Monday, March 18, 2013

Aussie Strengthens On 1.0340

Aussie Menguat Keatas 1.0340

Monexnews-following Aussie labor data, which rises more than 70,000 to 11628300, according to an official data release, with an estimated of 10,000, the Aussie has moved up strongly for scoring high on the week number 3, from previous 1.0369 1.0300.

The nearest Resistance are recorded in the high February 15 1.0375, followed by the low level of the month of January on 2 January and low 1.0383 in 1.0402. For the movement of the descent, the nearest support at Tuesday's high was recorded at 1.0335, followed by Asia at 1.0312 session high and low yesterday in 1.0281.


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