Saturday, March 30, 2013

Comment ' Dovish ' Kuroda Favorable Yen

Komentar 'Dovish' Kuroda Menguntungkan Yen

Monexnews-the Yen strengthened against the u.s. currency despite Bank of Japan Governors, Haruhiko Kuroda, vowed to take any action in order to achieve the inflation target of 2% within about 2 years. Kuroda also said that the BoJ should not rely on currency movements to fight deflation. But the Governor of the BoJ does not give a signal about the implementation of the policy meeting reportedly will be accelerated from the previous schedule, i.e. on 3-4 April.

While BNP Paribas currency analyst, Vassili Serebriakov, argued if the comments this time sounded less Kuroda dovish when compared with market anticipation. "The market has a very high benchmark for the dovishness of BoJ, Kuroda's comments that mention so if the central bank does not need to rely on the Yen to defeat deflation has sparked a kind of disappointment." (vid)

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Title Post: Comment ' Dovish ' Kuroda Favorable Yen
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