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CAR INSURANCE IFB and ACPO want to share fraud intelligence

15 March 2013 |By Newsdesk

Industry will have intelligence on organised criminal gangs
The insurance fraud Bureau (IFB) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have agreed to share intelligence on organised criminal gangs.
A formal intelligence sharing agreement was signed today by IFB head of intelligence Stephen Dalton and the Chief Constable of Durham constabulary, Michael Barton, on behalf of ACPO.
With access to police intelligence recognizes the IFB accurately organised criminal gangs engaged in cross-industry insurance fraud and work with the police to develop operations disrupts or their activity. CAR INSURANCE
Barton said: "the sharing and use of information and intelligence is the key to dismantling of criminal networks that have a huge impact on the lives of people. This important agreement must be a key new tool for police to prevent and reduce this type of criminal behaviour. "
Dalton said: "past investigations have identified insurance fraud as IFB a lucrative source of income for criminal gangs, used to finance other forms of serious crime including drug dealing, illegal firearm delivery trade and money people money laundering. We therefore offer IFB operations police services with a valuable platform from which arrests, collecting evidence and disrupt organised criminal networks. CAR INSURANCE
"Today's landmark agreement shows the long term strategic involvement of both the IFB and the police on the highest level to share intelligence. It also provides a vital source of new intelligence for the IFB, allowing us to focus our attention on investigations known criminal networks industry. "
The IFB currently holds 24 intelligence sharing agreements with the police, regulators and public sector law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom.
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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Title Post: CAR INSURANCE IFB and ACPO want to share fraud intelligence
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