Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CAR INSURANCE The Hang Seng Plummeted Banking Related Cyprus

Perbankan Hang Seng Anjlok Terkait Cyprus
Monexnews-stock Hang Seng Index appears to be stuck in the negative range in early trading week Monday (6/3) mainly as a result of contracting the selling action on Wall Street following worries investors against a potential country Cyprus asked for a bailout. CAR INSURANCE
But the muddle in the country is a decision the Government of Cyprus that will levy against most deposits of private banking. Sontak shares of the banking sector in Hong Kong stock exchange experienced a sharp correction due to the action of selling massive stock. lantau
The Hang Seng index slumped to-recorded 1.64% or weakened-371.10 points in the range of 22162.01, while the Hang Seng index futures tracked join weakened-240 points and perched on 22090 area.(dar) CAR INSURANCE

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Title Post: CAR INSURANCE The Hang Seng Plummeted Banking Related Cyprus
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