Saturday, March 30, 2013

Commodities Weaken When Cyprus Back Am Shaking The Market

Komoditi Melemah Saat Cyprus Kembali Goyahkan Pasar

Monexnews-crude oil and metal Prices again weakened while gold back when financial markets rally again covered the new concerns from the fall of the financial sector may impact diCyprusdan will affect the economic recovery in Europe.

DollarASmelanjutkan rise movement versus the Euro, making the price of the commodity becomes more expensive for holders of currencies other than the u.s. dollar.

The price of gold moves up nearing the height of 1 month as investors and traders return to find the safe zone for gold when the safe haven assets were thought to be fit to face up to the worries of European zone masalahCyprusdan.


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Title Post: Commodities Weaken When Cyprus Back Am Shaking The Market
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