Danrem 043/Garuda Black Colonel CZI Amalsyah SIP Tarmidzi, the head of Bappeda Lampung Province Ir Ediyanto MSi, Chairman of the Chamber of Lampung Mustafa MH, Rector of IBI Darmajaya Dr. Andi Desfiandi SE MA, and Branch Manager of Bank Mandiri Branch Bandarlampung Revelation Nugraha.

The Rector of the IBI Darmajaya Andi Desfiandi explains, the ASEAN Community 2015 is an agreement among the 10 ASEAN countries to form a common community, which contains three main sector integration commitments, including the ASEAN Security Community (ASC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC).

"In the field of education, ten ASEAN countries have agreed to give convenience to students and professors to do a lecture with States members," he said.

The ease study outside the country, said Andi, a commitment with ASEAN'S 10 countries as fellow ASEAN community which will be implemented by 2015.

In addition to ease of study, according to him, the College could also conduct research in conjunction with College fellow ASEAN countries.

He asserted, IBI Darmajaya ready for students awarded won't just be "audience", but should also be a "player", so it tries to instill a global mindset, creative and innovative, to come up with a disciplined student character, cultured, and virtuous.

Kapolda Heru Winarko Pol Bgen Lampung and Danrem 043/Gatam Colonel CZI Amalsyah Tarmidzi agreed that conditions of community compound in Lampung race, ethnic, religious, economic, education requires the existence of a partnership between local government, judicial, MILITARY, police, and community colleges to build atmosphere conducive to ASEAN Community 2015.

"The atmosphere is conducive to managing social conflict is created in a society can be through pekon rembug," said Heru anyway.

Pekon Rembug is a form of alignment between the incumbent and the public authorities in the leading lines, such as babinkamtibmas, babinsa, lurah, kades, and polmas which together seek and collect data or information about the existing problems in the community, said Amalsyah.

According to him, the problems in various fields in society need to attempt settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR, problem solving through alternative pathways that are made in deliberation and consensus.

Chief of Bappeda Lampung Province Ir Ediyanto MSi exposes a number of development programs in the province to support the characteristics of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC), which is carrying out a program that supports human development characteristics, welfare and social protection, social justice and the rights of society.

"The provincial government is attempting and are carrying out programmes for the benefit of the community in the rehabilitation of school facilities, support equipment and scholarships for education of school children from families not capable, improved quality of educators, offer incentives to teachers of elementary and JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS in rural and remote areas, eradication of illiteracy, especially in rural and remote areas," he said.

Chamber Chairman Mustafa and Lampung Branch Manager of Bank Mandiri Branch Bandarlampung Revelation Nugraha encourage and motivate young people of Lampung, in order to have soul, powerful global competitive entepreneurship to face the ASEAN Community.

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