Thursday, March 28, 2013

CAR INSURANCE Under 95.00 Yen

Yen Dibawah 95.00
Monexnews-last seen at 94.86 Yen. Yen off of the low current session/7 days at 106.52 figures recorded in the opening of the closing interbank, Friday's figures, following Cyprus 95.25 bailout news from Europe. CAR INSURANCE

By Valeria Bednarik as dicata, an analyst from the Yen reached the area in the early trading session 94.20 interbank, 38.2% retracement for the fall of bulanannya from 124.13 to 75.56. These levels are estimated as a point spread for a bullish long-term trend, and the return of the selling pressure brought the price down, there is a buy position that will probably turn to the currency in which prices are moving closer to a possible 92.00 visible, said Valeria noting: graphic shows hourly movements in precious 94.60/80, while price stability would probably survive above 90, where the risk of the fall may last, disimpulkannya. CAR INSURANCE
Valeria noted the range of support at 94.50, 93.70 94.20 and, while the range of resistance at 94.85, 90 and 90.50.

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Title Post: CAR INSURANCE Under 95.00 Yen
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