Monday, May 6, 2013

Observer: cost-efficiency nonproduksi for labour

Pekanbaru (The Car Insurance Info)-the economic Observer University of Riau (UNRI) Herman Ediyanus Halim nonproduksi rate of costs that should be borne by employers in Riau to 30 per cent of the total cost that could otherwise be diverted some to improve workers ' welfare.

"The cost of a total beyond the production of about 30 percent, should be reduced in Riau. The Government should tighten economic costs outside of the production, "said Herman Ediyanus Halim related labor day Memorial in Soweto, Wednesday.

According to him, if the leak-leak these costs can save about 15 percent from 30 percent, then it will be a resource for the well-being of workers in Riau.

As for the education benefits, health benefits, welfare payments and more capable of improving labour income each month.

The Governor of Riau was commonly issued Regulations 58 years 2012 Number Governor of Provincial Minimum wage amounting to Rp1,4 million and entered into force on January 1, 2013.

While the city of Pekanbaru, Riau Government-set Minimum wage Of (UMK) Soweto Rp 1.450.000 per month to meet the needs of living for the workers in the city's business which is rich in natural resources.

"It's not the Government, while employers in Riau participated with government regulation. Employers prefer workers with prosperous, no demos and his needs are met, "he said.

"But how can employers want to increase either peace workers, if there is still a cost that must be removed are suffocating neck. So labour-labour in plantations, timber and agriculture must be sacrificed, "he said.

Kemudiaan infrastructure in Riau, he said, have yet to be addressed such as the way that makes the higher transport costs. Then electricity and clean water supply. "Like Damai Pekanbaru-distance should be in three hours, but it takes up to five hours," he said.

Unlike the labor day warning se world made by demonstration, but in the city of Pekanbaru with the Arts Festival focused on the name "stage of labour" and held the Polytechnic Campus page Caltex Tassel.

The warning also was attended by the head of the Riau Nazaruddin, Disnakertrans Kapolresta Soweto Initializing T is Changed and a number of corporate leaders as well as kapolsek Pekanbaru, Siak Regency, Pelalawan Regency Kampar. (M046/A039)

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Title Post: Observer: cost-efficiency nonproduksi for labour
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