Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Car Insurance Info: prices of motor spare parts in Palembang ride

Dubai (The Car Insurance Info)-auto parts two wheels begin to experience the increase even though the Government has not decided on a new fuel oil prices.

Afisman (30), motor repair shop manager at Kilkenny, Saturday said since two days the price range of motorcycle parts, such as tires and oil were rising significantly.

He exemplifies the cleaner or the lubricating oil of various brands are up an average of Rp 1,500 per bottle 2 litres of the price normally, or the range of Rp 27.500 to Rp32 thousand per bottle.

So did the ban motor rising high enough so that they are forced to limit the number of product purchases of spare parts.

According to him, every oil fuel hike plan will directly impact on the expensive prices of motor spare parts.

In fact, for a bottle of water, a quart of contents battery is now forced to sell 5,000 whereas before only Rp 2,500 per bottle.

He said, the price of other parts also will certainly increase because majority of the items coming from imports.

While store owners in the area of spare parts Cinde, Tony explains the increase in the price of spare parts it is inevitable when the price of fuel oil aboard.

It, relating to the supply of spare parts of motor vehicles up to now comes from foreign countries, such as Japan, Thailand and China, he said.

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