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Many business opportunities in Canada

Toronto (The Car Insurance Info)-The Indonesia entrepreneur in Toronto, Canada, said many business opportunities in the country. Although the distance is very far, but it is not an obstacle to Indonesia products competitiveness in the market.

The business forum was held in the EMBASSY in Canada after the opening of the exhibition booth Indonesia food and beverage products to the North American market (the PESKY CANADA 2013), in Toronto, Tuesday local time, by Ambassador RI, Dianne Moehario Indonesia businessman, tells the story of success and business opportunities in the country.

One owner, Elke Oey Oey Trading Co., which has been doing business in Canada is about 30 years. He is a supplier of instant noodles, soy sauce, snacks and cooking and seasoning. He said the demand for food products from Indonesia every year is always increasing.

"Because demand is rising steadily that sign that Indonesia is acceptable society Canada, which is a country of immigrants. Demand for instant noodles continue to climb and was able to rival the noodle from Japan and South Korea, "said Elke, importer and distributor Indonesia.

She offers and sells instant noodles starting from one or two cardboard boxes.  But now it is already able to supply 30 containers every year.

The distribution networks already go into major supermarkets such as Wal Mart in the entire province of Canada.

He admitted entering Canada market is not easy. Many consumer protection rules that must be met by entrepreneur Indonesia. Product information must be submitted in the language of the United Kingdom and France.

"The taste of Indonesia may enter into Canada. No need to worry. Soy sauce from Indonesia has managed to beat the sauce from other countries and many food industry Canada use soy sauce ABC from Indonesia, "he said.

According to him, Indonesia's other products which can be successful marketing in Canada is crackers, especially prawn crackers. Assorted crackers Indonesia will become the best products.

Household Products

Another successful businessman in Canada, Herman Tan origin Field, also successfully marketed household products such as pots and dishes from Indonesia. His business go ahead.

"We also market products handicrafts from Central Java. Distribution network (the market) to Canada and the United States, "said Herman Tan, CEO of Tannex.

"Distances between Indonesia and Canada is not the issue. The cost of delivery by ship is a little more expensive but purchasing power Canada so high that the selling price is still acceptable to the market, "said Herman, entry to Canada in 1977 as a student.

"The important thing is unique, its products have added value for the consumer. If food products providing healthcare to the consumer then they will buy it, "said Herman Tan, who still retains his status as INDONESIAN.

In addition to their Single, successful, Jonathan sells glassware from a heat-resistant paper from Jakarta to the cafes and bakery industries in Canada.

"I started the business in Canada from 2009 until now and only one product that is heat-resistant paper glasses. Marketing the paper Cup we have entered in Ontario and Quebec, "he said.

He began offering the paper Cup to join the exhibition. Then go to the cafes as well as industrial bread.

"A lot of expensive cafes that serve consumers with unique, for example providing the paper Cup," added Jonathan.

In the first year, the owner of a single JS Group Inc. company, mengiimpor paper Cup as much as 2.5 containers annually. But now it has been importing 7 containers per year due to the rising demand.

Property Opportunities

In addition to the food industry, Greg Sudjana property entrepreneur in Toronto is a successful and now has two leading the hotel Novotel and Days Inn.

He came with GM Novotel Hotel that is located in the Vaughan, Woodbridge.

He tells the story, began in Canada in 1969 as a student. After graduation, he worked in the laboratory and started collecting money from his salary for doing business.

With some other Indonesia living in Canada, Greg began to sell the property.

He bought a cheap apartments and then renovated. Along with economic development and the rapid economic growth in the country, and selling apartment rent prices continue to rise.

"From a business apartment, we got a little capital can then offer from the Bank. We then build two hotels in Toronto, "says Greg, with Indonesia's language fluently and eloquently though already a citizen of Canada.

He invited Indonesia to enter property entrepreneur and doing business in Canada. "A lot of empty land in the provinces of British Columbia. Its economic growth is rising steadily due to found gas and oil. It is also a potential property business for Indonesia, "he said.

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