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The Car Insurance Info : RAILWAY ticket booking Lebaran straight

Wellington (The Car Insurance Info)-a transport TRAIN ticket sales start H Lebaran 2013-7 or August 1, 2013 through online straight even several series of KA for port 2 to 5 August 2013 is almost full.

"Yes the rising economy, TRAIN bookings even KA Kahuripan to Kediri, Bandung-2-5 August terbooking have 100 percent in five days," said head of public relation PTKA Daop II Bandung, Bambang Prayitno, Setya in Bandung, on Tuesday.

He also predicts the rate of sales Pasundang KA Bandung-Surabaya will also soon be up to depart the Idul fitri holiday. Socializing online ticket booking can be done 90 days before the Chair is aware of the potential passengers.

Same is the case for commercial like KA KA Lodaya to Solo, Bandung-Bandung Harina-Semarang-Surabaya also showed a high level of bookings.

"KA Lodaya morning and night for the Executive class was up 55-60 per cent, as well as for business class. Harina and Malabar Bandung-Unfortunate too straight, "said Bambang.

Even the morning to depart Lodaya RAILWAY August 3, has reached 95 per cent. The line was indeed a path home town of Bandung.

Bambang admitted was not surprised with the direct RAILWAY ticket booking melejitnya lebaran, because it quite intensively conducting socialization to society.

"Actually not surprised by the animo society booking away days before the lebaran mudik. We've been there the last few years this system, and it turns out the community find it helpful and provide certainty for them, "said Bambang.

Therefore, said Bambang, it appealed to all prospective pemudik Lebaran 2013 for immediate booking tickets and ensure a seat on a TRAIN will take them back and forth lebaran to hometown respectively.

"Should not the ticket booking counter at the station, can be done at the post office, mini market, restaurants, travel agents are designated, the bank as well as in several other locations," said Bambang.

Related possibility for additional RAIL widths, according to Bambang depending on the policies of the Board of Directors, but is usually an extra TRAIN on PTKA enforces the Idul fitri holiday.

"KA's authority from the Board of Directors, but however the better ticketing is done now," said Bambang.

Related to the anticipation of passenger transport during the holiday alert Ascension of Jesus Christ on Thursday (9/5) the day after tomorrow, Bambang said PTKA Daop II Bandung still do because there is anticipation, ' holiday kejepit ' on Friday.

"Usually the passenger increase on vacation like this, we antisipai. Judging from ticket reservations there are indeed rising compared to days usually. We anticipated, "said Bambang Prayitno Setya added.

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