Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GBPJPY Over 145.00 Ride movement might be Sparking a Stop Action

Pergerakan Naik GBPJPY Keatas 145.00 Mungkin Akan Memicu Aksi Stop

Monexnews-faced with a supply area at 143.70/80, GBPJPY managed to achieve advanced reinforcement before the group under 129 area in the Asian session today. For the movement of the decline, the demand for price 142.60/80 has been holding the fall for now.

As it is said to be the founder of Chirs Capre, 2mdSkies, noted: this group has been among the 142 GBPJPY and 144 in 3 days later, forming the pattern of the ioi, which consists of a bar in a bar outside, and then followed by a bar in the other. This will usually lead to the movement of the breaking trends, however, transpiration will probably trigger the above 145 some action stop ".

He added that he would keep an eye on the potential for a short-term pullback on 145, while transpiration under bar beyond the 142 likely will force the movement down 141.42 and continuation to 140.60, then watch this short term price movement instructions for instructions on price movements ".


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Title Post: GBPJPY Over 145.00 Ride movement might be Sparking a Stop Action
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