Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weakened Aussie Down 1.0370

Aussie Melemah Kebawah 1.0370

Monexnews-Aussie currently residing at 1.0345, off of the low in the session, down from 1.0337 weekly new high 1.0368 achieved at the end of U.S. session, up 0.41% for this week so far. Aussie is currently showing the movement of weak domestic economic data followed, especially against the Euro, the strongest currency lately, with the EUR/AUD in numbers have stayed high, rotational 1.2980.

According to Valeria Bednarik, an analyst from the hourly charts are bullish signal by reading maintaining technical, which shows the existence of the action that will probably buy new look in the upcoming few hours: price to penetrate over resistance to negative bias 1.0410 memupus previously and attempt to continue towards 1.0500 area. lost, will open opportunities 1.0330 down into the area, said 1.0260/70 Valeria.

The analyst said the support level at 1.0330, and 1.0300 1.0260. While the range of 1.0370, and 1.0410 1.0460.


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