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CAR INSURANCE BGL's right Biba for aggregator views

14 March 2013 |By Newsdesk

Donaldson jumps to aggregators defence
The BGL group has hit BIBA's attitude on price comparison sites, calling them "total nonsense" and "prehistoric". CAR INSURANCE
Last week Biba chief executive Eric Galbraith said that the rise of aggregators had led to consumer buying too much based on price, and that this had increased claims and fraud.
BGL chief operating officer Matthew Donaldson (pictured) said: "I'm staggered on the inaccuracy of the Biba claims about price comparison sites makes-this view is absolutely prehistoric. Consumers are savvy enough not to focus on price alone. More than half of the clients choose a product that is not the cheapest. CAR INSURANCE
"The reason the comparison sites have become so important in our market is that they do exactly what the customer should be able to do-make it easy and simple to buy insurance. They also offer low purchase costs for insurers and actively work with them to prevent fraud. "
Donaldson added that brokers and insurers use of aggregators slim got "the best loss ratios for a generation". CAR INSURANCE
He said: "which is better? Outdated and expensive real estate agent models deliver high cost products to customers and bad returns for insurers? Or a compelling proposition that whole-of-market choice offers our customers at a competitive price, works with its partners to improve fraud detection and delivers high volumes with low acquisition cost and better than the market loss ratios? I think you can guess where I stand on this. " CAR INSURANCE
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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Title Post: CAR INSURANCE BGL's right Biba for aggregator views
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