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The Car Insurance Info: The plant is old, Apple in stone town rejuvenated

Poor (The Car Insurance Info)-Apple Crops that become excellent products for stone town, East Java, from rejuvenated because of age already reaching 20-25 years.

The Department of agriculture Chief Sugeng Pramono, Rock City Wednesday, argued the Apple crop productivity in that area began to decline due to age of the plants that are too old to be rejuvenated.

"Due to the age of the plant, his production plummeted so not able to meet the market demand, mainly for export to Malaysia and Singapore. If the first stone town capable of producing 30 tonnes per hectare, now only capable of producing 10 tons/hectare only, "he said.

Therefore, he continued, the Government provides a special budget to purchase Apple plant rejuvenation as well as fertilizer of Rp400 million. It's just that, it hopes to expand the use of back farmers organic fertilizers instead of chemical.

During this time, he said, the use of chemical fertilizers by farmers too much and continuously resulting in loss of soil fertility and soil nutrient constantly eroded and eventually became the land of the dead.

Alluded to the question of the high price of imported apples recently, Sugeng says, "Quite encouraging and definitely profitable farmers after years of losing to compete with imported products."

One of the Apple growers Of Stone admit local apples prices Sunarto cubes in these last few months, or after the limitation of imports of horticultural products, the relative increase is pretty significant.

"Since the Government issued a policy tightening import horticulture, Apple growers in the area have high bargaining value, particularly against the middleman," he said.

By the end of 2011 to early 2013 local Apple prices with super quality only valued at Rp 4,000 per kilogram. Today, it rose to compared Indosat Rp10 thousand/kg.

As for the price Apple super quality of ana and manalagi from farmers for Rp13 000/kg and type roombeauty for Rp 17,500/kilogram.

According to Sunarto, to the cost of production per hectare reached Rp25 million. "Before there was a price increase, farmers always lose. However, these last few months farmers have already started feeling better profits because production costs have been covered, "he said, stated.

The price of local stone in the Apple market on average reached Rp 15,000--Rp 17,500/kg, ana and type Apple manalagi Rp23 for thousands--Rp25 thousand/kg and roombeauty for Rp30 thousands--Rp35 thousand/kg, while the imports of fuji apples from China average costing Rp40 thousands--Rp59 000/kg.

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