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REI Expo 2013 offer 200 great location

Illustration location project property. (Between David/FB)

Income level beyond Java greatly improved so that we anticipate, "
Jakarta (between New)-exhibition of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Expo 2013 offers more than 200 strategic property project locations scattered from the Jabodetabek to the outside of Java island.

"The level of income outside Java greatly improved so that we anticipate," said Chairman Setyo Maharso REI, REI Expo opening in 2013 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Saturday.

According to Rajendra, participation and synergy REI Expo attendees developers 2013 is the actualization of REI'S determination to push for the fulfillment of the needs of the home.

He also said, the fulfillment of which encouraged the REI of all walks of life who need both residential homes and commercial.

That, he said, was also assessed in accordance with the joint commitment of all members of the REI in realizing a "home for all".

"The holding of this exhibition consistently from year to year are always getting a positive response from the public for investment property more secure and profitable than other investment options," he said.

Rajendra also said, property investment also proved to be one of the artery of the national economy that drives the various industries from upstream to downstream, ranging from building materials and transportation and household appliances.

REI Expo 2013 is also considered a form of contribution to the property developers against the development of the national economy.

"This is reflected, among others, from the high capitalization of selling the property sector in the first half of last year to reach Rp222,1 trillion."

He expressed the hope that the activities of major exhibition such as REI Expo 2013 also encourages increased capitalization of property sales today and the future.

Improved fulfilment of the property, said he, also boosted by the banking sector which provides diverse property ownership credit including MORTGAGES and KPA.

"People are expected to take advantage of this opportunity to determine the best choice of the type and location of the property," he said. (M040/S004)

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