Thursday, May 2, 2013

BEI focus develop syariah investment products

Jakarta (The Car Insurance Info)-Indonesia Stock Exchange will continue to focus on developing Islamic products investment instruments in the domestic capital market following the growth of the industry.

BEI President Director Ito Warsito here on Tuesday, said Sharia product development can be done by inviting investment management company to issue Shariah-based products, instruments, one of which with a mutual fund or Exchange "exchange a fund (ETF).

"We see the liquidity of an ETF that has been recorded on the BEI were quite good and the average value of the deals already reached about Rp3 billion per day, with the addition of Sharia, it will push the industry as well," he said.

However, he spared two investment managers who published the ETF, namely PT Indo Premier Investment Management and PT Bahana TCW Investment Management.

Whereas, according to Ito, the ETF products in the global market is fairly illiquid deal whereby World Federation Of data based on the Index, first quarter in 2013 in the United States (US) the value of the deals already reached 1.49 trillion u.s. dollars.

Meanwhile, President Director of Indo Premier Investment Management, John D items, says ETF products could make it easier for investors to invest in the stock market because of the arrangement of the stock per unit unit inclusion had already been formed by the investment manager with only consists of berfundamental shares and liquid.

"In addition, the ETF is also less fluctuations in investment and safe for investors," said John on the sidelines of the launch of two products, mutual funds ETF Sharia Jakarta Islamic Index ETF Premier (XIJI), and mutual funds ETF Indonesia Premier Consumer (XIIC.).

He suggested Sharia index selection as an asset base of ETF products because of demand from investors for ETF products based on stocks.

"In addition there is a request from the Government to enrich Islamic instruments. For ETF-based consumer stocks, the reason his election was because of the demographic society of Indonesia based on high consumption has a good prospect of the development of the consumer industry in Indonesia, "he said.

He rated the stock index the consumer sector will provide optimal results compared to the JCI movement BEI.

John believes in ETF investment products would be considered equal to stocks and can be done in the margin, with the volume of the deals would be much greater than at present.

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Title Post: BEI focus develop syariah investment products
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