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Price at Aldi: milk and butter are more expensive

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For many consumers, dairy products are more expensive: farmers m sizes h here costs cover. © Roland incense/DPA

Milk, butter, whipped cream and Quark: Consumers in Germany significantly increasing prices come to a range of dairy products. Aldi S d and Aldi Nord turnaround on Thursday Preiserh interactions. At Aldi S d, make butter 21 percent at the top. The discounter pointed m largest to higher commodity prices, which will pass to the customer. Aldi Nord identical based the Preiserh hung on request with the "current market situation".

Supermarket giant Aldi prices refer in the lowest price range. Therefore, it is expected that they follow suit. It had emerged already, that the dairies at the j longest halbj annual round of negotiations over milk l sit longer lever. In Asia, the demand is currently high after European European dairy products.

Drinking the lowest price range no longer is Matthias to limit support by discount expert mercury to be as expensive as for years. Aldi S d and Aldi Nord raised claims the prize f r g nstigste fresh milk to f nf cents per litre to 59 cents (1.5% fat) or 65 cents (3.5% fat) per litre to. This corresponds to a price increase in the lowest price range to well nine respectively over eight percent. A record price make mercury the new prices according to but not there: In the longer-term comparison of the winter 2007 / 2008 with 73 cents per liter and the summer 2008 with 68 cents per liter at the g jutted out nstigsten milk (3.5% fat).

"In addition to milk, butter also was more expensive and various, but not all middle products such as whipped cream and Quark", planet retail said the expert of the trade information service. Aldi S d best tigte that and listed with reference to rising commodity prices: from Thursday, for example, bio-ESL milk (1 liter, 1.5%) cost 0,95 EUR (old price: 0.89 euro) and butter 1.15 euro instead hitherto 0.95 euro. There is a moderate price increases, however, the whipping (200 g), the price of which attracts from 0.42 euros to 0.45 and the power Quark (250 g), which is around 3 cents more expensive. Mercury assumes that other discounters and supermarkets tighten markets.

The Milchliefervertr himself between the individual dairies and business groups generally f r closed half a year. In the ckliegenden round last fall dairies had enforced already here prices h. Aldi S d raised the price of milk in the store around 9 cents per litre early in November 2012. Aldi S d is usually in lockstep with the selbstst constant sister company Aldi Nord. Aldi Nord u expressed on Thursday but not the prices for fresh milk and other dairy products.

As the background of rising prices, industry experts see the demand on the world market: "The main reason is still very good demand on the European European and international arena," said the shops ftsf guide of the land Association of the dairy industry in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rudolf Schmidt. Especially in Asia, the demand was great. Not only the traditional exports of milk powder, butter and K went well se. "It's new that UHT milk in Europe not only demand, but loads meantime also on ships is", he stressed. Individual dairies shipped TetraPak milk container-way to China. Dairy products from Europe are currently in demand in other countries such as India and Viet Nam.

The Federation of German dairy farmers had expected the rise in milk prices. "The ECA hung is berf casually," said before the spokesman of the Association, Hans Foldenauer, two weeks of the dpa. A resorts milk prices of the market situation following already in the past few months rise h m sizes. On the other hand, k nnten with a such raising kr hefty cost increases in energy and feed still fully compensated not v. The Association believed that the sepreis tends to increase K.

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