Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Exchange Rate Of The Euro Is Pretty Good

Nilai Tukar Euro Cukup Bagus

Monexnews-Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schauble, said the exchange rate of the euro is quite stable and trading range of $ 1.33 or $ 1.35 is pretty good. It certainly confirms that Germany did not have a problem with the strengthening of the euro exchange rate that occurred since June 2012 and reiterates that the euro exchange rate is not too high. Yesterday, the Chancellor of Germany also suggested not too expensive and euro exchange rate at $ 1.30 to $ 1.40 is still normal.

Germany's statement is quite a contrast with the attitude of France is concerned about the negative impact that could be caused if the strengthening euro continued during the year to come. Some officials in Europe too concerned the strengthening of the euro could slow down the economic recovery process, especially with a recession almost hit the entire euro-zone members.

Meanwhile, the euro is attempting to reduce the attenuation in the New York session. EUR/USD is traded now, try to steer clear of 1.3202 low level daily 1.3166 (fr)

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