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Fight against phone rip-off: Beware on call!

Some bel are easy to get not small. Actually, telemarketing calls, telephone sweepstakes and similar since 2009 are banned, if they are made without consent of the called party. Tats mainly but with many still periodic ig unintentionally the phone will ring. "Unseri ser provider calls are still a big problem", Peter Lassek reported by the Consumer Council of Hesse. Especially perfidious: Repeatedly caller will be f wrongly protectors or representative organizations of users as Verbrauchersch, Datensch. "Windy business ftemacher try to cheer under ge consumer reps or request account information", says Laeno.

The Federal Government has recognized the problem and wants to improve. The off reading Bill, which should be adopted before the parliamentary elections, provides for unlawful telephone advertising Athar penalties under other clear h. Instead of EUR 50,000 Reinforc e k incorporating with 300,000 euros should be punished, also calls from telephone computers should be prosecuted. However: If the penalties desired deterrent effect really achieve the gew, remains to be seen.

In the past the Federal Network Agency could not enforce en the Geldbu in the gew desired Ma e. 2011 verh ngte Bonn Beh rde according to its own information even penalties in H Hey EUR 8.4 million. The companies concerned but recovered a significant discount in court. The District Court of Bonn decided that the punishment not per illegal call, but only per campaign are pronounced d sharpening, says a spokesman for the Federal Network Agency. "We had to then correct our attitude." The result: 2012 verh ngte the Beh rde only nearly one million euros of Geldbu en. With the increase in the amounts of the penalty, the deterrent effect is expected to increase again.

The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (VZBV) is the law does not go far enough. "We well en en the expansion of Geldbu", says of the vzbv Helke Heidemann-Peuser. But: "every call should be interpreted as a fact." Since this is controversial in courts, h camp are they here wishes a legal clarification by weight. Other places that see Verbrauchersch, catching up to do.

So participation in sweepstakes k to come while incorporating just yet, if the consumer confirms this in writing best. "That does not the problem but, because to change the mesh", says Heidemann-Peuser. Today sweepstakes, morning Abofalle.

The Consumer Council demands that all reps himself, resulting from unauthorized calls, reason in addition a written best confirmation ben equivalent. Not inter falls was also the requirement that companies that hide consent to advertising calls not in the terms and conditions can, but clear k mark m sizes.

As long as there cher f r ger are loopholes hold, m ssen vigilant consumer advertising calls. Skillful caller succeed in again and again, to put words in the mouth of their victims or to reveal sensitive data. "The best protection is set up and do not involve allow a Convers ch", says Verbrauchersch, Peter Lassek.

Even if it was framed and supposedly a Vertragsverh ratio developed, it is not to sp t. At Fernabsatzvertr to have a cooling-off period of two weeks - from the time of the revocation by the Contracting Party. Also from the bank account no one may charge something, it has granted no direct suspicion. Here it is to contact the Bank and leave the money to the ckbuchen. All gr eren problems, the response to the lawyer or the better Business Bureau recommends.

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Title Post: Fight against phone rip-off: Beware on call!
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