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Indonesia Participate in Troyan Crafts Exhibitions

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Gabrovo, Bulgaria (Reuters)-Indonesia represented EMBASSY in Sofia to participate in handicraft fairs that take place in the exhibition hall of Oreshak, Troyan, Bulgaria 1 to May 5, 2013.

"The participation of INDONESIAN EMBASSY in Sofia in the craft fair in the town of Troyan in the framework of efforts to promote a variety of handicraft products Indonesia in Bulgaria," said political and economic Functions of EMBASSY in Sofia, Pranowo told between London, Thursday.

At the exhibition of handicrafts who opened the 27th Mayor of Troyan, Donka Mihaylova housed at the exhibition hall of the Municipality of Oreshak it also featured Indonesia dance performances.

Pranowo said at the exhibition stand of Indonesia showing carvings and sculptures of wood from Bali, clothes, batik and ikat, barong, and handicrafts of accessories. The exhibition is also utilized to distribute brochures about Indonesia's tourism.

According to the craft exhibition, Pranowo was the annual international exhibition which had stalled for 25 years and started again in 2013.

"At the exhibition in 1988, Indonesia was one of the participants from 25 countries participating," he said.

While other countries stand showing various types of ceramic art, traditional dress, handicrafts, painting and traditional woven fabric.

The Mayor of Troyan, Donka Mihaylova said the participation of some foreign countries are meant to introduce the works of art of other countries to the artists of Troyan.

He said the town of Troyan, known as craft keramiknya have experience for 200 years in this field. "It has a special training center for ceramic art," he said.

In addition to Indonesia and other countries that follow the exhibition of craft in the same building came from Japan, China, Palestine, Greece, France, North Korea, and Bulgaria.

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