Friday, March 15, 2013

Maintain a position Near 94.00 Yen ahead of the BoJ

Yen Pertahankan Posisi Dekat 94.00 Jelang BoJ

Monexnews-Yen traded a little below the 94.00 area, last at 93.93, off a high of downloads new and 7 days in high numbers 94, ahead of the BoJ policy meeting. The Yen is currently traded up 0.68% since the opening of the Asia-Pacific session yesterday, and 0.38% for this week.

According to Valeria Bednarik, an analyst from hourly chart shows some indicators moved up but are limited and in overbought area.

But HIGH SCHOOL-100 continues to strengthen under the current price after overcoming HIGH SCHOOL-200, which support the strengthening, the analyst added, while saying that risk when there are in the US, the employment data release is expected to be released that will bring negative investors hunting for the Yen, but for now this bullish signal is still strong: Yen will face strong resistance at 94.50, but once the move be blessed, level 80 will be visible.

The range of support recorded in 93.50 93.80, and 93.20. While the range of resistance will be recorded at 94.10. 94.50 and 94.90.


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Title Post: Maintain a position Near 94.00 Yen ahead of the BoJ
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