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HPE products of agriculture, forestry, and mining May 2013 set

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-the Ministry of Commerce, Wednesday (24/0), has published a trade Ministerial Regulation No. 17/M-DAG/PER/4/2013, which set a pricing Benchmark export (HPE) on products of agriculture and forestry imposed customs exit.At the same time, also issued Ministerial Regulation No. 18 Trade/M-DAG/PER/4/2013 about pricing benchmark export of mining products are subject to a customs exit.Determination of HPE on products of agriculture and forestry imposed customs out period May 2013 is a CPO, cocoa, wood and leather. Determination of HPE CPO price reference is based on CPO 838,02 United States dollars/MT (dropped by 13.37 dollars are 1.59 percent of the United States or the previous month period i.e. 851,39 United States dollars/MT).For the determination of the Customs exit CPO amounting to nine per cent, there is a change in customs coming out of a period of 10.5 percent the previous month.For the determination of HPE beans increased by 90,26 United States dollars or 4, 10 per cent, i.e. from MT,59 2.109/United States dollars into,85 2.199/MT United States dollars. So the impact on the determination of the HPE beans also increased by 88 United States dollars or 4.6 percent of the 2,019 MT/United States dollars from the previous month to 1.920/MT United States dollars. However, bea out cocoa beans have not changed compared to the previous month, which amounted to five percent. While, for HPE and customs out of wood and leather commodities no change from the previous month's period. price reduction for mining products to the mining period products HPE May 2013. Compared to the period April 2013 mining product, that decline was iron ore of 8.32 percent every one percent the levels of Fe, ores of chromium of 39,22 percent per one percent Cr2O3 content. The average nickel ore of manganese ore 3,48 per cent, an average of 30.24 percent, aluminum ore of 4.32 percent and 0.76 percent of zirconium ore.Permendag number 17/M-DAG/PER/4/2013 and Permendag number 18/M-DAG/PER/4/2013 can be downloaded at: Editor: Ade Marboen


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Title Post: HPE products of agriculture, forestry, and mining May 2013 set
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