Saturday, March 16, 2013

Concentration To OLED, Samsung For Jobs To Sharp

Konsentrasi Ke OLED, Samsung Bagi Jobs Ke Sharp

Monexnews-Samsung Electronics invested heavily to Sharp Corp. which gave the strongest signal that a television producer for the product is currently concentrating on the development of television technology to immediately released the OLED technology-featured television as the company seeks to enlarge the gap the gap with Sony Corp.

The company, South Korea will take over the company's line of LCD displays from Sharp valued at 10.4 billion Yen (or equivalent to $ 111 million) for smartphone products and television. Samsung will incorporate technology of Organic Light-Emitting Diode that would offer images that are sharper and sharper, with less electricity consumption.

Samsung, with available cash as much as 23.2 trillion Won (or equivalent to $ 34.5 billion), invest in technology in order to encourage sales of OLED TV display data with shapes that are thin usually have higher production load 3 times from ordinary LCD models.


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Title Post: Concentration To OLED, Samsung For Jobs To Sharp
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