Friday, March 22, 2013

CAR INSURANCE Spain's Successful Bond Auction

Lelang Obligasi Spanyol Sukses
Monexnews-Spain managed to get funds € 803 million when it sells bonds. Although the Government does not set a target but this time quite successful auctions with the amount earned is quite high considering the amount is higher than the average of similar auctions are getting € 500 million. Investor interest is quite high and borrowing costs are also reduced as there is still the belief that Madrid could address the problem of budget deficits and the size of government debt. Investors also dare not rashly with ECB intervention program that will enable the bond market if there is a country that is requested. CAR INSURANCE
Yield Bonds raised 15 years reached 5,453% lower than the previous auction 5,893%. Investor interest was also high enough if viewed from the ratio of the bid-to-cover that reaches 1.5; better than the previous auction 2.1. Meanwhile, the euro strengthened in the New York session. EUR/USD is traded now, away from the low level 1.2965 daily 1.2910 (fr)

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Title Post: CAR INSURANCE Spain's Successful Bond Auction
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