Friday, May 10, 2013

The Car Insurance Info: Mendag programe intelligent consumer movement in Central Java

London (The Car Insurance Info)-Trade Ministers of the Republic of Indonesia established the Consumer Movement Gita Wirjawan Intelligent Artificial Love Indonesia (GKCCBI) in Central Java province in order to make the community more love domestic products.

"With the movement of society will be more savvy about their rights as consumers in accordance with the law on consumer protection no. 8 in 1999," he said in a series of significant activities in the Office GKCCBI Office of industry and trade in Semarang, Central Java on Sunday.

Gita explaining consumer protection ACT set out to enhance the dignity and the dignity of consumers for the awareness, knowledge, and ability to protect consumers and foster the attitude of businessmen who are responsible for the resulting products.

According to him, if the economy has been on the side of the people or so called economic prorakyat the people as consumers will be better protected from the attitude of the perpetrators of the attempt may still do the naughty business practices.

"Communities as consumers expected more intelligent and it's been established dispute resolution Agency consumer (BPSK) that serves to resolve a problem or dispute the consumer, including disseminating the rights of consumers," he accompanied Governor Bibit Waluyo of Central Java.

He expects the national GKCCBI the community also use the products domestically as evidence of love towards local products.

"Our economy is prorakyat so we should give priority to the production of goods within the country. Anyway we all have to love Indonesia-made, "he said.

Central Java Governor Bibit Waluyo posited that the groundbreaking GKCCBI in Central Java that the various results of domestic production sold are bought by consumers because the quality is not inferior to products from abroad.

"If we are willing to buy domestic products, then the welfare society will develop," he said.


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Title Post: The Car Insurance Info: Mendag programe intelligent consumer movement in Central Java
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